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How to Get FM radio in Android Device (Moto G) ?

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This blog post will explain in simple steps on how to get FM radio in android device (Moto G). How to Get FM radio in Android Device (Moto G) ? If there is no FM radio app on your android device (Moto G) , you can download and install the Motorola FM radio from Google Play Store. Its a free app . Once you install the FM Radio app on your Moto G android device , you will be able to use it like any other apps.

iPhone 6 spoof video from Kenny Sebastian

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Few days back , Apple had unveiled its iPhone 6 . Well , the device is going well although there were lot of criticism comparing it with android stating that android had this few years ago. Kenny Sebastian , one of the popular stand up comedian India  had made an iPhone 6 spoof video which can be viewed from Kenny Sebastian Youtube User Channel. .

The Incremental Architect´s Napkin - #7 - Nest flows to scale functional design

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Originally posted on: You can design the functionality of any Entry Point using just 1D and 2D data flows. Each processing step in such flows contains logic1 to accomplish a smaller or larger part of the overall process. To benefit most from Flow Design, the size of each such step should be small, though. Now think of this scenario: You have a program with some 100,000 lines of code (LOC). It can be triggered through 25 Entry Points. If each started a flow of maybe 5 processing steps that would mean, functional units would contain around
800 LOC on average. In reality some probably would be just 50 LOC or 100 LOC - which would require others to contain 1,500 LOC or even more. Yes, I mean it: Think of the whole functionality of your software being expressed as flows and implemented in functional units conforming to the Principle of Mutual Oblivion (PoMO). There´s no limit to that - even if you can´t imagine that right now yet ;-) What should be limited, however, is the length of the implementations of the functional units. 1,500 LOC, 800 LOC, even 400 LOC is too much to easily...(Read whole news on source site)

Popular Responsive and Mobile Shop Magento Themes

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There are plenty of Magneto CMS (Content Management System) themes that are available and it might be sometimes be really confusing to select the right theme and check if it is really worth . In this blog post , we list out some of the popular responsive and Mobile Shop Magneto Themes. The below themes are not listed in any particular order. Popular Responsive and Mobile Shop Magento Themes Meline – Responsive Multipurpose Magento Theme Meline  is a Magento Theme built according to the idea of a big e-commerce website with multiple categories. The beautiful feature of the Magneto theme
is the Metro design with good collection of Metro icons, great color scheme . Know more about Meline – Responsive Multipurpose Magneto Theme at theme page Metona – Responsive Magento Theme Metona is one of the responsive magento theme which comes with some advanced admin modules. If you are looking at designing a website to sell mobile phones , cell phones and electronics etc , it is one of the magneto theme to look out for . It is easy to use , customize and fully responsive . Know more about Metona – Responsive Magneto Theme at theme page AM...(Read whole news on source site)

Windows Phone 8.1 Phone Call - What’s changed for #WPDev?

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You might already know that, Windows Phone 8.1 SDK came with few API changes targeting the Windows Runtime. If you are a developer and looking to launch the phone dialler from your app, this post will help you to know the changes. In this post we are going to discuss “How to programmatically do a Phone Call in Windows Phone 8.1” with a comparison between the API changes.   You might already know that, many APIs have been changed in Windows Phone 8.1 if you compare them with it’s previous version (i.e. WP8). I have already blogged few

Free Bootstrap Website Templates

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Bootstrap is one of the popular front end UI framework for the developers . The Bootstrap templates are generally compatible with all the browsers . There are plenty of free Bootstrap frameworks available and in the blog post , we try to list out some of the popular and free Bootstrap templates. Free Bootstrap Website Templates Grayscale Grayscale is one of the multipurpose and single page website template that has dark layout with interesting and smooth scrolling page animations . Infact , this was one of the template that i used for a recent community event held in bangalore. The
theme also has the Google Maps API integrated with the custom GMaps  skin by Snazzy Maps. Know more about Grayscale and download it from Agency Agency is one of the stylish single page Bootstrap theme for agencies and small businesses. You can know more about Agency Bootstrap template and download it from SB Admin 2 SB Admin 2 is a Bootstrap admin theme and features features a variety of custom jQuery plugins to add extended functionality past the built in Bootstrap UI features like dashboard etc. Know more about SB Admin 2 from We+ Coming Plus Coming...(Read whole news on source site)

Simplified Creation of an Event Calendar with dhtmlxConnector UPDATED

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In this article we’ll show you how to easily set up DHTMLX Scheduler .NET with a special server-side library called dhtmlxConnector. It considerably speeds up and simplifies the creation of an event calendar in ASP.NET. In the end, you’ll get a nice flat-skin event calendar with a customizable lightbox like on the screenshot below: Proceed reading the tutorial or check the ready sample right now.
The Initial Steps of Creation. Libraries and Database Setup The initial steps to create an event calendar remain the same: 1. Create a new  ASP.NET Web Application and name it “CalendarConnector”; 2. Let's add HtmlAgilityPack.dll
and DHTMLX Scheduler .NET via NuGet. Right click on your project and select 'Manage Nuget Packages', do search and install the mentioned libraries.  Then download dhtmlxConnector and connect it to the project. 3. Set up the database by creating a new SQL Server Database (e.g. MyCalendar.mdf) that will contain data about events. At this step we will add a table “Events” and one more table “Departments”. The latter will enable further selection of the required departments in the lightbox and their storage in the database. Set the “Events” table columns as follows:   Add two columns to the table “Departments” as it is shown...(Read whole news on source site)

Random Link Roundup–9/12/2014

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Happy Friday!  It was a busy week for me, so I’ve gather a lot of links to share!  Enjoy! The first bug was reported 67 years ago on September 9th, 1947.  If you are interested in Phonegap, check out this article on using Ionic with with Phonegap. Chartist is yet another (nice-looking!) JavaScript charting library. A working hard drive, built in Minecraft. I'm not sure if I should be impressed that someone took the time to do this... Or alarmed. I saw an
option for enabling Microsoft Application Insights when I was deploying an app the other day, but I had no clue what it was.  This article will give you a good overview. Why does AngularJS rock?  I have my own opinions on why it rocks that I might write up someday, but here's another take on it. I did a lot of digging this past week into inheritance patterns with AngularJS.  In the end, I ended up not using inheritance, but it's nice to know what options...(Read whole news on source site)