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EF6.1.2 Beta 2 Available

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Today we are making Beta 2 of the EF6.1.2 release available. This patch release contains bug fixes and some contributions from our community.   When will EF6.1.2 RTM? We were originally planning to go straight to RTM from Beta 1. However, we ended up taking a number of important bug fixes after Beta 1 shipped and we decided that the churn in the code base warranted another pre-release before we RTM. The pre-releases are important because they allow our customers and provider/extension writers to report any issues before we ship the RTM release. Our plan
is to ship RTM sometime next month. This may change if we have additional high priority bugs reported on Beta 2.   What’s in Beta 2? EF6.1.2 is mostly about bug fixes, you can see a list of the fixes included in EF6.1.2 on our CodePlex site. We also accepted a couple of noteworthy changes from members of the community: Query cache parameters can be configured from the app/web.configuration file   
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Live playground for RavenDB 3.0

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We are getting to the part where we are out of things to do, so we setup a live instance of RavenDB 3.0 and opened it up for the world to play with. It is available here: Disclaimer - It may go down at any moment, data will routinely be wiped but is public and can be copied and used for other users. This is strictly for playing around with it, nothing more. Give it a shot, see all the new cool stuff.

The Morning Brew #1739

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Information DevOps style deployment in Visual Studio 2015 preview – A detailed look – Muthukumaran gives a look at the DevOps style deployment capability being introduced in Visual Studio 2015, walking through its use and reviewing what it can do for you. Formatters in ASP.NET MVC 6 – Filip W takes a look at the […]

APress Deal of the Day 18/November/2014 - Pro Single Page Application Development

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Originally posted on:’s $10 Deal of the Day from APress at is Pro Single Page Application Development. “One of the most important and exciting trends in web development in recent years is the move towards single page applications, or SPAs. Instead of clicking through hyperlinks and waiting for each page to load, the user loads a site once and all the interactivity is handled fluidly by a rich JavaScript front end. If you come from a background in ASP.NET development, you’ll be used to handling most interactions on the server side. Pro Single
Page Application Development will guide you through your transition to this powerful new application type.” ...(Read whole news on source site)

Building A #BADA55 Node Development Environment: The Video!

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Over the weekend, I attended and spoke at the Nodevember conference in Nashville, TN. At this conference, I spoke on the subject of destroying your IDE in favor of using smaller, light-weight, flexible and composable tooling like Grunt, Grunt-Contrib-Watch and others. I had a strongly positive amount of feedback from the session, which is always […]
Tests In A Real Browser 
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