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I’ve been concentrating my original articles for the past six months or so on SQL Azure Labs, Apache Hadoop on Windows Azure and SQL Azure Federations previews, which I call added-value offerings. I use the term added-value because Microsoft doesn’t charge for their use, other than Windows Azure compute, storage and bandwidth costs or SQL Azure monthly charges and bandwidth costs for some of the applications, such as Codename “Cloud Numerics” and SQL Azure Federations. The following tables list my articles in reverse chronological order of their publication date on the OakLeaf, or (marked )
and (marked ••) blogs. Dates are the date of their last update, if updated; otherwise, the publication date. I’ll update this post as I write other articles in the same genre. Dates for updated items will be bold. Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket plus Codenames “Data Hub” and “Data Transfer” from SQL Azure Labs Date Link ...(Read whole news on source site)



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