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Visual Studio Toolbox: Developing Cross-platform 2D Games in C# and CocosSharp

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This is the third of another four part series on building cross-platform apps using Xamarin and C#. In this episode I am joined by James Montemagno, a developer evangelist at Xamarin. James takes us for a tour of CocosSharp, a Xamarin library for building 2D Windows, iOS and Android games from a shared C# code base. CocosSharp blends the power of the Cocos2D programming model with C# and the .NET Framework. James walks us through getting started with the Visual Studio templates and creating your first game. Resources: Try Xamarin today: Follow James on Twitter and his personal blog Xamarin
developer documentation and blog Parts one and two of this series Parts one, twothree and four of James' debut Xamarin series
...(Read whole news on source site)

day in, day out

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You know what I really wanted to do, today? Work on SignalLeaf. It’s not that it *needs* any work right now… it’s been running in auto-pilot for several months now, while I’ve had other more urgent things to take care of. But I *wanted* to work on SignalLeaf.   And yet, I didn’t get too. […]

The Morning Brew #1840

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Software April 2015 .NET Security Updates – The .NET Team highlight their contribution to this month’s Patch Tuesday addressing a security issue found to affect .NET 1.1 – 4.5.2 on affected versions of Windows. April 2015 security updates for Internet Explorer – Similarly the Internet Explorer team also have a patch in the Patch Tuesday […]

What's new in the Office Roadmap - 2015-04-15

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It was a couple of weeks since last, but this time we got some major updates on the Office Roadmap, following the recent announcement on the Office blogs. Changes 2015-04-15 Since the 26th of March, these are the changes. Quite a few of them… Now Launched Bulk Updates in Project Online: Directly to launched status Improvements to Demand Management in Project Online: Another Project thingie, directly to launched Changing support for LinkedIn in Outlook: LinkedIn connections in Outlook no longer supported, another that went directly to launched Clutter Control and admin capabilities: from rolling out Document
deletion policies for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online: A really interesting and important feature, now live Lync Online Active User Activities Report: previously rolling out MAPI over HTTP for Outlook 2013 and Exchange Online: one of the oldest things on the roadmap now rolling out More control over Sent Items for Shared Mailboxes: from in development New preview features for Power BI: from rolling out Option for Passwords to Never Expire: new on the list the last time, but now launched Removing Deleted Items Retention Period: from in development. This one is a huge one! Now Rolling out...(Read whole news on source site)

SpecsFor.Mvc 4.5.0 Released!

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A new build of SpecsFor.Mvc is now available on NuGet!  This release was made possible by contributions from the community, so a big “Thank You!” goes out to henkeson and neuhoffm!  Their contributions added support for: Project configurations that have non-standard solution locations (just call Solution.Named() or pass in the path to your solution directly!) UrlShouldMapTo and UrlMapsTo are now case-insensitive by default, but you can change this behavior if you want! You can change the Output path, which makes it possible to use SpecsFor.Mvc
with multiple web projects at once! BrowserDriver’s constructor is now public, so you can configure your own instance of BrowserDriver! Oh, and there’s an updated ReSharper templates package available, too, that works with ReSharper 9.1.    As usual, let me know if there are any problems!...(Read whole news on source site)