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Conversation Patterns for Software Professionals. Part 3

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You collect a lot of information, but little knowledge,You only slightly understand what is happening in the business,You have chaotic notes,You think that you should do something, but you are not sure what exactly needs to be done.

Conversation Patterns for Software Professionals. Part 3

In the first two parts of the series Conversation Patterns for Software Professionals we focused on discovering business needs.

As in the case of searching needs, the key is asking the right
questions in the right way. Questions that concretize the concepts and

lead your interlocutor down the structure of the conversation are:

How? How exactly? What exactly?What does it consist of...?How do you measure it?How much? When? Where? With whom?How do you know that ...?Give an example of ...In what order ...?...(Read whole news on source site)

Investigating TypeScript compiler APIs

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TypeScript 1.4 was released last Friday, bringing union types, type aliases, and some ES6-related features. It also brought a new compiler and language services API to facilitate better tool support. Here I'll give a brief introduction with some pointers on places to get started.

Journey to cloud

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Transforming a sizeable development organization from "classic" development practices to Agile cloud development is something I talk about a lot.  Bhavik Shah, who used to work on our team, left Microsoft to go to business school and now works a Mckinsey, recently wrote an article on that transformation process.  Buck Hodges, one of our Engineering Directors worked with Bhavik and others on it. It's a nice read: The link is a link to the Mckinsey home page - I don't have a perma-link to the article.  It's on the front page as I write this.  The article is titled "From
box to cloud: An approach for software development executives" Brian
...(Read whole news on source site)


AddThis Social Bookmark Button Fermat is a simple library for organising web states and generating urls. Tell it the possible states of your web ui, and how those states map to urls and it will give you a url generation function. var fermat = require('../lib/fermat')({ 'Inbox': '/inbox', 'Tag': '/tag/:tag', 'Calendar': '/calendar/:month/:day' }); fermat('Calendar', { month: 'march', day: '14' }); // /calendar/march/14 Run Tests First you need mocha. npm install -g mocha Then $ npm test and you should see something happy like > fermat@1.0.0 test c:\work\fermat > mocha Fermat some states V should generate url without route
components V should generate a url with a route component V should generate a url with multiple route components 3 passing (17ms) ...(Read whole news on source site)

Excerpts from the RavenDB Performance team report: Etags and evil code, part II

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In my previous post, I talked about how we improved the performance of Etag parsing from 5 etags/ms to 3,500 etags/ms. In this post, I want to talk about the exact opposite problem, how we take an Etag and turn it into a string. Here is the original code that we had:
public unsafe override string ToString() { var sb = new StringBuilder(36); var buffer = stackalloc byte[8]; *((long*)buffer) = restarts; sb.Append(GenericUtil.ByteToHexAsStringLookup[buffer[7]]); sb.Append(GenericUtil.ByteToHexAsStringLookup[buffer[6]]); sb.Append(GenericUtil.ByteToHexAsStringLookup[buffer[5]]); sb.Append(GenericUtil.ByteToHexAsStringLookup[buffer[4]]); sb.Append('-');
sb.Append(GenericUtil.ByteToHexAsStringLookup[buffer[3]]); sb.Append(GenericUtil.ByteToHexAsStringLookup[buffer[2]]); sb.Append('-'); sb.Append(GenericUtil.ByteToHexAsStringLookup[buffer[1]]); sb.Append(GenericUtil.ByteToHexAsStringLookup[buffer[0]]); sb.Append('-'); *((long*)buffer) = changes; sb.Append(GenericUtil.ByteToHexAsStringLookup[buffer[7]]); sb.Append(GenericUtil.ByteToHexAsStringLookup[buffer[6]]); sb.Append('-'); sb.Append(GenericUtil.ByteToHexAsStringLookup[buffer[5]]); sb.Append(GenericUtil.ByteToHexAsStringLookup[buffer[4]]); sb.Append(GenericUtil.ByteToHexAsStringLookup[buffer[3]]); sb.Append(GenericUtil.ByteToHexAsStringLookup[buffer[2]]); sb.Append(GenericUtil.ByteToHexAsStringLookup[buffer[1]]); sb.Append(GenericUtil.ByteToHexAsStringLookup[buffer[0]]); var etagAsString = sb.ToString(); Debug.Assert(etagAsString.Length == 36); //prevent stupid bugs if something is refactored return etagAsString; }
As you can see, we already optimized this a bit....(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1781

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Software NCache 3.1 Open Sourced – Kay Ewbank highlights the open sourcing of the NCache project with their 3.1 release New handy Visual Studio extensions – part 2 – Mads Kristensen discusses a number of his recent Visual Studio Extensions, including an open website from Azure, Visual Studio Extension Updater, and Command Prompt here extensions. […]

I'm Speaking at Modern Apps LIVE! (LIVE! 360) Las Vegas

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I'm excited to be speaking at the upcoming Modern Apps LIVE! conference co-located at the Visual Studio LIVE!, LIVE! 360 Las Vegas conference March 16-20. This conference track has a fantastic lineup of speakers including Jason Bock, Brent Edwards, Anthony Handley, Rocky Lhotka, and Kevin Ford with a variety of topics surrounding Modern Application Development. 
There is still time to save $500 using my speaker registration code: LVSPK30 Click on the banner below to go straight to the registration page.

Here are the Modern Apps LIVE! sessions I'll be speaking at during the
...(Read whole news on source site)