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PhoneGap on WP7 Tip #7: Marketplace tricks

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This is a quick follow up tip to the last one I posted about using Trial Mode with a PhoneGap application on Windows phone. As I mentioned in that article, having your application available for users to try without laying out any money is a great way to grab them as a customer. But successfully converting them is about more than just limiting the functionality. It’s about driving your desired behaviors for them. This can be prompting them to download your app, review it (good reviews are another key marketing tool in the marketplace) or even seeing other
apps published by you in the marketplace. Fortunately, there is an easy way to do this through the Marketplace tasks that are available to us. We will add a way to call those relevant tasks from PhoneGap by using the Marketplace Plugin from the previous article. Revisiting the code from the previous article, we need to make a few changes. First, add this statement at the top of the marketplace.cs file.
using Microsoft.Phone.Tasks;
Then, add a wrapper for the task to show the detail in the Marketplace for the current application using...(Read whole news on source site)

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