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RabbitMQ – Best Practices For Designing Exchanges, Queues And Bindings?

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A question was asked on StackOverflow about best practices for RabbitMQ exchanges, queues and bindings. While this question was technically “off topic” for StackOverflow, I answered it anyways because it’s a common set of questions and offers insight in to a few points of confusion when starting out with RabbitMQ.  One Exchange, Or Many? The […]

RavenDB 3.0 New Stable Release

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We have just released build 3785 of RavenDB 3.0. This build has quite a bit of changes (for the full gory details, see the pull request). This release includes about 3 months of bug fixes, performance improvements and the like. We have been testing this on our own systems for a few weeks now, as well as on multiple live production sites, and the results have been nothing but encouraging. Major changes Voron &map/reduce optimizations. We have done major work to optimize how RavenDB uses map/reduce on Voron. As a result, map/reduce performance on Voron has improved
tremendously. However, this require a migration step during the first startup. If you have a large RavenDB database using Voron, and you are making heavy use of map/reduce, take into account that on first start, RavenDB will need to perform an internal migration, which can take a while. Lucene & memory allocation reduction on queries. We have drastically reduced the amount of memory that is allocated per query, and improved the performance of queries substantially. Improvements: Many small perf optimizations, memory allocations reductions, object pooling, etc. Drastic reduction in memory allocations on common code paths. Better handling of...(Read whole news on source site)

How to fetch any files remotely using #OneDrive in #Windows 10?

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I was just exploring the new features in OneDrive and found an interesting feature that came up with Windows 10. It calls as fetch any files remotely using OneDrive. For this, your PC must be synced with OneDrive having an active internet connection and the associated settings must be enabled. In this post we will discuss more about this feature and also see the settings which needs to be enabled. Continue reading and share your views on this existing new feature.   Did you read my other articles on Windows 10 Tips and Tricks Series? You
might want to check those too after reading this. There are plenty of cloud sharing services currently available and among them Microsoft OneDrive, Drop Box are very popular. OneDrive is currently more integrated with the operating system and provides a better solution with reliability and high security. Due to this, I have synced my complete system (Documents, Pictures, Musics etc.) with OneDrive and free from system format if any issue arises with my system. As most of my files are backed up automatically on cloud, I don’t take tension in formatting my hard drive and restore all the files. Just a...(Read whole news on source site)

Announcing West Wind Web Surge 1.0

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About a year ago I introduced an easy to use URL and load testing tool called West Wind WebSurge. I created this tool out of a sense of frustration with existing stress testing tools that are either wickedly expensive, or a pain in the butt to use. I wanted an interactive tool that makes it easy to set up and test URLs either individually or under load. What started out as a requirement on a client project, quickly morphed into a custom load testing library and then eventually into a product that combines the load engine with an easy to
use UI to make it easy to create the URLs and run the tests. The end result of this was West Wind WebSurge which is a Windows based application that makes it very easy to enter and capture URLs and then play them back either individually for functionality testing of individual URLs or under heavy load for performing stress testing. WebSurge stores the test information in plain text files that can be shared easily in projects or source code repositories and can be easily generated by tools. The main goal of the front end piece is to make it super...(Read whole news on source site)

Angular v. React v. Aurelia v. et al.

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When I announced my upcoming course, I had a lot of people ask me about what I thought of X framework versus Angular (which I’m covering in the course). I feel like I have to say something. Before I bestow my blessing, let’s talk about the fundamental problem frameworks in general. They can be a boon or a bust and many developers have been hurt by a selection of a specific framework in the past. I know I’m being asked so that some devs can go to their architect to confirm their particular positions. I’m hoping to avoid that in
this post, but I doubt it will work. Fallacy of the Perfect Framework This selection of a framework isn’t new. It’s ancient in fact. I had to battle the same problem in my past; whether it was Oracle v. SQL Server in my ADOGuy days, MVVMLight vs ever other MVVM library in Silverlight, or even Mongo v. every other NoSQL Store. The argument is the same: “I don’t want make a mistake by picking the wrong framework.” The problem is that software project rarely fail because of the framework. How many successful PHP, Web Forms, and even Perl+CGI...(Read whole news on source site)

Microsoft are not spying on your hard disk because there is nothing to gain - and everything to loose

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There is a debating technique that is called "reductio ad absurdum" which demonstrates the validity of a statement by proving that the opposite is impossible (absurd). A common example is "rocks have weight, or else we should see them floating in the air". Without going into technical details, I state that Microsoft are not spying on your hard disk, because if they would do so they have nothing to gain from the act itself there is no way they could prevent destroying themselves in the process - and they know that. Spying on you would require some
data gathering process and some process of transmitting data to Microsoft, using your own network connection. Agreed? Well then, with Windows 10 running on75 million (and counting) machines, a substantial number of those owned by clever d- I mean smart persons - who know very well how to operate network analyzing tools like WireShark there is no way they could keep the data transmitting part of that process secret forever. Any spying tool included in Windows 10  will be found. Sooner or later. By those smart people. By anti virus software makers. Or it will be...(Read whole news on source site)

September pricing and licensing changes

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I want to update you all on the pricing and licensing changes we’ve been working on over the past year. VS Online Basic users The new, less expensive, tiered pricing model I announced a couple of months ago goes into effect Sept 1st (today).  In addition, we are finalizing the licensing documents to include an on-prem TFS CAL with your VS Online purchases, making it easy for you to use on-prem, cloud or both.  That will also go into effect in Sept. A changing philosophy Before I explain some other changes that are coming, let
me step back for a minute and talk about how we are changing the way we think about things.  Team Foundation Server and VS Online have always tried to serve as a “one stop shop” to solve your ALM needs.  It’s a great integrated experience that helps you throughout the engineering cycle.  We’ve packaged it to make it easy to acquire and priced it to optimize for “one price for everything”. The reality, is that every customer has a mix of tools.  Some just because they have legacy tools that they aren’t ready to replace.  Some because, for some...(Read whole news on source site)