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Visual Studio Customer Feedback Channels

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We’ve shipped Visual Studio 2015 RTM and you have all been a key part of this with your feedback and great ideas, Thank you! But wait, that doesn’t mean your job is over :). We still need to hear from you about what is good, bad, or ugly in VS 2015 so we can know what to do more of, what to fix, and what to avoid. We look at EVERY piece of feedback that you send to us to decide what to fix, what to change, and what we need to do in our next version. If you
don’t tell us, we won’t know and we’ll do what we think you want and we aren’t always good mind readers. So what do we want you to do? Tell us what you think about Visual Studio 2015 so that we can use your input to make the product better! In this series of posts, we’ll describe your different options to give us feedback, talk about how we use that feedback, and share where we are taking the feedback tools in future versions of the product. This first post will help you understand the various feedback channels, and when to use...(Read whole news on source site)

Setup your Chocolatey repository in Azure

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Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows designed to be a decentralized framework for quickly installing applications and tools that you need. Chocolatey is actually built on top of the NuGet package system, but it is designed to fill a different need. Chocolatey wraps up applications and other executables and makes it easy to install them on your computer.

The goal behind this post is to successfully setup up a Chocolatey repository in Azure websites to distribute software easily throughout the network. You can use the same approach to host a repository on premises, by choosing a deployment
option not to host on Azure but on local IIS.

Follow the steps in the given order to complete the process.
Open Visual Studio and create an empty project (ASP.NET Web Application)

In the package manager console, type the cmdlet Install-Package Nuget.Server to install the NuGet server package

Alternatively you can use the Manage Nuget Packages options by right clicking the project.

After successful installation, your project structure should look like

Open the added Web.config file and change the following values in the appSettings section

Right click the project and choose...(Read whole news on source site)

ShareDev Cologne am 11. September 2015 in Köln

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Am 11. September findet im KOMED im Mediapark in Köln zum ersten Mal die ShareDev Cologne statt. Die neue Konferenz mit Vorträgen zu SharePoint, Office 365 und Azure richtet sich gleichermaßen an Architekten, technische Entscheider, Entwickler und IT-Pros. Die Liste der Sprecher ist mit namhaften Experten und Microsoft MVPs hochkarätig besetzt. Und das zu einem sehr attraktiven Preis: Das Ticket kostet aktuell (im Early Bird) nur 99,- Euro. Die Konferenz orientiert sich vom Konzept her an der dotnet Cologne, die dieses Jahr im Mai zum siebten
Mal stattfand. Das heißt neben kompetenten Sprechern, interessanten Sessions und einer Top-Location: Eine Konferenz mit viel Liebe zum Detail, genügend Zeit zum Networking und nicht zuletzt leckerem Essen. Anmeldung und weitere Infos auf whole news on source site)

Difference between Shared project and Class Library Project in Visual Studio 2015

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Visual Studio 2015 introduced a new type of project template – Shared Project. In one of our previous post, we have seen a Shared Project can be used across multiple applications in Visual Studio, such as with Windows Phone apps , Windows Store apps , Desktop applications, Console applications, or even using Windows Universal applications. This [...]

Fixing Windows 10 store issues

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It seems to be a common problem with the Windows 10 store to have issues downloading or updating apps. Any message you see is probably something like “Windows Store - Error Code: 0x80070005” or “Error Code: 0x803f7000”. The problem seems to be that some metadata related to the store gets corrupted, because more often than not the solution is to run wsreset, a utility that resets the store app. The wsreset utility is installed with Windows 10, so all you need to do is press the Windows key and type ‘wsreset’. Click or tap the wsreset app to run it. Some people find that it works best to
immediately reboot the computer, then open the store and your downloads should work. I find that the reboot is not typically required, so your mileage may vary. ...(Read whole news on source site)

Download Windows SDK for Windows 10

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Along with global launch of Windows 10 build 10240 (RTM), Microsoft opened the path for the developers to build and publish apps for Windows 10. The Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for download. This SDK for Windows 10 contains headers, libraries and tools you can use to build apps. In this post, sharing/bookmarking the link to download the SDK Tools for Windows 10 along with the known issues currently there in this build.   If you didn’t yet upgraded to the Windows 10 build, you can follow this post to download the ISO image or
upgrade directly from Windows 7 or Windows 8.x systems. You also need Visual Studio 2015 to develop apps for Windows 10. You can download Visual Studio 2015 (ISO + Web Installer are included) from Microsoft by visiting the post. You can also go for a Community Edition of the Visual Studio 2015, which is free for individual developers, open source development, academic research, education and small professional teams to build cross-platform mobile apps for Windows, iOS and Android. You can download it from here: Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition (Free).  Please note that, this SDK also supports...(Read whole news on source site)

PhantomJS and Office 365 Brisbane

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I thoroughly enjoyed my trip up to Brisbane.  I got to see some friends, saw my sister and presented PhantomJS with SharePoint and SharePoint Online.  The response was tremendous, those that came to my session seems really interested and gave me more ideas for future discussions. The presentation and demo are here new business case scenarios:Automated Smoke Testing of sites - randomly check pages and DOM exist - "nothing has so far blown up"Smoke Testing of sites with different credentials!Scanning and scrapping text off dynamic (Single Page Application) pages and feed them to SharePoint's Search Indexing Service.  Thus,
you can have textual search linking back to dynamic URLs.I also really enjoyed Elaine's session on SharePoint 2016.
The next Office 365 Saturday in Australia will be in Melbourne.  The registration is up here: whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1914

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Information Announcing NuGet 3.1 with Support for Universal Windows Platform – Jeffrey T. Fritz Building Apps for Windows 10 with Visual Studio 2015 – S.Somasegar Debugging .NET Native Windows Universal Apps – Andrew B Hall IntelliTrace, method call information, and Edit and Continue – Angelos Petropoulos New regular expression features in ECMAScript 6 – Dr. […]