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Thanks to all who came out to last week’s Atlanta .NET user group meeting. Although we were moved a week back due to Halloween, I'll pretend it was some kind of super Daylight Saving time adjustment instead. (grin>. In any case, here are resources for the talk I did on new developer features in Windows Phone Mango. The slide deck is below, followed by links to more information. Enjoy! Fast Application Switching – make sure you are coding the
proper behavior into your apps so they don’t do a full restore from session state if it had only been suspended and not tombstoned – you’ll get much better performance. Here’s a quick lab on how to do it. Speaking of suspended applications, I showed that now on Mango you can write some code to run periodically in the form of a background agent. Just remember that it’s not really your main app running in the background, but just a small bit of code that does some particular task when the OS wakes the agent, either every...(Read whole news on source site)



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