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C# 6.0 Features

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C# 6.0 Features How to try C# 6.0 and Rosyln? Getter-only (Read Only) Auto Properties in C# 6.0 Lambda and Getter Only Auto-Properties in C# 6.0 Initializers for Read-Only Auto Properties in C# 6.0 Initializers via Expression Auto Properties in C# 6.0 C# 6.0 – A field initializer cannot reference the non-static field, method, or property Lambda Expression for Function Members in C# 6.0 Dictionary Initializers (Index Initializers) in C# 6.0 Expression Bodies on Methods returning void in C# 6.0 using keyword for static class in C# 6.0 Unused namespaces in Different Color in Visual Studio 2015 Null-Conditional Operator in
C# 6.0 Null-Conditional Operator and Delegates nameof Operator in C# 6.0 Contextual Keywords in C# String Interpolation in C# 6.0 Exception Filters in C# 6.0 Await in Catch and finally block in C# 6.0...(Read whole news on source site)

Life Quotes That Will Change Your Life

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Life’s better with the right words. And life quotes can help us live better. Life quotes are a simple way to share some of the deepest insights on the art of living, and how to live well. While some people might look for wisdom in a bottle, or in a book, or in a guru at the top of a mountain, surprisingly, a lot of the best wisdom still exists as quotes. The problem is they are splattered all over the Web. The Ultimate Life Quotes Collection My ultimate Life Quotes collection
is an attempt to put the best quotes right at your fingertips. I wanted this life quotes collection to answer everything from “What is the meaning of life?” to “How do you live the good life?”  I also wanted this life quotes collection to dive deep into all angles of life including dealing with challenges, living with regrets, how to find your purpose, how to live with more joy, and ultimately, how to live a little better each day. The World’s Greatest Philosophers at Your Fingertips Did I accomplish all that? I’m not sure. ...(Read whole news on source site)

New Blog Launched

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FunnelWeb I’ve used FunnelWeb for the past couple of years and decided that it is time to move on. Since Funnelweb is open-source and based off of MVC 3, I jumped on the bandwagon and customized it to my liking. The problem is that the project has grown stale and almost all of the original developers have moved on. It also has a lot of problems with modern web and mobile browsers just to name a few. It looked like this in a browser. Not so great, I know Moving On After evaluating different blog engines, I decided that my requirements were
the following: Needs to look great on modern web and mobile browsers. I wanted a blog that didn’t rely on a database. (SQL Server was required for FunnelWeb) I needed a better comment system instead of using the one built-into FunnelWeb. I didn’t want the bloat of some of the popular blog engines. I wanted to write using MarkDown. It needed to have great syntax highlighting support for a variety of programming languages. Just a few HTTP request per page load. What I Decided I went with Jekyll as...(Read whole news on source site)

Using SpecsFor.Mvc with Windows Authentication

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Numerous people have requested that I put together a sample that illustrates how to use SpecsFor.Mvc with Windows Authentication.  Guess what’s in this post? Specifying your own ApplicationHost.config file for SpecsFor.Mvc to use is the secret to getting Windows Authentication to work.  I’m going to assume you’ve already got your web project configured to use Windows Authentication.  If not, that’s a can of worms for a different post (or perhaps Stack Overflow?)  This post will focus just on configuring the spec project.  First, let’s create our host file! Add a new config
file to your spec project called ApplicationHost.config.  Modify the properties for this file so that it’s copied to the output directory. Now drop in the standard XML for an IIS Express application config file.  If you don’t know what that is (I sure didn’t!), you can use this file from the sample project. There are two changes you’ll need to make.  First, find the element, and change the name of the only site in the file to match the name of the project you’re writing specs against.  SpecsFor will overwrite this site...(Read whole news on source site)

Visual Studio for Game Development: New Partnerships with Unity, Unreal Engine and Cocos2d

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Game developers build the apps that hundreds of millions of users play every day across a wide variety of devices, from Xbox and Windows to iOS, Android, and the Web. For many years now, it’s been great to see Visual Studio be one of the industry’s most popular tools for game development, used by big game studios and indie developers alike. Today, we are taking support for game development in Visual Studio forward in a big way through collaborations with three of the premier independent gaming engine providers: Unity Technologies, Epic Games, and Chukong Technologies. Together, we are making
it even easier for game developers to use the rich capabilities of the Visual Studio IDE to develop games for today’s most popular platforms. Each of these top gaming engines' installers will now offer the ability to co-install Visual Studio Community on Windows, along with the plug-ins required for Windows developers building for these engines. In addition, we will make it easier to discover and use the tools for Unity, Unreal and Cocos2d from within Visual Studio 2015. You can learn more about today’s partnerships on the Unity, Unreal, Cocos2d and Visual Studio sites. These improvements build...(Read whole news on source site)

Visual Studio Partners with Unity, Unreal, and Cocos2d Game Engines

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A moment ago, Soma blogged that today we’re announcing that Visual Studio has partnerships with three of the top gaming engine providers: Unity Technologies (creators of Unity3D), Epic Games (creators of Unreal), and Chukong Technologies (creators of Cocos2d). The gist of the partnerships is that these three gaming platforms will provide an easy way to install Visual Studio Community, and Visual Studio will have an easy way to create games on these three platforms. We still have engineering work to do to deliver on the co-installation, but if you’re a game developer or someone who wants
to learn to create games, these partnerships will make it a lot easier to acquire the best tools for the job – pulling down Unity along with Visual Studio and the Visual Studio Tools for Unity all at once, for example. In the meantime, you can still use Visual Studio with each of these products just as you do today, by downloading the tools separately and installing them. Just install Visual Studio 2013 Community, and get Unity (and the Visual Studio Tools for Unity), or get Unreal or get Cocos2d.  John