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SSRS–adding a pipe delimited text export option in Sharepoint Integrated mode

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Originally posted on: are currently looking decommission an old reporting portal based on another technology stack and replace it with SSRS running in Sharepoint integrated mode. However one of the requirements was to support a “pipe delimited” CSV export format. There are a number of posts you can find about changing reportserver.config when running SSRS in standalone mode, but I could not find much information about how to do this when running in Sharepoint Integrated mode. MSDN documentation lists the various cmdlets, but does not show examples of the parameter values which is
pretty useless as some of the parameters require XML fragments. This blog got me close and when combined with the information from this one I was able to come up with the following powershell script which does what I needed. You’ll need to run this from the Sharepoint Management Shell (I logged on to the console of one of our app servers to do this) using an account that has farm admin rights. $svrDirectives = @"
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The Morning Brew #1837

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Software Aurelia Update with Decorators, IE9 and More – Rob Eisenberg announces the latest release of Aurelia which adds support for ECMAScript 7 and TypeScript Decorators, support for IE9 using two polyfils, improvements to the design of HTML Behaviours which allow you to plug into the HTML Compiler along with some performance improvements and much […]

Rx Challenge #5 Solution

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Challenge #5 was about fault tolerance you can check the challenge details in here. the solution composed of Replay(1) and Retry() operations, but keep in mind that Replay return connectable observable, therefore it should come with Connect or RefCount (you can read more about it in here) you can also check out this Rx Forum’s […]

Boost Your Confidence with the Right Words

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Confidence is one of those things that makes all the difference when it comes to realizing your potential. So many people have great ideas and great ambitions, but lack the confidence to follow through when it counts. They hold themselves back. Their amazing and bold ideas turn into lackluster ideas, as fear starts talking (if they talk at all.) A while back, a team in HR interviewed me on confidence, because enough people pointed back to me as somebody they saw as confident. What HR wanted to know is, where does my confidence come from?
For me, it mostly came from a relentless focus on making impact. I put my focus on doing great things, creating raving fan customers, and taking on big challenges. Where you put your focus, instantly changes your confidence. If you’re too worried about how you look or how you sound, then you aren’t putting enough focus on the amazing thing you are trying to do. So it wasn’t confidence per se.  It was more like putting my focus on the right things. But there was more to it.  I was confident because of a...(Read whole news on source site)

ASP.NET MVC HttpVerbs.Delete/Put Routes not firing

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A few times in the last weeks I’ve run into a problem where I found that DELETE operations would not fire in ASP.NET MVC controllers. I’ve been building APIs mostly with Web API until recently, but started using MVC instead with current projects in light of vNext which essentially uses the MVC model for ‘APIs’. And I ran into trouble each time with PUT and DELETE verbs not firing. What’s the Problem? To demonstrate here’s a simple action method on an MVC controller that uses Attribute routing for a delete operation:[Route("albums/{id}")] [AcceptVerbs(HttpVerbs.Delete)] public ActionResult DeleteAlbum(int id) { var albumBus =
new AlbumBusiness(); if (!albumBus.Delete(id, saveChanges: true, useTransaction: true)) throw new CallbackException("Couldn't delete album: " + albumBus.ErrorMessage); return Json(true, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet); } When this route is fired I’m getting a 404 error from IIS – it’s not finding the route. However, if I change the route to a HttpVerbs.Get it runs just fine. What the heck is happening here? Missing Verbs on ExtensionlessUrlHandler The main culprit is the ExtensionlessUrlHandler Http handler that’s responsible for handling MVC’s Controller and Attribute routing. The default entry for this handler is defined in ApplicationHost.config doesn’t include the DELETE...(Read whole news on source site)