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Solomon, the architect

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Two junior developers who started working for the company at the same time, had been quite competitive with each other from the get-go. They had once been assigned to the same team, but because of the constant bickering, which had put a serious amount of stress on the team, one of them was pulled off the project and reassigned.

A good year later, just the two of them were assigned to a new smallish, but interesting in-house project. When management assigned them to the same project again, they had just been shuffling resources around, and had no
idea of the history these two had. An architect was also assigned to the project, but this was not more than a formality. As soon as the enterprise architecture diagram was updated and the paper work was out of the way, he would do an official hand over, but he would only occasionally check in on the project from then on.

The Friday morning after the hand over, the architect was making small talk with one of the project managers in the coffee corner. His agenda for the day was almost empty - exactly how he liked it on...(Read whole news on source site)

#1,144 – Geometry in Custom Shape Doesn’t Automatically Scale

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If you define a custom Shape by creating some Geometry, the resulting geometry will not automatically scale when shape’s size is changed. Suppose that we have the following custom shape. Placing this control in a StackPanel, it’s size is just large enough to accommodate the geometry. If we explicitly make the shape larger, the underlying geometry stays the same […]

The Morning Brew #1680

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Software Exception.StackTraceEx – better exception stacktrace for async code – Lucian Wischik announces the release of an improved and packaged portable class library version of Exception.StackTraceEx, a means of getting better stack traces in async based code Prism for WPF License Announcement – Blaine Wastell highlights a change of license for the Prism project and […]