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Mike Taulty's Blog - Mike Taulty's Blog

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1 Windows 10, UWP, RealSense SR300, Faces and the Surface Pro 3 Administrator
2 Windows 10, RealSense SR300, Person Tracking Administrator
3 Windows 10 UWP, Intel RealSense SR300, First Steps Administrator
4 Windows 10, UWP–The ‘Automatic Photo Booth’ Hands On Lab Administrator
5 Build 2016–Early, Personal Session List from C9 Administrator
6 Windows 10, UWP and SpeechRecognizer with a simple SRGS Grammar Administrator
7 Windows 10, UWP, A Little More OCR Administrator
8 Band 2 SDK Update–Tile notifications in the background Administrator
9 Update–’Project Oxford’ Speaker Recognition APIs PCM Audio Fix Administrator
10 Speech Recognition and Identification with Windows 10/UWP and ‘Project Oxford’ Administrator
11 “Project Oxford”–Speaker Identification from a Windows 10/UWP App Administrator
12 Windows 10, UWP, InkCanvas and RenderTargetBitmap Administrator
13 A Windows 10, UWP ListView Control with Swiped Actions? Administrator
14 Are You There? Windows 10/UWP & the UserConsentVerifier Administrator
15 “Project Oxford”–Speaker Verification from a Windows 10/UWP App Administrator
16 Windows 10, UWP, AudioGraph–Recording Microphone to WAV File Administrator
17 Speech to Text (and more) with Windows 10 UWP & ‘Project Oxford’ Administrator
18 Text to Speech (and more) with Windows 10 UWP & ‘Project Oxford’ Administrator
19 Band 2 Development–A First Try… Administrator
20 Windows 10 Devices and ‘The Developer Portal’ Administrator
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