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Nightly news, 13 April 2012

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LightSpeed Added a per-query IncludeFiltered flag to turn off implicit filtering (similar to IncludeDeleted) Added core support for SQL Server 2008 hierarchyid type Fixed an issue with aliasing when issuing a composed query with paging on SQL Server The designer now creates field name constants for special fields Fix for implicit filters not being applied [...]

On the Hunt for Tech Hires -

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On the Hunt for Tech Hires -

Nokia, in its hunt for engineers sent recruiters for the first time to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, hoping to convince techies that the company is the right place for them. At the conferences, Nokia's sales staff and executives handed out QR codes—digital "quick response" bar codes that are scanned with a smartphone—directing potential candidates to a special website that read, "WELCOME. You clearly impressed someone from our team."

Traffic to Nokia's custom site and its general career page increased
immediately after the events, says Nokia's global university relations manager Emily Christakis. She wasn't sure if any of the prospects turned into hires at this time.

Another key to winning tech talent, says Mike Cooke, who runs the IT Effectiveness Practice at Booz & Co., is to "go outside the HR department."

Mike Lodato, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Network Hardware Resale, a Santa Barbara, Calif.-based seller of secondhand network equipment, says he bypasses HR "when I fear I'm not winning." He has to convince techies that hardware can still yield cool projects when other...(Read whole news on source site)

Windows Azure and Cloud Computing Posts for 4/10/2012+

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A compendium of Windows Azure, Service Bus, EAI & EDI Access Control, Connect, SQL Azure Database, and other cloud-computing articles. Note: This post is updated daily or more frequently, depending on the availability of new articles in the following sections:

Outsourcing with Skill: Three Types of Outsourcing Relationships

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While reading the book, Enterprise Architecture as Strategy, by Jeanne W. Ross, Peter Weill, and David C. Robertson, I came across their section on outsourcing. I wish I had their frame for looking at outsourcing models long ago.   On the Microsoft patterns & practices team, we regularly partnered with vendors around the world to scale our business while focusing on our core competencies.   While I did manage to think through a lot of the issues and risks, I didn’t always have a great way of framing the conversations or recommendations.   When you have names for the
three outsourcing models, key distinctions for each, and a map of the main outsourcing objectives, it gets a lot easier to both think through decisions, and frame conversations for more effective outsourcing decisions. Three Outsourcing Models
According to Ross, Weill, and Robertson, there are three mutually exclusive outsourcing models: Model Notes Client Success ...(Read whole news on source site)

April 12th What’s Happening Around Visual Studio

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Here’s a quick recap of what’s happening around the team.
  Releases: We’ve released some updates for the Visual Studio 11 and TFS 11 betas: -        Visual Studio 11 Beta: VS Update Service -        Team Foundation Server 11 Beta Power Tools (TFS 2010 users might also want to visit Brian’s blog for the latest list of TFS 2010 updates)
If you haven’t downloaded the betas yet, here are a couple of good resources that make it easy to get started: -        Visual Studio 11 Beta ALM Virtual Machine and Hands-on-Labs / Demo Scripts / DemoMates -        Visual Studio 11 Beta Readiness
Materials by the ALM Rangers
We’ve had quite a bit of news lately around the work we’re doing to support open source communities. We announced new Git support on CodePlex (in addition to the current TFS and Mercurial support): -        Brian Harry: The Future of CodePlex is Bright -        CodePlex Blog: git commit –m “CodePlex now supports Git!”
We also shared news at DevConnections about open sourcing ASP.NET MVC 4, ASP.NET Web API, and ASP.NET Web Pages (Razor): -        Scott Guthrie: ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Razor and Open Source -        Scott Hanselman: ASP.NET MVC 4, ASP.NET Web API and ASP.NET...(Read whole news on source site)

Delivered a WebCamps in the Netherlands

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Yesterday I was the main presenter at Microsoft WebCamps in Utrecht, The Netherlands. A total of 122 people attended with a very diverse public. Ranging from beginners to hardcore developers, user experience specialists, network maintenance specialists, … Students and even a person of 71 with whom I had a very nice talk during lunch. I really enjoyed it and apparently so did the attendees. It was a very nice experience in a special place: an old fabric: The catering had a traditional Dutch delicacy: broodje kroket and the company hired to organize it all did a great job. Here are some action shots:
href="">   Grz, Kris. ...(Read whole news on source site)

Looking for a Free .NET Mocking Framework?

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Looking for a Free .NET Mocking Framework?:

JustMock Free is the best free mocking framework (try it out for yourself).
It's supported by a well-known and trusted vendor, Telerik.
It's the brainchild of Mehfuz Hossain, author of awesome open source frameworks such as AutoBox.
Here's the most important reason: if you find yourself in need of an extremely powerful mocking framework that can mock things like static classes, LINQ queries, and inject them regardless of how the code is constructed, your developers will already be familiar with the framework when you use the commercial edition.