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ayendOne of the nice features that Voron got from LMDB is the notion of multi trees. If I recall correctly, LMDB calls them duplicate items, or something like that. Basically, it is the ability to store multiple values for a single key. Those items are actually stored as a nested tree, which effectively gives us a great way to handle duplicates. From an API standpoint, this looks like this:
// store
tree.MultiAdd(tx, "Eini", "users/1");
tree.MultiAdd(tx, "Eini", "users/3");
tree.MultiAdd(tx, "Eini", "users/5");

using(var it = tree.MultiRead(tx, "Eini"))
if(it.Seek(Slice.BeforeAllKeys) == false)
yield break;
yield return it.CurrentKey; // "users/1", "users/3", "users/5"
Internally, we handle this in the following fashion: If a multi add operation is the very first such operation, we’ll add it as a simple key/value pair in the tree. If a multi add operation is the 2nd such operation, we’ll create a new tree, and add both operations to the new tree. The original tree will have the key/nested tree reference stored. That lead to a very easy to use API, which is quite useful in many cases....(Read whole news on source site)

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Originally posted on: a long time I have advocated that my clients use for all their Extranet web sites, whether the information is confidential or not.

Now there is an excellent article by Kent Finley at, on the Internet switching to HTTPS even for "static context sites". I commend his article to all web developers and administrators

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My previous two blog posts presented a pair of universal apps named Contoso Cookbook and MyComix Reader. Universal apps are apps that run on Windows and Windows Phone and, in the future, on other devices such as Xbox Ones. When you create a universal app in Visual Studio, the resulting solution contains three projects: a Windows project, a Windows Phone project, and a shared project containing code and resources shared by the other two projects. Typically, the shared project holds source-code files containing components used in the other projects, images and other shared assets, and a
shared App.xaml file (along with App.xaml.cs). The XAML files representing views (as well as the code-behind files accompanying the XAML files) are typically local to the Windows and Windows Phone project, enabling you to skin the app differently for different form factors. Can XAML files representing views be placed in the shared project so they can be used on Windows and Windows Phone? Of course! Sometimes it makes a lot of sense to use the same view in both projects, especially if the UX presented on each platform doesn’t rely on controls that are unique to the platform. Case in...(Read whole news on source site)

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Originally posted on: Today's $10 deal of the day from APress at is SQL Server 2012 Data Integration Recipes "SQL Server 2012 Data Integration Recipes provides focused and practical solutions to real world problems of moving data in and out of SQL Server, helping to create robust and resilient ETL environments. "

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Introduction I recently installed Sublime 3 Beta and created an .HTML file and wanted to launch it in Chrome from within the IDE without right-clicking the file and selecting “Open From Browser”. I wanted to simply hit a key combo. I looked through all of the options and could not find a way. I discovered that you could add a new build system though and get this functionality. Steps Tools -> Build System -> New Build System... Add the following Text for opening with Google Chrome
{ "cmd": ["open", "-a", "Google Chrome", "$file"] } You screen should look like what is shown above. Save the file as : Chrome.sublime-build in your “User Folder” Now select Tools –> Build System –> chrome and switch back to the HTML file and hit CMD-B on a Mac.   You can optionally change this to open with your default browser by using { "cmd": ["open", "$file"] } What about Windows? For Windows Machines, following the same instructions except use the command : { "cmd": ["PATH_TO_YOUR_CHROME", "$file"] } You can run...(Read whole news on source site)

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Introduction I ran into a problem installing SQL Server 2014 on my Windows 8.1 Update 1 box. It kept giving me this error: “Could not find the Database Engine startup handle.” After lots of searching and reading different recommendations, I finally decided to do the following: Disable UAC, Extract the ISO to a folder and run the setup.exe from there. Change the SQL Server Database Engine to LocalSystem. After doing  that my setup was successful. I then launched
SQL Server Configuration Manager and made sure that SQL Server was running as shown below: Thanks for reading and I hope this helps!
...(Read whole news on source site)



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