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The Developer’s Guide to the New .NET FREE eBook

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Hey everyone, I just wanted to write a quick blog post on a new eBook that Sam Basu and I created. The title of the eBook is “The Developer’s Guide to the New .NET”. It is a breakdown on everything new that is happening with .NET in 2015. For more info on the eBook go to this page : Thanks, Michael
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Rx Challenge

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if you consider yourself RX pro, this challenge is for you. I decided to initiate weekly RX challenge and I let you  one week to solve it before I will publish solution. I will post it in a form of MS Test  method. and I will also post it on on this challenge you […]The post Rx Challenge appeared first on .

Licensing changes - User acceptance testing and Agile planning

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This is next in a series of licensing and feature changes that I laid out in December.  With this, I think all of the cloud changes (and more) that I described have been made.  Some of the on-prem changes will be available as we release more on-prem updates. User acceptance testing As of this week, you will no longer need a VS Online Advanced license to do user acceptance testing with Visual Studio Online.  You will still need one to create and manage test plans but if you just need to execute tests, report results, file bugs, etc, then you only
need a VS Online Basic license. Agile planning This week, we have also moved hierarchical backlog management and work item charting from the VS Online Advanced license to the VS Online Basic license.  This means all current "project management" features of VS Online are now available in the Basic license rather than being spread across Basic and Advanced. Team Rooms Lastly, we have moved the Team Room feature from VS Online Advanced to VS Online Basic.  Now everyone with a VS Online license can participate fully in the Team Room (including the 5 free users).   All of these changes are driven by user feedback and...(Read whole news on source site)

Fourth edition of Python Media Computation released today: Teacher resources and desirable difficulties | Computing Education Blog

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Fourth edition of Python Media Computation released today: Teacher resources and desirable difficulties | Computing Education Blog:

Everything in this book is useful when wanting to write Python code for Blender, Maya, Android, etc. This is an introductory book on data, loops, conditionals, and objects. Those parts of Python are identical in this book and in the Python that you’ll use in Blender, Maya, and Android. For introductory Python programming, Jython and CPython are exactly the same.
I was surprised to see the original commenter responded. His point was that some kinds of friction, in dealing with
the “real world” is desirable:
As an introductory book, I would expect a section on how to install and configure Python. Written covering Windows, Linux, and the Mac OSX. There is no such section; the whole point of Jython is to “hide” this technical level. 
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Inside Microsoft’s New Rendering Engine For The "Project Spartan" - Smashing Magazine

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Inside Microsoft’s New Rendering Engine For The "Project Spartan" - Smashing Magazine:

Though Internet Explorer’s legacy versions are likely to be remembered by web developers for bugs, hacks and dirty workarounds, IE did shape the web in a positive way for web developers by bringing CSS, dynamic HTML scripting and the DOM, AJAX/XMLHttpRequest, drag drop, innerHTML, hardware acceleration, and other technologies to the web.

Preserve-3dThe most advanced support for ES6 at the momentXPathWeb AudioMedia Capture APIWeb RTC 1.1 (ORTC)Touch EventsContent Security PolicyHTTP/2