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Strangest support calls for RavenDB

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We have a support hotline for RavenDB, and usually we get people that give us “good” problems to solve. And then we have the people who… don’t. The following are a few of the strangest issues from the past month or so. OutOfMemoryException is thrown when running RavenDB in 32 bits mode, and documents of size of 50-70MB size are used. Solution – When running in 32 bits mode, RavenDB only have 2GB of virtual memory to work with, and that is really not enough to do much. There is no reason today for any server app to
run in 32bits mode. Also, a 70MB document?! Seriously! Very slow startup time for RavenDB when the number of indexes approaches 20,000. Solution – That isn’t a typo, honest. We had a customer that sent us a database that had 19,273 indexes in it. When they restarted the database, we had to load all of those indexes, and that took a… while. And no, those weren’t dynamic indexes, they were static indexes that (I hope, at least) were probably generate by a tool. Index creation can take a long time when the number of map indexes in a...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1832

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Software Announcing the Visual Studio 2015 Product Lineup – Mitra Azizirad, of the Visual Studio Team announce the product line up for Visual Studio 2015, with the combining of the Premium and Ultimate SKUs Introducing Project Spartan: The New Browser Built for Windows 10 – Joe Belfiore shares further details of Project Spartan, the new […]

Introducing React Native

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A few months ago Facebook announced React Native, a framework that lets you build native iOS applications with JavaScript. I've been spending the past couple of months building am app with this framework, which I have finally been able to share!

Prettifying a JSON String in .NET

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Here’s a quick and dirty tip if you’re dealing with JSON strings that you at times need to display for debugging or simply seeing a quick view of data represented. It may be that you have an application that captures HTTP responses that contain and you need to actually decipher the JSON that was sent to you, or you’re creating a quick and dirty admin form where you just want to dump some settings information into a screen. As is usually the case, JSON.NET makes JSON manipulations super easy – in fact it’s a single line of code:string jsonFormatted =
JValue.Parse(json).ToString(Formatting.Indented); Here’s how you can test this out:[TestMethod] public void PrettifyJsonStringTest() { var test = new { name = "rick", company = "Westwind", entered = DateTime.UtcNow }; string json = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(test); Console.WriteLine(json); // single line JSON string string jsonFormatted = JValue.Parse(json).ToString(Formatting.Indented); ...(Read whole news on source site)

Meet the Visual Studio 2015 Family

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Today, Microsoft announced the editions of Visual Studio 2015 that will be available when Visual Studio 2015 is made available later this summer. You might recall that they announced Visual Studio Community Edition last November (read more about its features here). They have now gone a step further and revamped the remaining Visual Studio editions... (read more)

Orlando Code Camp 2015

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It was nice to see everyone that came out to Orlando Code Camp 2015! As I understand it there were 800+ attendees and a ton of great speakers and content. I enjoyed doing my presentation entitled, "Single Page Applications for the ASP.NET Developer using AngularJS, TypeScript, and WebAPI" There was a great turn out and was I was happy to be there.

For those interested, here is the URL to the GitHub repository with the sample app:
BowlingSPA GitHub

This is the slide deck from the

I really enjoy speaking at events put on by the Orlando .NET User Group (ONETUG). They are a fantastic group of individuals, and I look forward to hopefully speaking down in Orlando later this year at another user group event!
...(Read whole news on source site)

#VisualStudio 2015 Product Line & Free upgrade offer from Microsoft

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Microsoft announced the Visual Studio 2015 Product Line and disclosed the upgrade path with a limited free upgrade offer to Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise Edition if you already have a subscription. Currently it is available as CTP 6 for download and plan to release in May 2015. Read further to know more about the product line, upgrade offer and the price tier. Also, sharing few links which might be a good read for you.   Day by day, Microsoft is making the developers life easier. Under one umbrella of Visual Studio 2015, you will be now able to develop applications
for various platforms and devices. Also, on 12th November 2014, they introduced the Visual Studio Community 2013 edition which is Free for individual developers, students, open source contributors and small teams. As per the new product line offer, Microsoft is bringing the value of Visual Studio Premium and Visual Studio Ultimate under one offering named Visual Studio Enterprise, when they release the product in this Summer (May 2015). The other packages will remain same i.e. Visual Studio Community edition will remain as it is and will be still free for individual developers, students, open source contributors and small teams....(Read whole news on source site)

Announcing the Visual Studio 2015 Product Lineup

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We’re continuing to improve upon the power and productivity of Visual Studio, making it easier to use, no matter what platform you’re on, no matter what app you’re building. We also want to make it easier for you to choose which edition of Visual Studio is the right one for you. Last November, we made Visual Studio Community 2013 available, our free, full featured and extensible IDE for non-enterprise application development. Today, we’re announcing the editions of Visual Studio 2015 that will be available when we release the final product this summer. I’m excited to share that we’re bringing the value
we deliver in Visual Studio Premium and Visual Studio Ultimate into one single offering called Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN. It includes all the high value features you’re already familiar with in Visual Studio Ultimate, along with new innovation that’s coming with the 2015 release. So, in addition to Visual Studio Community and Visual Studio Professional with MSDN, our new Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN rounds out the three primary Visual Studio 2015 offerings. We’ll continue to offer Visual Studio Professional, Team Foundation Server, Team Foundation Server Express, Visual Studio Express and MSDN Platforms as a part of the complete...(Read whole news on source site)