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Goals for 2012

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   For the past two years I have made goals for myself (2010, 2011) and I am once again making a public list of my goals for the upcoming year.  As I mentioned in my retrospective on 2011 last week I have had quite a few major changes over the past year.  Moving forward into 2012 I am taking these into consideration when looking at my goals.  Without further delay here are my goals for 2012.,   Professional Goals Blog – I will continue to keep up writing this blog
at least 2 posts a month.  I continue to get satisfaction in writing posts when I have the time / inspiration.  I also enjoy answering questions and comments from readers, especially when readers mention how something I wrote about helped save them time and effort in their work. Speaking – With my new travel schedule it is much more difficult to attend / speak at user groups and conferences.  In addition, weekend conferences (which are what I typically speak at) take away from the limited time that I do have at home.  In light of this...(Read whole news on source site)