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A compendium of Windows Azure, Service Bus, EAI & EDI Access Control, Connect, SQL Azure Database, and other cloud-computing articles. Note: This post is updated daily or more frequently, depending on the availability of new articles in the following sections:
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I know I already posted a whole bunch on “why use federations” or “what are federation for” but most conversations on federations, I get the question on ‘why’? so I wanted to go back to basics and what the combination of SQL Azure (a.k.a PaaS database in the cloud) and Federations is a killer combination. Obviously federations can be used in many different ways; multi-tenancy for scaling to spikes and bursts or for gradually growing workloads. It is great for getting you over the capacity limitation of a single node in public cloud (typically
a commodity machine) or the limitation of a single SQL Azure database like storage or computation capacity or simply transaction throughput with a single SQL azure database before you get throttled. But… But… But all that aside… The main reason in all these cases it is the amount of overcapacity you maintain. Mark Russinovich shows a similar chart in his talks and I’ll gladly borrow this for federations; Imagine the isolated capacity you need at the database tier; Here is your capacity for the next 6-18 months and here is what you maintain as...(Read whole news on source site)



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