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Life Is Full Of Changes (Part 1)

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    Today will be my last day with Sogeti.  I’ve been with Sogeti USA for just over 4 years.  In that time I’ve gotten to work on some great projects, develop relationships with some brilliant and passionate people, participate in the .Net developer and SharePoint communities, and grow my skills in a number of areas I’m passionate about.     As with all good things they must come to an end though.  I’ve accepted a position with another company and will provide more details once the transition has completed.  This decision was a difficult one to make but it
provides a great career opportunity on many levels.  As much as my new schedule allows I plan to continue participating in local user groups, speaking at conferences, and blogging.     Speaking of which, you may have noticed my reduced blogging activity in the past few months.  In addition to a career change I’m also in the process of moving to a new residence (only a few miles from my current residence, so I’ll still be in Columbus.)  Searching for a new place, filling out paperwork, and all of the other work associated with this move has taken away a...(Read whole news on source site)

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