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Using the MVVM pattern requires a framework

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There are three fairly popular presentation layer design patterns that I collectively call the “M” patterns: MVC, MVP, and MVVM. This is because they all have an “M” standing for “Model”, plus some other constructs. The thing with all of these “M” patterns is that for typical developers the patterns are useless without a framework. Using the patterns without a framework almost always leads to confusion, complication, high costs, frustration, and ultimately despair. These are just patterns after all, not implementations. And they are big, complex patterns that include quite a
few concepts that must work together correctly to enable success. You can’t sew a fancy dress just because you have a pattern. You need appropriate tools, knowledge, and experience. The same is true with these complex “M” patterns. And if you want to repeat the process of sewing a fancy dress over and over again (efficiently), you need specialized tooling for this purpose. In software terms this is a framework. Trying to do something like MVVM without a framework is a huge...(Read whole news on source site)

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