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How To Create a Six-Figure Second Income

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I wrote a post on the book, The Six Figure Second Income.  It's about how to make money in todays world. With great pain comes great opportunities.  I've seen a lot of people lose their jobs.  I've been asked to do talks to help people get back on their feet again.  I do.  It helps.  It's not enough. The real challenge is how to help people make a living in today's world.  What does that mean?  It means things like this: What we learned in school, might not get us a
job What we learned on the job, might not get us our next job What used to make money, no longer makes money We're competing for jobs around the world What are some key strategies we can anchor to? Entrepreneurism is a way to find and be what's next Our job security comes from our capabilities and network Our job security also comes from our ability and willingness to relocate and learn new skills In a...(Read whole news on source site)

Windows Phone BingMapsDirectionsTask for non-US Bug

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source: Introduction Hi all,I recently found a « bug » in the BingMapsDirectionsTask for non-US users. In theory, BingMapsDirectionsTask is very easy, just that : BingMapsDirectionsTask task = new BingMapsDirectionsTask(); GeoCordinate geo = new GeoCordinate(47.6204,-122.3493); LabeledMapLocation spaceNeedleLML = new LabeledMapLocation(yourlabel, geo); task.End = spaceNeedleLML; task.Show(); But the Windows Phone was allways searching the label and totally doesn't care of the GeoCordinate. So WTF?! Solution The bug is that WP7 parse with en-US Culture and not the device's Culture. ...Read more

How and where to watch the E3 2012 Media Briefing

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Every year, E3 brings a ton of excitement and fun with it as you get to see some pretty incredible things on the horizon. Today at 12:30 pm ET/9:30 am PT, E3 2012 kicks off with the Xbox 360 Media Briefing and you can watch it live in a multitude of ways. Given the high level of interest in this event each year, I am sharing out how and where you can watch the Xbox 360 Media briefing from E3 2012 here: From your computer: Check out the Xbox@E3 site
During the briefing, Major Nelson and others will be participating in an interactive chat that you will be able to join and participate in From your Xbox console through Xbox LIVE. Please note, to watch the live stream through Xbox LIVE on your Xbox console, you will need an Xbox LIVE Gold membership. On...(Read whole news on source site)

Countdown to Transit of Venus and a List of Feeds

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At there is a countdown to the transit of Venus.

NASA will providing a video feed from Mauna Kea of the event from

The SLOOH space camera site will provide a feed at

Astronomers Without Borders will provide a feed from Mount Wilson at

Other web camera feeds are at:

Team Foundation Services Updates 6/4

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We’ve just finished sprint 31 and today we deployed it to the service.  In all, it a modest set of things but some nice improvements.  We’re now starting to get to the point that new things showing up on the service are ahead of what we have in the on premises product.  Some of this will show up in the RTM release of the on premises product and some will show up in incremental updates.  We’re moving to a model of updating the on premises product more frequently – partly to avoid too much divergence between the service and the
on premises capabilities.  However, as a general rule, if you want to know what’s coming in the on premises product, you watch the service and see what’s there. Here’s a screen shot for the first few items on the list below… Improved setting of iteration dates – We continue to work on the experience of setting dates for iteration.  In the Beta it was a cumbersome process and we made some improvements last sprint and more improvements this sprint.  The two main things we did this sprint were: Set iteration dates directly from Task Board and Sprint Backlog pages – Now the...(Read whole news on source site)