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Azure Storage and PowerShell 101

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I’ve been working for a while on a deep-dive course about Azure Storage for Opsgility. This will include video training, and Opsgility will offer live training classes using the material I’ve written. One of the things that I’ve found really difficult is doing anything remotely complicated with blob storage and PowerShell. For example, how do […]

I’m giving away MILLIONS of FREE Microsoft eBooks again! Including: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Office 2013, Office 365, SharePoint 2013, Dynamics CRM, Po...

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Who’s ready for even more FREE Microsoft eBooks??? If you are, then I’m happy to let you know that once again, I am putting up my collection of FREE Microsoft eBooks, User Guides, Deployment Guides, Step-By-Steps, etc. and more here on the blog for all of you to take advantage of and download for FREE! As you may know, over the past few years I have been posting collections of FREE Microsoft eBooks (close to 500 total so far) on my blog for people around the world to use and these have been a HUGE success. In fact, two years
ago, there were over 3.5 MILLION free eBooks downloaded throughout the year. Then last year, we gave away over 1 MILLION FREE eBooks in just 2 days, and over 2 MILLION in less than a week! That was phenomenal!  So how many MILLIONS of FREE Microsoft eBooks are you going to download this year? Below is the collection I am posting this year (which includes a ton of new eBooks & resources, as well as some of the favorites from last year), but be sure to take a look at my previous collections as well to see if...(Read whole news on source site)

Team Foundation Server 2015 RC2 available

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Today we released Release Candidate 2 of Team Foundation Server 2015.  I believe this release is VERY close to the final bits we will ship.  I’d encourage people to try out upgrades on production backups, pre-production environments and, production environments.  We will support you regardless of the path you choose. Download: TFS 2015 RC2 Be aware that this TFS RC2 cannot be installed on the same machine as VS 2015 RC.  It can be accessed by the VS RC just fine, but not installed on the same machine – this has to do with some versioning
issues on some files that are shared between the two releases. Team Foundation Server 2015 is the biggest release we’ve shipped in a long while.  On one hand, it’s a very nice update over TFS 2013 Update 4.  On the other hand Team Project rename and some pre-work we’ve done to enable Team Project isolation (move, archive/restore, etc.) in the future has involved significant evolution in the schema and data access layers. Significant schema changes bring some challenges: Data migration – We have a huge number of customers with a wide variety of TFS...(Read whole news on source site)

Some Problem(s) With Implicit Code: “options.change && options.change()”

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I started a small … umm… argument via twitter (imagine that) about code readability a while back. It all started with this tweet: #ProTip your job is not typing. code should communicate intent to other humans, not save keystrokes for compilers. — Derick Bailey (@derickbailey) July 2, 2015 Shortly after, I received this response: […]

4 Simple Steps – Auto Update to Visual Studio Code

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Visual Studio Code, a lightweight cross-platform code editor for develop and debug modern web and cloud applications. This cross-platform development tool can run on your preferred platform – Windows, Linux and OS X. By now most of you are very much familiar with this editor and using it. Here is the recent of update of [...]

The Morning Brew #1897

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Software Visual Studio Code – July Update (0.5.0) – & Visual Studio Code ♥ ES6 – Sean McBreen and the Visual Studio Code team announce the release of thir July Update, taking the version number to 0.5.0, This release includes lots of good features with perhaps the largest being support for ECMAScript 2016 (formerly know […]

Clearing SPD Cache from SharePoint Designer

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Our good old friend SharePoint Designer is old, but I still find it useful for editing JavaScript files in development for quick tests.Because SharePoint Designer caches what it thinks the site's contents look like, sometimes, this cache gets out of date with reality and you will see issues when SPD thinks you have some files checked out, but you don't. And in the past, I would go and Bing and search "clear SharePoint Designer cache" and this will net you: (pointing to) (which points to) (and points to) (404)
abp="1170">So there's no shortage of finding the command to clear the folder.Until TodayI came across this part of the SPD UI by accident. Select Home in the current site. Go to Site Options. Select Advanced TabClick Delete Files (temporary files) You will see that any currently Opened Folders views will be empty. As the cache for the site has been dumped.  You need to refresh from the Ribbon Bar and you'll see the status of the items has updated correctly.SharePoint Designer 2013The same UI exists for SharePoint Designer 2013 as well. No more command line, perhaps.Let...(Read whole news on source site)