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Continuous Delivery – Patterns for zero downtime requirements (ARR setup)

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Microsoft Application Request Routing (ARR) is a proxy-based routing module that forwards HTTP requests to application servers based on HTTP headers, server variables, and load balance algorithms. With ARR you can increase application availability and scalability by better utilization of content server resources with lower management cost by creating opportunities for shared hosting environments.

ARR relies on the URL rewrite module to inspect incoming HTTP requests to make the routing decisions. Therefore, the URL rewrite module is required to enable ARR features. Using ARR in a shared hosting environment introduces a new deployment architecture that provides additional benefits and opportunities
for shared hosting. This scenario is enabled by a feature called host name affinity. The host name affinity feature in Application Request Routing enables shared hosting to rethink how sites are deployed. Application Request Routing affinitizes the requests, regardless of whether they are made from one client or multiple clients, to one server behind ARR, ensuring that a given site is consuming resources only on one of the servers.

For e.g. in the diagram the ARR load balances the request to one of the server and affinitizes the request for a DNS to the same server for...(Read whole news on source site)

Bill Gates accepts Mark Zuckerberg’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Recently , Mark Zuckerberg set the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Bill Gates accepted the challenge and he had taken a bucket of ice water over the head in the name of charity and raise awareness for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). The video was shared in the thegatesnotes youtube channel where Bill Gates accepts Mark Zuckerberg’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and later nominates lon Musk, Ryan Seacrest and Chris Anderson from TED to participate. Bill Gates’ video is pretty impressive where he builds something interesting to soak himself with the ice water.

ASP.NET MVC 6: Reading form values

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With new HttpContext in ASP.NET MVC 6 we will also get new request class. One markable change is how form variables are read from request. As there is no key-value collection with form variables that is filled by default when request is created we have to read form values asynchronously. Here’s the example how to do it. The post ASP.NET MVC 6: Reading form values appeared first on Gunnar Peipman - Programming Blog.

Creating Custom AngularJS Directives Part 3 - Isolate Scope and Function Parameters

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Creating Custom AngularJS Directives Series The Fundamentals Isolate Scope Isolate Scope and Function Parameters (this post)   In Part 2 of this series I introduced isolate scope and how it can be used to make directives more re-useable. A big part of isolate scope is local scope properties that rely on characters such as @, = and & to handle data binding as well as function delegation. By using these properties you can pass data into and out of AngularJS
directives. If you’re new to local scope properties in directives I’d recommend reading the first two posts in this series. In this post I’ll explore passing parameters out of a directive into an external function.

Isolate Scope and Function Parameters By using local scope properties you can pass an external function (such as a $scope function defined within a controller) into a directive. This is done using the & local scope property. Here’s an example of defining a local scope property named add that can store a reference to an external function:   angular.module('directivesModule').directive('myIsolatedScopeWithController', function () { return { ...(Read whole news on source site)

F# Web Stack Group

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I’ve recently seen an increase in the number of those interested in F# programming for web development. I don’t think this is a recent phenomenon; I just haven’t had the privilege of running into many of them previously. Nevertheless, we have decided to band together to provide a set of useful, well-designed libraries for web […]

Motivating a Development Team

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Recently , I was discussing something related to the topic on how to motivate the developers . Although , the discussion was not a serious one but the discussion had quite a few interesting points and here’s I list out few points which we were able to discuss . Motivating a Development Team Better Configuration for their Computers – Most of the developers would like to work on a super speed system with good amount of RAM and also multiple monitors (if possible). Great Tools to work – The development environment might have a big impact on the way the
developers work . They need the necessary tools that does the work for them . May be giving the latest versions of the softwares would help them. Good Internet Speed. Good amount of time for the developers to learn or update their skills. Competitive salary. Proper Communication from the management about their expectations and clear goals or milestones. Celebrations when there is something achieved by the team mates. Free Drinks (Non-alcoholic) , Healthy snacks . Good Team understanding and decrease the number of meetings (if possible). Interesting projects or problems to work with. Are there any other items which can...(Read whole news on source site)

New Article Published about Develop Windows Universal Apps

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I have a new in-depth article published online today called, “Now is the time to Develop Windows Universal Apps!”. See below for more information and a link to the online article. Article Introduction Intro: At //Build in April 2014, Microsoft acknowledged the convergence of Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 and gave it the title of Windows Universal Apps. For the first time in history, you could now create applications that target the phone and tablet and share a single code base. The Full Article The full article is hosted on the
TDN website and you can access it by clicking here. Don’t forget to rate it and leave comments if you have any problems.
...(Read whole news on source site)

I lost 40lbs using these two amazing simple steps–you can too!

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TL;DR – I got off my butt, started eating better and lost 40lbs in ~100 days.  You can too. This year started very depressing personally as each look in the mirror showed another chin growing under the previous.  I weighed the most I’ve ever weighed in my life and it just kept getting away from me.  My move to Redmond brought back a different office life for me from my previous role at Microsoft and I became much more sedentary than before.  Now, this doesn’t mean I was a triathlete before, but I certainly didn’t sit in an office
as much as I have in the past 4 years.  I really put myself fully into work and nothing else…and it showed physically. As my kids got more active (I have two kids; 8 and 12) I participated more with their activities.  I realized how out of shape I was when I couldn’t ride a bike like my kids, couldn’t run around the baseball field to help with Little League practices without being out-of-breath, etc.  I had to do something.  The problem is I’ve ‘tried’ before a few times.  I haven’t really dedicated myself but tried dumb diets and...(Read whole news on source site)