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Backbone.js, NServiceBus, and Cloud Hosting

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Past In the past I have always created on premises solutions for web applications that have mostly based on the server side code responsible for front UI and backend code, with a little to none client side code (usually called “scripting” with intention that it is not really a code), predominant validation on the server side with some duplication on the client. Technology of choice was ASP.NET MVC. When choice was not mine, sometime it would be ASP.NET WebForms. Services would be created using WCF, without auto-generated proxies. Always had quite  a few challenges with this approach, and
those included: How do I test my UI interactions (those are especially brutal when UI generated partially by server side code) How do I communicate data more fluently between server and client How do I handle services related issues How do I scale development for a mixed team that has creative folks w/o coding background or setup on their machines Current After looking where web development is heading, it stroke me that I am dismissing client side big time. For...(Read whole news on source site)

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