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The Real MVC in Web Apps

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I recently stumbled across Peter Michaux‘s article MVC Architecture for JavaScript Applications. I’ve followed Peter’s writing in the past and was surprised I’d missed that and several others you can find on his site, including the more recent Smalltalk MVC Translated to JavaScript. (While you don’t have to go read them now, I recommend you […]

Big Data for Social Good | Powered by ChallengePost

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Big Data for Social Good | Powered by ChallengePost

IBM invites developers and data enthusiasts to take a deep dive into real world civic issues using big data and IBM Bluemix’s Analytics for Hadoop service. Analyze one of our curated datasets or bring your own (provided it meets these requirements)! Use Hadoop and your data to create a clickable and interactive data visualization to highlight insights that you’ve found.

Ready to get started? Check out the requirements below then go get your IBM Bluemix extended passcode and check out the

...(Read whole news on source site)

To SPA, or not to SPA?

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The hot topic in JavaScript right now typically involves which SPA framework one should use. These discussions tend to focus on one of the following: Web Components (e.g. Polymer) AngularJS Backbone.js Marionette.js Durandal Ember.js Kendo UI React + Flux (or Reflux) and a host of others Complexity Do you really need everything a framework provides? […]

Could not load file or assembly while configuring Build vNext Agent

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If you are using Windows Server 2012 R2 to test out the new vNext build agent then you may run into an error where it could not load file or assembly while configuring Build.vNext Agent. The post Could not load file or assembly while configuring Build vNext Agent appeared first on naked ALM - Experts in ALM, TFS & lean-agile with Scrum.

Welcome 2015

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2014 was a great year, with a lot of excitement in the Microsoft community, a lot of awesome news. Microsoft released a few interesting hardware offerings such as the confirmation of the success of the Surface Pro 3, the release of the Microsoft Band and the Miracast wireless display adapter (I have one of each […]

Creating your own unit testing framework for PowerShell - Part 2

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Our PsModuleVisitor implementation looks like
visitor = new PsModuleVisitor();

internal class PsModuleVisitor : IVisitor where TPsModule : class, new()
    public void Visit(TPsModule module)

    private void PopulateModuleInfo(TPsModule module)
        var methodProperties = typeof(TPsModule).GetProperties()
            .Where(prop => prop.IsDefined(typeof(PsModuleFunctionAttribute), false)).ToList();

        foreach (var methodProperty in methodProperties)
            var modAttribute = methodProperty.GetCustomAttribute();
            var name = modAttribute.Name;
            var paramAttributes = methodProperty.GetCustomAttributes().ToList();
            IDictionary parameters = null;
            if (paramAttributes.Any())
                parameters = new Dictionary();
                foreach (var paramAttribute in paramAttributes)
                    parameters.Add(paramAttribute.Key, paramAttribute.Value);
            var commandInfo = new PsCommandInfo { Name = name, Parameters = parameters };
            methodProperty.SetValue(module, commandInfo);

internal interface IVisitor...(Read whole news on source site)

Adding Support for ISupportInitialize in NHibernate

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The .NET ISupportInitialize interface is used when we want to support staged initialization for objects. Its BeginInit method is called when initialization is about to start and EndInit when it is finished.If we want, it is easy to add support for it in NHibernate. An option would be:
BeginInit is called when the object is instantiated, like when NHibernate has loaded a record from the database and is about to hydrate the entity, and immediately after the Id property is set;
EndInit is called after all properties are
We do this by using a custom interceptor, like we have in the past. We start by writing a class that inherits from EmptyInterceptor, and implements the listener interface for the PostLoad event, IPostLoadEventListener: