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Random Link Roundup–10/24/2014

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It’s Friday, so prepare for incoming awesomeness in the form of random links! AngularJS 1.3 is out!  The name makes me think of Guardians of the Galaxy for some reason… Further proof that we will eventually JavaScript All the Things: speech recognition in JavaScript has arrived. :( You can never have too many icons!  Here are some more freebies! OneGet is a Chocolatey-like package manager from Microsoft.  I’m not sure where that leaves Chocolatey down the road, but still, an official MS
package manager is long overdue. NuGet 3.0 sounds like it'll be a big improvement!  It’s ambitious, but it’ll address some of the fundamental problems that have existed since 1.0.  Check out this neat explanation of X-Men: Days of Future Past using Git.  Troy Hunt's explanation of the latest SSL vulnerability is well-written and worth a quick read. Git Extensions is still the best way to "git" started on Windows.  Forget Github for Windows, Git Extensions for the win! Here’s an interesting article...(Read whole news on source site)

#1,187 – Using an ItemContainerStyle to Change Items in an ItemsControl

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One common use when defining a new ItemContainerStyle for an ItemsControl is to do something special with either the currently selected item or the item that the mouse is currently over.  The default template used as an ItemContainerStyle for a ListBox, for example, changes the background and border for both the selected item and the item that the mouse is […]

The Morning Brew #1722

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Software ASP.NET Identity 2.2.0-alpha1 – Pranav Rastogi announces a preview release (at the alpha level) of the next version of the ASP.NET Identity Framework, a release which is dealing with bugs and performance issues primarily. Information Violating the "smart enum" pattern in C# – Jon Skeet takes a look at a nice pattern, and explores […]

TFS Build reports Licencies.licx: unable to load type

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When you do a build you can get an "unable to resolve type" message from the licencies.licx file that you have checked in. This prevents you from having a successful build in Team Build. The post TFS Build reports Licencies.licx: unable to load type appeared first on naked ALM - Experts in ALM, TFS & lean-agile with Scrum.

SQL to JSON fast and clean C#

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Microsoft SQL Server has the ability to format the query output to xml, which is great. I used version “Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (SP3) - 10.0.5500.0 (X64)” to output XML to have a nested data structure, but there is unfortunately no first citizen support for JSON which is big on the web these days. Perhaps it is left out on purpose to make sure that people are unable to direct output their data as JSON and are forced to build a layer in between so that it can also authenticate and add security to a request. Web API is great
for this. But back to the subject: I wanted to output my nested data as JSON really quickly with the minimum amount of code. In a nutshell, I got the data as xml and converted that to JSON and send it to the output of a generic handler (*.ashx) Here is my source code for my easy SQL2JSON solution:private XDocument GetProducts(string q) { SqlCommand comProd = new SqlCommand(@"SELECT ProductCode, ProductEan13, CategoryName FROM PRODUCTS inner join CATEGORIES on products.CategoryID = CATEGORIES.CategoryID WHERE ((FactoryCode LIKE...(Read whole news on source site)

JavaScript Tutorial #8 – Operators in JavaScript

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JavaScript supports different types of operators that includes Assignment Operator JavaScript supports different types if Assignment Operators like = += -= *= /= %= Arithmetic Operator + – Add Operator – – Subtract Operator * – Multiplication / – Division % – Modulus ++ – Increment — – Decrement Logical Operator The below Logical operators [...]

Protect yourself from POODLE!

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Originally posted on: there is a web site for checking if your browser is vulnerable to POODLE! POODLE is a susceptibility with some browsers if they support SSLv3 using stream ciphers.  (POODLE stands for Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption.) To protect yourself, follow the instructions at Then re-test using !