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I found one or more KBOs!

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I have just received an email notifying me that I am to be named as a co-discoverer of one or more Kuiper Belt Objects in a report to be made to the minor planets center.

From this list, the New Horizons team will select a second target for the spacecraft after it flys by Pluto.

Microsoft TechEd 2012 on the Go.. Are you attending?

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Well,  Microsoft is going Big with their event TechEd 2012 which will be held just in 2 days from now. Everyone is excited to visit Bangaluru for this awesome event and learn lot of technology. I am going to visit Bangalore soon. If you are going, just text me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and come and say hi to me during the event.

Visit the link below to know more about the event
Microsoft TechEd India 2012 -> Go Big

Now if you cannot join us in Bangaluru for this event, you can still see the event
live. Register yourself immediately.

Catch TechEd Online for FREE!!!
Register for TechEd Live! Click to Read Details!

I hope to see you all around.

...(Read whole news on source site)

Thwate Intermediate Certificate Fail!

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I browsed to AgiliTrain (my training company) and noticed that the SSL Cert was failing. Not a good thing. But it wasn’t expired, it couldn’t find the Intermediate Certificates that the issuer requires (I am using Thwate certs). I am not sure why this happens. Unfortunately my old GoDaddy certs didn’t need Intermediate Certificates. My next certs won’t either because it has caused me a lot of wasted time and energy.  Much more than I saved going with the cheap Thwate certs. So the first thing I do when this happens is fire up the SSL Cert Checker that Thwate
has:  This verifies what I already know, the certificate chain to the Intermediate Certificates is broken. So how do I fix it? I delete the Intermediate Certificates and add them back (I didn’t need to add my own certificate, only the Intermediate ones). This link tells you how to install the Intermediate Certs in minute detail:  But of course, I always one key point: In IIS 7, you must rebind your site to the certificate (or reboot the machine) to have the changes noted. I mention this so you don’t waste your evening like...(Read whole news on source site)

Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Visual Studio 11 Beta – Show Message Dialogs and Popup Menus (Part 9/11) - Alex Golesh's Blog About Silverlight Development

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Visual Studio 11 Beta – Show Message Dialogs and Popup Menus (Part 9/11) - Alex Golesh's Blog About Silverlight Development

Licensing and In-app purchases (Part 7/11)

For complete list of breaking changes, please refer to the documentation here.
That’s it for now. In next posts I will show few new (or changed) APIs in Win8 CP. Here are the
next planned posts in this series (in no specific order):
1. What’s New – this post
2. Proximity – in this post I will show how to use near field communication (NFC) to transmit information between NFC-enabled devices
3. Sharing data – in this post I will overview how to share the data from your application (“Share source”). Also, I will describe how to build simplest “Share target” application which helps to debug you share source app (and was really helpful for me, since at the time I wrote this series the marketplace apps were not available and I had no app to share my data with)
4. Settings – in this...(Read whole news on source site)

TWC9: Win8, VS11, Metro, Windows Phone SDK v7.1.1, TouchDevelop and more | This Week On Channel 9 | Channel 9

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Starting a new Open-source project - 2 - CommonEventLog is available.

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On this project I needed to provide unit tests both in NUnit and MSTest. I will write about this later.

Once done, both projects ran without errors being detected. I loaded up the main project as source to CodePlex. (Resharper was very helpful in that it would run both sets of tests - thank you Jet Brains!)

Converting NUnit tests to MSUnit.

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I created the MSTest project by creating a new class library project and copying the test classes to it. I then followed the instructions in the following posts. I did not need to add the GUID fix as I used ReSharper to run both sets of tests.

Comparison Chart: New Project Types Visual Studio 11 vs. Visual Studio 10 -- Visual Studio Magazine

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Comparison Chart: New Project Types Visual Studio 11 vs. Visual Studio 10 -- Visual Studio Magazine:

Visual Studio 2010 Only
Visual Studio 11 Only
Windows Metro-style


Grid Application

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Split Application

Class Library

Unit Test Library

Blank Application

Fixed-Layout Application

Grid Application