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Consolidating jQuery Ajax Calls

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As the use of Ajax continues to grow in popularity it's worth taking the time to think through how Ajax calls are structured and used in an application especially if re-use and maintenance are important. If you analyze a lot of the Ajax code out there you'll likely find that calls to the server are scattered throughout scripts and pages. For example, if an Ajax call is made to get a list of jobs, a call is made directly in the script that needs the data. If another page/script needs the same type of data another Ajax call is made.
This results in code duplication and complicates maintenance since Ajax calls aren't consolidated. While there's certainly nothing wrong with this approach (it gets the job done after all), you can get better re-use out of your Ajax calls by consolidating them into JavaScript objects. In this post I'll talk about how Ajax calls can be consolidated using JavaScript patterns and describe the benefits this approach provides.
The Case for Consolidation JavaScript libraries such as jQuery make it so easy to make Ajax calls that we often don't think much about the...(Read whole news on source site)

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