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I had the opportunity to attend different events up in Redmond, WA for Windows 8 and ASP.NET this past week and if there’s one thing I learned it’s that Microsoft’s developers definitely aren’t sitting around idly twiddling their thumbs. A slew of new technologies are on their way which adds to the fun if you’re someone who enjoys learning, being challenged, and having access to technologies that can help you be more productive. For me personally, that’s the fun of being in the development world. Change is part of the game and embracing it is key to being successful as
a developer - at least in my opinion. While it’s true that not every new technology deserves attention (and I’d agree that some technologies seem to move too fast), there were several I saw that have some great potential. The good news is that they’re available to start using or experimenting with now if you’re interested. So what should you learn and how do you get started? Everything that follows is completely subjective of course, but if you’re a Web developer then knowing JavaScript and jQuery definitely won’t hurt you a bit. That includes developing...(Read whole news on source site)



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