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Continuing the book review season, here’s the second book I’ve looked at recently, an interesting twist in the series of game development. Creating E-Learning Games with Unity One thing I am very passionate about is education, it’s what got me started as an avid blogger, a means to get excited …

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Ho hum. Microsoft is going to bring back the start menu in Windows 8 – presumably in August. That might be ok, though I’ve long since adapted to the start screen so I’m not sure I care at all. What I do care about are much more real challenges when working in the ‘modern’ or WinRT (Windows Runtime or Windows Store) side of the operating system. My top list: The file save/open dialogs don’t sort or filter items and so are almost useless if you have a lot of files The file save/open dialogs (and OneNote app) often don’t show the full filename or properties of files,
making similar files hard to distinguish – again making these core aspects of the OS extremely challenging if not useless The OneDrive app doesn’t let me access folders shared to me by other people – a feature I use constantly, and so spend more time in the web UI than the app Unpredictability and lack of control about how WinRT apps display side-by-side is a continual thorn in my side – I launch an app in one monitor and it messes up the display in another monitor? Seriously?!?! The Calendar app is lame at best. It has some good features, but wastes amazing amounts of space and lacks...(Read whole news on source site)



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