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Have you implemented the NuGet Action Plan? Get on it, it'll take only 5 minutes: NuGet Action Plan - Upgrade to 1.1, Setup Automatic Updates, Get NuGet Package Explorer. The Backstory: I was thinking since the NuGet .NET package management site is starting to fill up that I should start looking for gems (no pun intended) in there. You know, really useful stuff that folks might otherwise not find. I'll look for mostly open source projects, ones I think are really useful. I'll look at how they built their NuGet packages, if there's anything
interesting about the way the designed the out of the box experience (and anything they could do to make it better) as well as what the package itself does. MvcMailer sends mails with ASP.NET MVC Razor Views and Scaffolding I just love the idea behind this NuGet package. This is effectively a port/reimagining of the Rails ActionMailer with an ASP.NET twist. It's wonderful for a number of reasons. First, because (and this is an ingredient for all great pieces of software) we've all had this idea but never implemented it! I've been talking about writing...(Read whole news on source site)



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