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   This week I ran into an interesting error with a customer.  The customer has defined a SharePoint 2007 content deployment path to push content from one SharePoint 2007 farm to another SharePoint 2007 farm.  They can complete 1 full deploy and 1 incremental deploy, but then all incremental deploys error with the following message: “Specified argument was out of the range of valid values”.   Cause    In order to get more insight into the error I used ULSViewer to inspect the ULS logs on the server (ULSViewer is not required
to read the ULS logs, it just makes it easier to sort through them).  Looking at the selected log message there was an error when attempting to clean up the content deployment job reports list.   Solution    The solution to this issue is fairly simple.  On the customer farm they had set the number of reports to keep at 1.  The default value is 20 but they had changed to 1 to conserve space which was limited on this server.  Apparently this caused an issue in which the timer job would error...(Read whole news on source site)



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