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PhoneGap on WP7 Tip #8: Alarms and Reminders

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One of the key design decisions the design team made when creating Windows Phone was a focus on providing maximum battery life for the end user. And it seems a major contributor to short battery life is having applications running in the background. So it’s important to realize that apps you create for Windows Phone (including PhoneGap) are paused when the user switches away from them. But frequently, you want to provide information to the user while your application is not in the foreground. There are many ways to do this, including various background tasks and notifications. We’re going
to look at a particular kind of background task today – the ability to set custom Alarms and Reminders. These alarms and reminders can show alerts to the user when your app is not running, and can be used to launch your app either to the starting page or to a deeper page in the app by using a URI to another page as I showed here. Read up on Alarms and Reminders, and then follow along as we interact with them from a PhoneGap app. Begin by creating the plugin class like I showed

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