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K2 Workflow: Custom functions

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Recently I ran into a scenario where I had to repeat the same expression in various activities and it would have been really time-consuming had I not run into creating custom functions. To give an example, suppose I had to extract the first name from the Participant Name which is being displayed as “FirstName, LastName”. […]


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As I was going around Paris the other day, I ended up in the Concorde
metro station. Instead of the standard issue white tiles, this station
is decorated with the French constitution, rendered as a mosaic of

My mind started wandering, and by some weird association, it reminded me of Calligrammes,
a collection of poems by Guillaume Apollinaire, where words are
arranged on the page to depict images that compliment the text itself.

Reading Habits

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I’m reading a lot, and I thought that I would post a bit about my favorite subjects. I decided to summarize this year with great books that don’t really fall into standard categories, which I really enjoyed. The AlterWorld – By a Russian author, and with a great background there (how to identify a Russian was great), and are really good. The premise is that you can get stuck in a MMORPG and it is beautifully done. Unlike a fantasy book, the notion of levels, gaining strength and power is really nice. Especially since the hero isn’t actually taking the
direct path to that. There is also a lot of interaction with the real world, and in general, this is a fully featured universe that is really good. It looks like there are going to be 3 more books, which is absolutely wonderful from my point of view. Those books were good enough that I started playing RPGs again, just because it was so much fun reading the status messages in the books. If you know of other books in the same space, I would love to know about it. NPCs tells the...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1763

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Information AutoMapper 3.3 feature: open generics – Jimmy Bogard Vulnerability announced: update your Git clients – Vicent Marti Gotcha: Entity Framework gets slow in long Iteration Loops – Rick Strahl EF 6.1 Code First Field Lengths – Reminder to self! – Dave Noderer Textogramme – Tryphon Structuring Angular with Dan Wahlin – John Papa One […]

List the Name of the Months Between Date Ranges

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Pinal Dave, Blogger,Speaker and my friend, posted about SQL SERVER – List the Name of the Months Between Date Ranges – Part 2 where he showed a method to list of all the months between two date ranges. This is one more method DECLARE @DateStart DATETIME = '2014-07-17' -- 2014 July DECLARE @DateEnd DATETIME = '2015-07-08'; -- 2015 July select year(dates) as Year, month(dates) as MontNumber, left(convert(char(10),dates,101),2) as MonthNumberLeadingZero, datename(month,dates) as MonthName from ( select dateadd(month,number,@DateStart) as dates from master..spt_values where type='p' and number between 0 and datediff(month,@DateStart,@DateEnd) ) as t The result is Year MontNumber MonthNumberLeadingZero MonthName ----------- -----------
---------------------- ------------------------------ 2014 7 07 July 2014 8 08 August 2014 9 ...(Read whole news on source site)

End of Year Retrospective: 2009 - 2015

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This blog has been my passion for several years now and it is with joy I look back upon several years of posts, referrals, and visitors. This deck is a little snapshot of the history of C#er : IMage with a focus on you, the reader, who makes it all possible. It's my "thank you" as we move into the Christmas season and look ahead to the New Year. So, Happy Holidays (and don't worry, I will be working on the fifth installment of the AngularJS series, so keep an eye out for that)! Note: the following slide show is best
viewed full screen. (c) 2011-2014 Jeremy Likness. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
...(Read whole news on source site)

10 Big Ideas from A Christmas Carol

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Sometimes with all the hustle and bustle, it can be tough to find the holiday spirit. It’s easy to say “Bah!—Humbug!”, but that’s a spiral down. The key is to find the people and ideas that lift you up and remind you what you’re capable of.   I’ve put together 10 Big Ideas from A Christmas Carol at Sources of to help you get your holiday groove on.  Here are the10 big ideas at a glance: Your Right to Be Merry is a Choice, Whether
You’re Rich or Poor We Wear the Chains We Forge in Life Deep Within Us We’re Full of Life The Good Times Didn’t Cost a Fortune Choose the Girl, Not the Gold Don’t Lose the Spirit of Christmas Because of Those Who Taint It Beware of Ignorance and Want Live With the Past, the Present, and the Future in Mind You Can Change in an Instant Live in a Way Your Heart Can...(Read whole news on source site)