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jQuery Tip #5: Using jQuery’s end() Function to Work with Sets

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Previous Tips: jQuery Tip #1 - Defining a Context When Using Selectors jQuery Tip #2 - Manipulating the DOM in a Loop jQuery Tip #3 – Using the data() Function jQuery Tip #4 – Use the on() Function for Event Handling jQuery's selector functionality makes it easy to add new nodes into the DOM without making a lot of calls to document.createElement(). For example, the following code adds
and nodes into the DOM and
appends them to a divContainer node:   $('

The first part of the code (before appendTo()) creates an initial set and adds it to the stack. Once the set is on the stack you can go into it and use find() to grab specific nodes and then modify them as show next:

') .find('span') .html(custName) //Update with some dynamic variable .appendTo('#divContainer');

Once find() is invoked you're on the node so it will...(Read whole news on source site)

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