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Fabulous Adventures In Coding

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1 A new fabulous adventure Administrator
2 It's still essential! Administrator
3 Why is deriving a public class from an internal class illegal? Administrator
4 A method group of one Administrator
5 Is C# a strongly typed or a weakly typed language? Administrator
6 High Altitude Administrator
7 Does Not Compute Administrator
8 How do we ensure that method type inference terminates? Administrator
9 Roslyn September 2012 CTP is now available Administrator
10 Static analysis of "is" Administrator
11 An "is" operator puzzle, part two Administrator
12 Fabulous Adventures In Casting Administrator
13 An "is" operator puzzle, part one Administrator
14 Wackiness ensues Administrator
15 Out parameters and LINQ do not mix Administrator
16 Should C# warn on null dereference? Administrator
17 When is a cast not a cast? Administrator
18 The Best Advice I Ever Got Administrator
19 Foolish consistency is foolish Administrator
20 Eric Rambles On About C#, Again Administrator
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