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Someone opened the floodgates at Microsoft

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This past week was just massive in the amount of Betas, evaluations, review guides and educational material that were released. We saw Windows 8 come out in a Customer Preview, the same for Windows 8 Server.  There are plenty of things to go over and review, but that is a number of posts coming. If you have been using the TFS Preview, then you pretty much had an idea what you would be looking for in TFS coming out and of course the announcement of TFS Express was exciting. Anyhow, here are a couple of links that
I would recommend you check out.  It is the new version of the TFS 11, VS 11, ALM 11 VHD, along with some other nice materials to give it a good go. Thanks to Brian Keller for producing outstanding material for us to review and at the same time strengthen the quality of the discussion with peers and clients.
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