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More AngularJS training in Canada

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After an awesome course in Vancouver, I am thrilled to have a new series of AngularJS training coming in the next few months, as part of the Angular Academy Canada.Angular Academy is a 3-day hands-on public course given in-person across Canada.Here is the second series of cities covered just after this summer (and more to come later this year!):Académie Angular Québec (french) – 09-11 SeptembreAcadémie Angular Montréal (french) - 21-23 SeptembreAngular Academy Toronto – October 05-07
You can find more information on the website:

Early thoughts on Win10 10158

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I installed 10158 on my Surface Pro 3 before bed last night, and having used it so far today I’m really pleased with the progress Microsoft has made since build 10130. Mail and Calendar apps now work with exchange (to my extreme joy!) People app now works with exchange (but still no facebook/twitter/linkedin like on the phone?) My SP3 is running cool again, hopefully the battery won’t drain while asleep now (haven’t found out yet) The overall feel of the OS is faster and smoother The firmware update finally installed! Cortana just gets better and better The music app updated, and I’ve been enjoying my Xbox Music subscription all
day today J There are still some issues though. Still can’t view only unread/flagged emails in the email app (this is a big issue!) Still forced to use threaded reading view in email app (yuck) No live tile for the weather app? Numerous apps crash on launch, then often work after 2-3 more attempts (e.g. calendar, money, news) Edge sometimes locks up with white blank screen after device comes back from sleep The Phone companion app seems to always insta-crash The twitter app crashes about once an hour (like in 130) NextGenReader has no live tile (and crashes perhaps once a day like in 130) Having the start menu on multiple monitors...(Read whole news on source site)

XAML for Xamarin

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My newest Pluralsight course, XAML for Xamarin.Forms is now available.  In this course you learn everything you need to know to achieve expertise in XAML to get the most out of Xamarin.Forms.  The major topics include Getting Started Introduction to … Continue reading → For the complete article and hyperlinks, please visit my blog at

Top News from May 2015

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Hello everyone! Every month I share some top stories from the previous month. Here’s an overview of some top posts in May. Top Trending Content for May 2015 .NET at Build 2015. On the .NET blog, Richard Lander shared 2 interesting posts. .NET Announcements at Build 2015 is an excellent one-stop shop for everything you need to know about the latest updates in .NET core, .NET Execution Environment (DNX), .NET languages, ASP.NET, Entity framework, and all of the improvements in Visual Studio for .NET. Targeting the .NET framework 4.6 RC has details about the latest version of the .NET
Framework and the new APIs it exposes. This post builds up from how to target a .NET framework, to how .NET framework 4.6 can be targeted in VS 2013 as well as VS 2012. Visual Studio Code Update 1. Visual Studio Code is a new, free, cross-platform code editor that was announced during Build 2015. Check out the VS Code product page to learn about all you can achieve using VS code. VS Code is expanding rapidly in its support for various languages and tools to make it easier for you to use. The first...(Read whole news on source site)

Should I Patch Built-In Objects / Prototypes? (Hint: NO!)

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A question was asked via twitter: @derickbailey @rauschma What do you think about adding methods on built-in prototypes (e.g. String.prototype)? — Boris Kozorovitzky (@zbzzn) June 30, 2015 So, I built a simple flow chart to answer the question (created w/ All joking aside, there’s only 1 situation where you should patch a built in object […]

Looking forward to the 2015 Fantastic People of Worldwide Partner Conference!

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Can you believe we are just two short weeks away from Worldwide Partner Conference 2015?! That’s right, two weeks from now, thousands of Microsoft partners from around the world will come together with Microsoft in Orlando for Worldwide Partner Conference 2015. As I have said several times before, WPC is my favorite conference of the year, and I am filled with anticipation once again, looking forward to the opportunity to not only connect with the many people and partners from around the world that I have had the privilege to get to know and work with over the years,
but also for the opportunity to meet many new people and partners that I have not yet to date. I completely love hearing all of the incredible stories of success that partners share, and I look forward to putting together this year’s “The Fantastic People of Worldwide Partner Conference” once again, filled with several of those amazing people. The big question is, “Will you be one of them?” If you are not familiar with “The Fantastic People of Worldwide Partner Conference” concept, let me introduce you to it. Per my earlier statement, one of my favorite parts of Worldwide...(Read whole news on source site)