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Fixing Cube Processing ODBC Errors

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Our Team Foundation Server (TFS) cube has been running just fine. But a couple of days ago, right after we updated the passwords on the service account, it stopped updating the cube. Here I’ll briefly describe how I found the problem, and also what appears to be the fix. In order to find the problem, I downloaded the Admin Report Pack and installed the Cube Status report. You can find much more information on this report in Grant Holliday’s post: Administrative Report Pack for Team Foundation Server 2010. When I ran this report, I saw error
messages like this: [Incremental Analysis Database Sync]:
AnalysisDatabaseProcessingType=Full, needCubeSchemaUpdate=True.
Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Server.WarehouseException: TF221122: An error occurred running job Incremental Analysis Database Sync for team project collection or Team Foundation server TEAM FOUNDATION.
Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Server.WarehouseException: Failed to Process Analysis Database 'Tfs_Analysis'.
Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Server.WarehouseException: Internal error: The operation terminated unsuccessfully.
OLE DB error: OLE DB or ODBC error: A network-related or instance-specific error has occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server....(Read whole news on source site)

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