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Real-World Tombstoning in Silverlight for Windows Phone, Part 4

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Tombstoning is one of the greatest challenges in writing applications for Windows phones, which is why I decided to devote a series of blog posts to it. In Part 1 of this series, we built a photo-extras application that allows the user to perform simple image-editing chores on photos. In Part 2, we added tombstoning support so the application wouldn’t lose its state when tombstoned. And in Part 3, we fixed a bug in our tombstoning logic and refined it so that it wouldn’t untombstone anything if the app hadn’t been tombstoned in the
first place. In this, the fourth and final article in the series, we’ll finally produce a finished application. But not before we squash one last bug – one that arises from an issue that’s unique to photo-extras applications. First things first…we need to see the bug in action. To do that, you’ll need to deploy the application to your phone, because you can’t do what I’m about to do in the emulator. (Technically, that’s not quite true. The fundamental problem is that there is no Pictures library in the emulator, at least not one that you can see. There...(Read whole news on source site)

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