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Looking Back at BUILD

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BUILD, the “everything is secret”, “no information until September” conference is over and I’m back at home. Time for a personal look back. The Announcements Others have already done the job of writing a full roundup (here is one of the many), so I will give you only the the short version from a developer’s perspective: Windows 8 offers a new kind of applications with a new UI (“Metro”), running on top of the new Windows Runtime (“WinRT”). WinRT was developed with an emphasis on performance, both real (it
is written in native code) and perceived (all API calls taking longer than 50ms are designed to be called asynchronously). “Metro style apps” can be developed in C++, C# or JavaScript C++ and C# applications use a XAML based UI technology, similar to Silverlight, but with higher performance and built-in touch support. JavaScript applications use HTML5 and CSS for their UIs. Windows 8 still allows “classic” desktop applications, developing these is not different from developing for Windows 7....(Read whole news on source site)

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