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The Morning Brew #1134

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Information Team Foundation Services Updates 6/26 - Brian Harry gives an update on the latest release of the Team Foundation Services hosted TFS offering, highlighting new functionality for managing the backlog, various UI tweaks and improvements, and improved support for Azure based continuous deployment AspectMap - Part 5 - Aspect Nesting and Prioritising - Chris Surfleet rounds [...]

Flyout control in XAML through Callisto for Windows 8

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source: Here we are with part 3 and this time we will be talking about using the appbar and implementing a Flyout Control. More detail on what it is and when to use it, is given here… But why would we need to put a blog post up about it, well because if you go through all the examples on the MSDN site, you’ll notice that there is no XAML version available!! Yep with Windows 8 RP there is still no XAML flyout control out of the box! But there is a good alternative for this,
that is by using the free Callisto lib created by Tim Heuer! If you want you can simply add it through the Callisto NuGet. This lib contains several neat features, but for me the FlyOut control for XAML is by far the most valueable. .....Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

A Visual Comparison Between Popular Apps on Android and Windows Phone

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source: A while back we showed you some photos of an iOS device and Windows Phone side-by-side while running various popular apps so that you could see how different the design principals were for the two platforms. For many of you it was very interesting to see how app developers modified their design so drastically for Windows Phone as compared to the same type of app they developed for Apple's iOS. Some of you wondered about how Windows Phone apps compare to the same versions made for Android. Well, that's what we're going to look at
today. App designs on Android don't seem to really follow any kind of guidelines or consistent style. Sometimes there are big tabs at the top with icons, sometimes there are tab-like buttons at the bottom, and UI buttons can vary drastically in size, style and position between each app. Windows Phone apps tend to follow a consistent panoramic layout design where each panel reveals a different type of content and circular buttons are always at the bottom with an ellipses indicating a pop-up menu for more commands. ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

Improve Productivity using Visual Studio 2012 Default Browser Switcher

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If you are a web developer and use Visual Studio to design and develop web applications, this post will help you to improve your productivity. Last year we discussed how to improve your productivity using the “Default Browser Switcher Extension” in Visual Studio 2010.   Now here comes another post which will show you how to use the in-built “Browser Switcher” extension available in Visual Studio 2012. I hope that, once you start working in Visual Studio 2012, this will definitely help you to increase your productivity.   What is Browser Switcher Extension?
Let us discuss this in a different way. You as a web developer might faced some issues while building and testing your web application. Your web application should be tested in various browsers for various layout issues before you freeze working on that part and that stuff is very pathetic. Either you have to open various browsers and paste the URL to check for layout issues or you have to open individual......(Read whole news on source site)

Semantic Zoom – Dual Implementation

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Semantic Zoom was initially implemented in “Live Tile Browser”  to collapse down the A-Z listing of Live Tilesto a simple alphabet (see blow) Semantic Zoom –  (a–z listing of available Live tiles) This worked fine but it did present a small problem when I decided to offer a different method for sorting the live tiles [...]

Interview questions about ASP.NET Web services.

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I have seen there are lots of myth’s about web services in fresher level developers. So I decided to write a blog post about web services interview questions. Because I think this is the best way to reach fresher developers. Followings are few questions about web services. 1) What is web services? Ans: Web services are used to support http requests that formatted using xml,http and SOAP syntax. They interact with through standards xml messages through Soap. They are used to support interoperability. It has .asmx extension and .NET framework contains http
handlers for web services to support http requested directly. 2) What kind of data can be returned web services web methods? Ans: It supports all the primitive data types and custom data types that can be encoded and serialized by xml. You can find more information about that from the following link. 3) Is web services are only written in Ans: No, It can be written by Java and PHP languages also. 4) Explain web method attributes in web services Ans: Web method attributes are added to a public class...(Read whole news on source site)

MADExpo and CapArea.NET talks

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Last night I spoke at CapArea.NET and presented a longer variant of the talk I am giving today and tomorrow at the MADExpo conference in VA. I’m also giving a talk on the Single Page Application capabilities in development for ASP.NET and the client side Upshot library that provides a lot of its capabiities. Here are the slides and demos for those talks: Embrace Async    Slides    Demos Rich HTML 5 Client Data Applications with Upshot    Slides    Demos