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How to Sign out of Windows 10 PC from the Start menu ?

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One of the simplest way to sign out of Windows 10 machine is using the CTRL+ ALT + DELETE shortcut and select sign out from the options. This was a technique which was available in Windows 8.1 as well. If you need to sign out of Windows 10 machine using the Start menu , you...
to Search for Files in Windows 10 ?
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PowerShell Tip : Shorten that URL (New-ShortUrl)

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URL shortners are very popular in the social media feeds because of the fact that it helps you trim a long URL into am much shorter readable format and still redirect to the required page when accessed. There are many providers who can help you convert your URL into a more condensed format, some of them being,, etc.

If you are looking for an API in PowerShell to shorten your URL, you can use the API's provided by one of these providers and create a web request with the parameters to generate your shortened
URL. So here's my simple and small module to invoke one of the provider's API ( to create a shortened URL.


function IsValidUri($url)
       $uri = $url -as [System.Uri]
       if($uri -eq $null)
              return $false

       $uri.AbsoluteUri -ne $null -and $uri.Scheme -match '[http|https]'

function New-ShortUrl
              [Parameter(Mandatory=$true, ValueFromPipeline=$true)]
              [string] $Url
       if(-not (IsValidUri($Url)))
              throw "$($Url) is not a valid Uri"

       $tinyUrlApi = ''
       $response = Invoke-WebRequest ("{0}?url={1}" -f $tinyUrlApi, $Url)


Dedicated operations road bypasses

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We care very deeply about the operations side of RavenDB. Support calls are almost never about “where are you? I want to send you some wine & roses”, and they tend to come at unpleasant timing. One of the things that we had learnt was that when stuff breaks, it tend to do so in ways that are… interesting. Let me tell you a story… A long time ago, a customer was using an index definition that relied on the presence of a custom assembly to enrich the API available for indexing. During the upgrade process from one major
version of RavenDB to the next, they didn’t take into account that they need to also update the customer assembly. When they tried to start RavenDB, it failed because of the version mismatch, since they weren’t actually using that index anyway. The customer then removed the assembly, and started RavenDB again. At this point, the following sequence of events happened: The database started, saw that it is using an old version of the storage format, and converted to the current version of the storage format. The database started to load the indexes, but the index definition was invalid without...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1930

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Information Upgrading Projects to .NET 4.6 – James Chambers Dealing with Software Religious Arguments and Architectural Zealotry – Scott Hanselman ASP.NET Community Standup – August 18, 2015 – Jeffrey T. Fritz How-To Create OWIN Middleware – Derek Comartin Do you need Hyper-V to try Windows Containers? – Ben Armstrong Running Minecraft in Windows Containers – […]

ASP .NET 5 (vNext), first thoughts

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Microsoft ASP .NET 5 is a major shift from traditional ASP .NET methodologies. Whilst I am not actively developing ASP .NET 5 applications at the minute, .NET has always been my bread and butter technology. When I look at industry trends here in the UK, all I see is .NET .NET .NET, therefore it is […] The post ASP .NET 5 (vNext), first thoughts appeared first on

#Silverlight is not running on Google #Chrome! Why?

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Starting Google Chrome version 42, Google has blocked NPAPI plugins in their browser and as a result, you will not be able to run Silverlight applications in your Chrome browser. So, what to do? There is a quick but temporary solution by which you will be able to re-enable the plugin. In this blog post today, we are going to detail the process. Do remember that, it’s a temporary solution and won’t work in future release of Google Chrome.   Plugins allow extra features to be added to browsers. For example, you can watch certain types of videos or play
a game that’s on a webpage. Silverlight is also a plugin that enables you to run rich web applications built using XAMLs. In the past, many plugins were developed using an older system called NPAPI. Today fewer sites are using NPAPI plugins and they can sometimes cause security risks on websites. To make browsing with Chrome safer, faster and more stable, Google is stopping support for NPAPI plugins with Chrome version 42. You might also heard that, plugin support is already not available in Microsoft Edge for Windows 10. As Google stopped using NPAPI plugins, generally Silverlight also stopped working...(Read whole news on source site)

[Cool Tool] Autoruns

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Autoruns is a free tool made by Microsoft, and runs on Windows 10 (and previous versions as well).It finds autostarting programs (add-ins, drivers, codecs, gadgets, shell extensions, …) anywhere, even the most obscure places of your PC, then it lets you turn off individual items.Note: you have the ability to filter out Microsoft-signed programs.

HP Slate 500 vs iPad 2

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Originally posted on: many respects is not really fair to compare these two products, as they are mostly targeted toward two different markets, however, the HP Slate 500 is the best offering that Microsoft and it’s partners have put forward to compete head-on with Apple and the rapidly growing tablet/slate market.  As way of background I have been a Windows Tablet PC user since the product was first released as an extended version of Windows XP.  I started by testing a Panasonic Toughbook convertible, moved on to what is still my favorite convertible, the Toshiba M200,
and last used the Toshiba M400 convertible.  I mainly stuck w/ the convertible form factor as it met the dual need of a development laptop (ie I had to have a keyboard) combined with my desire for a pen input device for note-taking.  The new HP Slate is my first foray into a Windows slate device as my development (Windows, iPhone and Android) has moved to a 15” MacBook Pro.  I have also been using an iPad since about a month after its release, and recently upgraded to the new iPad 2, managing to grab hold of one...(Read whole news on source site)

Disneyland Inside Out on iPhone and Android

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Originally posted on:'s hard to believe October was the last time I was over here on my blog.  Ironically after getter the developer phone from Microsoft I have been knee deep in iPhone programming and for the past few weeks Android programming again.  This time I've spent all my non-working hours programming a fun project for my "other" website, Disneyland Inside OutDisneyland Inside Out, a vacation planning site for Disneyland in California, has been around in various forms since June 1996.  It has always been a place for me to explore new technologies and learn about
some of the new trends on the web.  I recently migrated the site over to DotNetNuke and have been building out custom modules for DNN.  I've also been hacking things together w/ the URLRewrite module in IIS 7.5 to provide strong SEO optimized URLs.  I can't say all that has really stuck within the DNN model of doing things, but it has worked pretty well. As part of my learning process, I spent most of the Fall bringing Disneyland Inside Out to the iPhone.  I will post more details on my development experiences later.  But this project gave me a really...(Read whole news on source site)