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What's Wrong with GWB

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Originally posted on: started to use Geekwithblogs (a.k.a. GWB) since 2010, based on one of my friend's recommendation. I've to say during the past 5+ years I was really enjoying blogging and had published 107 posts with 380 comments. GWB provided an awesome platform where I can share my experience and discuss with a lot of talents.   But since last month I found my blog look strange. On May 29th I found all my categories are lost. And when I tried to create a new category it still cannot be saved. This means all my
well-categorized 107 posts are messed up. Several days later I found my gallery was emptied in admin page, too, even though I can access images stored there.   Well I think this is not a big issue. Maybe GWB was updating, or maybe my site was hacked. So when I found the issue on May 29th I tried to contact Jeff Julian, the staff of GWB who helped me to map to my blog before. But no response till now. Then I tried to find any channels to...(Read whole news on source site)

Pay Attention to "angular.merge" in 1.4 on Date Properties

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Originally posted on: when I upgraded my application from Angular.js 1.3.9 to the latest 1.4, I got some bugs. After investigated a bit I found they are related with date properties and "angular.merge" function, which was included in 1.4. In the official document, "angular.merge" is Deeply extends the destination object "dst" by copying own enumerable properties from the "src" object(s) to "dst". It also mentioned the different with "angular.extend", which had been included in previous versions. Unlike "extend()", "merge()" recursively descends into object properties of source objects,
performing a deep copy.   Let's have a look on a very simple example. In code below I have a source object and custom object defined in scope. And I used "angular.extend" to copy custom object into source.

The Morning Brew #1895

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Information Thank you for your contributions – Kasey Uhlenhuth (The .NET Team) Challenges When Implementing Microservices and Why Programming Style Matters – Ben Linders / Fred George Want to be a tester? Check if you have what it takes to be a good one! – Dorota Bohdanowicz Flappy – Phillip Trelford Seven Surprising JavaScript ‘Features’ […]

Yet Another Podcast #137 – Basem Emara

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Basem has over 10 years experience as a consultant, developer, and trainer in the web and mobile space. He has helped enterprises pioneer their industries using JavaScript, .NET, and now iOS and Apple WatchKit. Basem has 2 Apple Watch apps in the … Continue reading → For the complete article and hyperlinks, please visit my blog at