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Jesse Liberty

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41 AngularJS and Kendo UI–Part 1–Getting Started Administrator
42 Dependent Methods in Kendo: A Practical Example Administrator
43 Yet Another Podcast Show 125 – Mads Kristensen Administrator
44 Kendo UI & Dynamic Data: Solution 1 Administrator
45 New Pluralsight Course: Building Web Apps & Services With Entity Framework, Web API and Breeze Administrator
46 Angular Part 5–Adding A Service Administrator
47 Yet Another Podcast #124–Mary Jo Foley And The New Microsoft Administrator
48 Learning Kendo? This is the book! Administrator
49 Angular Part 4–Testing AngularJS Administrator
50 Yet Another Podcast #123–Ted Neward on Architecture Administrator
51 Angular Part 3–BDD With Angular JS Administrator
52 Yet Another Podcast #122–JavaScript: Core Concepts Administrator
53 Angular Part 2- Behavior Driven Development Administrator
54 Yet Another Podcast #121–AngularJS Roundtable Administrator
55 Read twice as fast, one word at a time Administrator
56 I’ll be speaking at DevIntersections/Angle Brackets Administrator
57 Creating Your First Angular Program Administrator
58 Underscore: LINQ (almost) for JavaScript Administrator
59 <anglebrackets/> / DevIntersections Administrator
60 LINQ From Scratch #2–Deferred Execution Administrator
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