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PhoneGap on WP7 Tip #6: Trial Mode

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When you provide users a way to evaluate your application without any money up front, your app turns into the best advertising for itself. The user can check out your application in a limited feature mode, and when you have them hooked in to the benefits, they’re more likely to spring the cash to buy it. On many platforms, this entails maintaining separate versions of your applications, both in the source code and in the marketplace. Not so with Windows Phone. The Windows Phone marketplace (and the forthcoming Windows 8 marketplace) provide you, the developer/publisher, the option of
providing a trial mode for your application. When you publish your app with trial mode enabled, users will see two ways to get your app in the marketplace, like in this example with Angry Birds. Note that this is a single location in the marketplace. Which means it’s a single version of your application. You don’t need to maintain two different code bases! When the user installs the app using the “try” option, you can check a flag within your application whenever you want, and if the user installed it as a trial, you can...(Read whole news on source site)

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