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Upgrading your Neo4J from XXX to 2.2.0–having authorization trouble?

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Originally posted on:’ve recently upgraded one of my Neo4J dbs from 2.1.7 to 2.2.0, and instantly ran into troubles with the new Authentication that the db now has. You’ll notice it when you first login to your browser (http://localhost:7474/) and get asked for a login name and password. Of course, you can turn off authentication via the settings (conf/ by changing the ‘’ value to false, but now we’ve got it, we should use it! Luckily neo4jclient already allows us to pass in basic auth via the uri, so we can do something like:
var client = new GraphClient(new Uri("http://user:pass@localhost.:7474/db/data")); client.Connect(); 9 times out of 10, that’ll work just fine for you, the problem is if your password has a character in it that the Uri constructor can’t parse – now I’m sure you can escape the character – but I’ve been unable to find out how, so something like: new Uri(http://user:pass#@localhost.:7474/db/data) will fail with a ‘UriFormatException: Invalid URI: Invalid port specified.’ message (I’ve added a ‘#’ to the password). What to do??? Spiffily – the GraphClient has another constructor that takes in an IHttpClient, so we can create our own version that injects the Authorization header...(Read whole news on source site)

Timeouts, TCP and streaming operations

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We got a bug report in the RavenDB mailing list that was interesting to figure out.  The code in question was: foreach(var product in GetAllProducts(session)) // GetAllProducts is implemented using streaming { ++i; if (i > 1000) { i = 0; Thread.Sleep(1000); } } This code would cause a timeout error to occur after a while. The question is why? We can assume that this code is running in a console application, and it can take as long as it wants to process things. And the server is not impacted from what the client
is doing, so why do we have a timeout error here? The quick answer is that we are filling in the buffers. GetAllProducts is using the RavenDB streaming API, which push the results of the query to the client as soon as we have anything. That lets us parallelize work on both server and client, and avoid having to hold everything in memory. However, if the client isn’t processing things fast enough, we run into an interesting problem. The server is sending the data to the client over TCP. The client machine will get the results, buffer them and send them to...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1829

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Software Visual Studio Upcoming Features Timeline – Megan Yount Updated ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit – Pranav Rastogi Welcome to the Azure Marketplace – Lee Stott Bandwidth Quota changes to the Free offer of Azure App Service – Apurva Joshi Information C#/.NET Little Wonders: String Interpolation in C# 6 – James Michael Hare Simple.Data Asp.Net Identity […]

Recap: Enterprise Ready Cloud Roadshow, Bhubaneswar

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It’s almost one week by now… I had a chance to speak in front of the great audience of Microsoft Developer Community, Odisha. Came back with some good moments spent at Bhubaneswar during “Enterprise Ready Cloud OS Roadshow” event. In this post, sharing my slides on “Azure Mobile Services” along with few snaps of the event for the people who missed it.   On 21st March, me and Abhishek met at Kolkata Airport and boarded together for the event. Old flight but had a good experience. When we reached at the event, it was already started and Nirmal was giving
his speech on overview of Azure platform. After his session, Abhishek started his speech on Azure platform and covered most of the things. After lunch, Tadit presented Azure website and at the end, I started with “Azure Mobile Services” demonstrating the integration part in both Windows Store app and Windows Phone app. Here is the slide (PPT), that I used to demonstrate “Azure Mobile Services”. I will soon write an in-depth blog post on that topic, but till that time use it as reference.  Here are some snaps from the event:    And a token of appreciation from the group of Microsoft Developer Community,...(Read whole news on source site)

What's new in the Office Roadmap - 2015-03-26

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Here we go, another round of updates of the Office Roadmap. Don't we love them! And sometimes they roll out even before the roadmap is updated ;-) Changes 2015-03-26 These are the change since yesterday. Now Launched Office 365 Admin App Update: Directly to launched status Features now rolling out Office 365 Groups: adding Like to Conversations: New stuff on the roadmap. Seems like the Office 365 (Exchange) team is building a whole new Yammer… Office 365 Notification Pane: (from development) This feature seems to cause some disturbance in the force. It's rolling out, but it
seems like it is just half finished… It does not (at the time of writing this) work and the user experience is…confusing. Option for Passwords to Never Expire: (new on the list) Allows admin to use the UI to configure this rather than only PowerShell Tighter Yammer Integration with Delve: (new on the list) More Yammer in Delve. Why not more Groups in Delve? Features now In Development Office 365 Setup Wizard: (new on the list) The replacement for the basic and advanced setup options. The wizard will include migration from on-premises, Google Apps and more! Really neat!

Flowdock Enterprise: Integrations supercharged

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closer to 100 integrations:

Dead Man's Snitch alerts you whenever a scheduled task fails to run lets you gather in-app feedback from your users
StatusGator alerts you if your cloud services are down

improved integrations:

Rally, the popular application lifecycle management platform
PagerDuty, the on-call scheduling and incident tracking service
Pivotal Tracker, the project management tool for agile teams...(Read whole news on source site)

Visual Studio Upcoming Features Timeline

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Over the past few years, Visual Studio has been shipping products on a quicker cadence to ensure our customers have the best and most up-to-date tools in the industry. As part of this, we have been working to be more and more transparent to help you understand what we’re working on and show you how truly valuable your feedback is to the quality of our products. We generally share our plans with you via blogs or various feedback channels, like User Voice. Now we’re extending this transparency in an easy to consume format, to share some stuff we have in
the works that we think you’ll be interested in. Starting today, Visual Studio is happy to share a feature timeline with you. As Brian announced a few months ago in his blog post A new Visual Studio Online and Team Foundation Server Features Timeline, the Visual Studio Online and Team Foundation Server teams have started doing this as well. We’ve gotten a really positive response from you and have decided to open this up across Visual Studio to share upcoming features we’re working on in the VS client. The Visual Studio Feature Timeline gives a glimpse into what’s coming...(Read whole news on source site)