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SQL SERVER – SSIS – Get Started with the For Loop Container – Notes from the Field #113

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[Notes from Pinal]: SSIS is very well explored subject, however, there are so many interesting elements when we read, we learn something new. A similar concept has been Get Started with the For Loop Container. Linchpin People are database coaches and wellness experts for a data driven world. In this 113th episode of the Notes from […]

Using Application Insights for your iOS Apps – with Visual Studio 2015

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Application Insights helps us to track applications health in real time and let us monitor our application for usage, events and crashes.  This can be used almost every applications. Application Insights support multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Java , Ruby etc.  In this post, lets have a look how to start capturing telemetry information for [...]

MSDN Mag: February 2016

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Cutting Edge - Architecture Spinoffs of UXDD
Software architecture is not an act of faith. Learn how
the UXDD design methodology ties together important concepts like CQRS,
Event Sourcing and Polyglot Persistence.

February 2016

Upstart - Loyalty Test
It's easy to confuse gratitude with loyalty, says
Krishnan Rangachari, who urges developers to consider why they are
staying with an organization. As it turns out, the best thing you can do
for your company might...(Read whole news on source site)

Factoring in refactoring: The what, when and how - SD Times

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Factoring in refactoring: The what, when and how - SD Times

According to Belshee, a developer’s largest source of frustration comes
from not being able to get a computer to do what they want it to. Often,
developers get overwhelmed with this frustration, and there is an
appeal to starting from scratch. Grosenbach said developers should
resist this urge. “Software takes a lot of work and a lot of
coordination with a lot of people; if we just throw it out, we lose all
the knowledge we gathered when we
wrote that software,” he said.

...(Read whole news on source site)

Beer IoT: Using Stream Analytics to save data from IoT Hub to SQL database

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When cooling beer we want to store history of temperatures for two reasons. First, it gives us valuable history data for next cooling sessions. As a second thing we can ask measurements when we temporarily lost connection with IoT Hub. In this posting we make some analyzis and then build up database for our beer cooling solution. The post Beer IoT: Using Stream Analytics to save data from IoT Hub to SQL database appeared first on Gunnar Peipman - Programming Blog.

Entity Framework Pitfalls: Cascade Deletes

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Introduction Entity Framework supports cascading deletes for all of its associations: One to one One to many Many to many Meaning, when we remove an entity, it will automatically descend to its dependent entities (cascade) and delete them too. Of course, cascading deletes of many to one really does not make much sense. The problem … Continue reading Entity Framework Pitfalls: Cascade Deletes