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Arlington schools announce key findings from ‘Big Data’ competition - The Washington Post

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Arlington schools announce key findings from ‘Big Data’ competition - The Washington Post

Arlington Schools, with the help of CK-12 (a Silicon Valley-based
nonprofit) and parent volunteer Aneesh Chopra (Obama's first Chief
Technology Officer), hosted a competition to find predictive models and
trends to improve the school system's graduation rate. Here's what they found

EF6.1.2 Beta 1 Available

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Today we are making Beta 1 of the EF6.1.2 release available. This patch release contains bug fixes and some contributions from our community.   What’s in Beta 1? EF6.1.2 is mostly about bug fixes, you can see a list of the fixes included in EF6.1.2 on our CodePlex site. We also accepted a couple of noteworthy changes from members of the community: Query cache parameters can be configured from the app/web.configuration file   
SqlFile and SqlResource methods on DbMigration allow you to run a SQL script stored as a file or embedded resource.   Where do I get the beta? The runtime is available on NuGet. Follow the instructions on our Get It page for installing the latest pre-release version of Entity Framework runtime. The tooling for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 is available on the Microsoft Download Center. The tooling will also be included in the next preview of Visual Studio “14”.   Support This is a preview of changes that will be available in the final...(Read whole news on source site)

Microsoft Dev Center Benefits for Store developers

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The Dev Center Benefits program is designed to accelerate your success on the Microsoft platform by helping you develop, improve and market your apps with a variety of offers and tools and is available to all registered developers worldwide of all experience levels and platforms.You will receive technical, design, publishing, and marketing offers to help build and promote your app. Register now for free: are 3 levels in the program:
Explorer, gets you started quickly with design and architecture guidance and consulting help from a Microsoft expert, Gift Cards, and Dev Center registration fee. Expert, helps you reach more users
faster with advertising offers, a publishing contract, and more. Master, unlocks VIP access to developer marketing and support, SDK early access and more.

Developers move from Explorer to Expert, then to Master as your apps get more downloads, higher revenue, better ratings, and improved app experiences.

Microsoft seems to be taking over DVLUP…...(Read whole news on source site)

Before you take over supporting a web application…. - Eric Parvin - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

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standard utilities used to understand application level process calls:

TCPview ( will show database and web service calls.

Process Monitor ( captures file, registry, and thread activity.

Process Explorer ( identifies the PID for a worker process and DLL files loaded in the process.

Perfview ( low impact .NET profiler

Before you take over supporting a web application…. - Eric Parvin - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

Future posts will dive
into using log parser to inspect the web application using the IIS logs.
These two queries will provide both number of requests as well as
average response time per hour for the pages. Run the queries on the IIS
logs and output the details from the datagrid to Excel and determine
the load pattern.

Load per hour on the server (includes all pages and HTTP Status Codes):

"SELECT quantize(time,3600), count(*) as Frequency from