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Coolpad’s Dazen 1 becomes top-most selling smartphone on Snapdeal

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Coolpad Dazen 1 has become the No. 1 brand in sales and No. 1 in product ratings on Snapdeal within 2 weeks of launch. Dazen 1 is the only device in India offering 2 GB RAM and 4G LTE under Rs. 6000. Coolpad last week launched the black edition of its Dazen 1 handset which......(Read whole news on source site)

Entity Framework Pitfalls: Table Valued Functions

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New', courier, monospace; font-size: 8pt; direction: ltr; background-color: #f4f4f4;"> var customers3 = ctx.Database.SqlQuery(typeof(Customer), "SELECT * FROM [dbo].[GetCustomers]()");
var customers3 = ctx.Database.SqlQuery(typeof(Customer), "SELECT * FROM [dbo].[GetCustomers]()");
As of Entity Framework 6.x, Table Valued Functions are not supported, which is really a pity. For example, the following does not work:

What's new in the Office Roadmap - 2015-06-26

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Some interesting summer news on the Office Roadmap this week. But first of all something that is not very cool at all; the Office roadmap URL has changed. I've used and linked to,  and but the only one that is working right now is Booh! Thou shalt not change URL's without redirects… Changes 2015-06-26 This is the detected changes in the Roadmap. If you use the newly released feature on the Roadmap that shows the Recently Updated Features, you will see that it states about 50 changed features, since
we don't know their "algorithm" behind the feature, just ignore it and keep reading… Now Launched Skype for Business Online: Lync in a new shroud is now officially launched…... Office 365 ProPlus user activation management:  You can now manage your ProPlus activations directly from the admin center Office 365 Groups : improving visibility and management: The Office 365 Groups features are slowly rolling out and being launched on all tenants. Compliance Search: Some of the new compliance features announced just weeks ago as being in development are now launched. Rolling out MDM for OneDrive for Business: was...(Read whole news on source site)

UX Scotland 2015

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During the end of last week, UX Scotland 2015 took place at the Dynamic Earth, offering a selection of interesting talks, workshops and social events. The conference was filled with interesting guests sharing their personal experiences, including Scott Logic’s Graham Odds. The hot Summer Sun proved to offer the ultimate setting, gracing the attendees with a rare display of Edinburgh at its liveliest. Despite the variety of topics covered with each talk, the two overarching themes of the sessions I attended were: 1) how to overcome the challenges of creative work (both from the perspective of the individual and their environment),
and 2) how UX methodologies helped drive the design of products whose user base is not as well known or accessible. Challenges of Creative Work The opening keynote by Dan Saffer on “Practical Creativity” was firmly centered around the first topic, offering a reflection on what it means to be creative in a world where music, literature or even science are constantly pushing the boundaries of imagination. Dan Saffer settled on the concept of ‘Practical Creativity’ to fully understand the essence of his work: a combination of imagination and knowledge, fully grounded in the presence of outside constraints and a...(Read whole news on source site)

Building Windows 10 UWP Apps talk

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Tuesday night I gave a talk at our user group on Windows 10 UWP development. Had a good crowd and a lot of good questions. Wanted to share my slide deck here in case anyone wants it for reference. Slides Demos were mostly from the platform SDK samples found here: And my one … Continued

The Morning Brew #1890

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Short and links only again today as I’m very pressed for time. Information New Azure Billing APIs Available – Scott Guthrie Refactoring with Loops and Collection Pipelines – Martin Fowler .NET Hotfix Rollups for June – Jeff Lambert Chess TDD 39: Dipping a Toe into Complex Piece Movement – Erik Dietrich Angular Team Provides Roadmap, […]

Why you should abandon TFS and adopt Git

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Almost every time I do some kind of talk somewhere, people ask me for advice on how to convince their management that they should drop Microsoft Team Foundation Server's source control system and move over to Git. In this post, I'll be talking about the source control system only. Both Visual Studio Online (Microsoft's TFS-in-the-cloud), GitHub and BitBucket support this heavily. We use GitHub ourselves, but I've noticed that Microsoft made some considerable improvements since we moved away from TFS.

Anyway, in January 2014,
after three years with TFS, we finally moved to Git. With 1.5 years of experience, I think we're entitled to having an opinion about how they compare. To help me compile this post, I asked my colleagues about things they can do now they couldn't do when we were still using TFS's centralized source control system. One word of disclaimer though.
You can create and merge branches in seconds rather than minutes (or hours if your project is anything but trivial). Switching between branches happens in milliseconds ...(Read whole news on source site)

Inspirational Quotes, Inspirational Life Quotes, and Great Leadership Quotes

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I know several people looking for inspiration. I believe the right words ignite or re-ignite us. There is no better way to prime your mind for great things to come than filling your head and hear with the greatest inspirational quotes that the world has ever known. Of course, the challenge is finding the best inspirational quotes to draw from. Well, here you go … 3 Great Inspirational Quotes Collections at Your Fingertips I revamped a few of my best inspirational quotes collections to really put the gems of insight at your fingertips:
Inspirational Quotes – light a fire from the inside out, or find your North Star that pulls you forward Inspirational Life Quotes - Great Leadership Quotes – learn what great leadership really looks like and how it helps lifts others up Each of these inspirational quotes collection is hand-crafted with deep words of wisdom, insight, and action. You'll find inspirational quotes from Charles Dickens, Confucius, Dr. Seuss, George Bernard Shaw, Henry David Thoreau, Horace, Lao Tzu, ...(Read whole news on source site)