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Deploying Microservices Architecture with C#, Part 2 -- Visual Studio Magazine

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Deploying Microservices Architecture with C#, Part 2 -- Visual Studio Magazine

Let's step through what's the application is doing here:

Returns exclusive use of the next available Queue from the QueuePool
Publishes the numeric input (as before) to SimpleMath Microservice, along with the Queue-name
Subscribes to the Queue retrieved from QueuePool, awaiting inbound messages
Receives the response from SimpleMath Microservice, which published to the Queue specified in step 2
Releases the Queue, which is reinserted into QueuePool's underlying collection

Software Development Practice Journal – Call for Articles

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Are you into technology? Really? Software Design? Coding? Systems Analysis? Would you like a chance for your ideas to be heard? Want to join the worlds only Institute dedicated to those who design, build, test, implement and analyse software solutions? Then you should consider writing for the Institute of Analysts and Programmers. The Institute of […]

Article Visual Basic 2015 – What’s new (Dutch)

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For the SDN Magazine 125, a publication of the Software Developer Network, I wrote an article about the new language features of Visual Basic 14. It’s already a couple of months ago, but still valid if you are interested in the new stuff Microsoft has released this summer. The article is written in the Dutch language. Read it here ....   Happy coding!

The strength of the developer community

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Today I got an email of my old friend Willem van den Broek. He pointed me to a major milestone in the Dutch Visual Basic community. This month we are celebrating our 20th anniversary! Unbelievable, we started the Dutch Visual Basic Group for exact twenty years ago! In that time I knew Willem from a thing called Fido Net, let’s say the predecessor of the Internet. With a couple of other people we decided to start a user group, publish a magazine and organize offline user group meetings. We started VB-Net, a Fido Net based Visual Basic community. We had
the same goal: Teach each other and learn from each other! My first published article was in our first Visual Basic Magazine. I wrote an article about Internet. I warned the readers to keep in mind the speed of the Internet connection and when you compare providers that you have to choose one who provides a local telephone number. You want to keep the the telephone costs as low as possible, of course. I explained what an e-mail is and what they meant with the World Wide Web. I showed that you can click on an image to open a...(Read whole news on source site)

add your uservoice

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Ever wanted to suggest a feature to the PowerPoint team? Well, here’s your chance! The Office folks have started using so the user community can suggest and vote on features. To add a feature request or vote on current ones, head to Scroll to the bottom of the page to select the correct forum (PowerPoint for iPad, PowerPoint for Windows, PowerPoint for Mac, etc.), and post your feature request there. Then vote on the other posts you like. You get ten votes, so use them wisely!   For general Office suggestions, head to
target="_blank">, and for the other apps just insert their names:,,,,,, I’ve still got some votes left, so I’m looking forward to seeing your suggestions at! After you add your request on the uservoice website, post a link to it in the comments below so we know to vote on it....(Read whole news on source site)

More About Picture Placeholders

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My last blog post discussed the difference in behavior between the picture icon in the Content placeholder and the actual Picture placeholder. To recap, the picture icon in the Content placeholder (used on the left in the image below) inserts the entire picture, while the Picture placeholder (used on the right in the image below) fills the placeholder space with your picture. If you need a more thorough refresher, you can re-read the entire post here. When working with images, I generally prefer the behavior of the Picture placeholder, because I usually want to fill
the entire placeholder space with the image rather than having the placeholder itself readjust to match the image and leave me with space either on the top or the sides (like it does in the Content placeholder on the left in the screenshot above). However, there are actually two picture icons in the Content placeholder. In PowerPoint 2013, the second picture icon is called Online Pictures. In PowerPoint 2010, this icon was called Clipart. In PowerPoint 2013, when you click the Online Pictures icon in a Content placeholder, a dialog box opens and lets you search for Creative Commons...(Read whole news on source site)