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Visual Studio Toolbox: Bing Developer Assistant Update

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Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio combines the functionality of two popular Visual Studio extensions into one: Sample Browser and Bing Code Search. In this episode, I am  joined by Scott Ge and Pravin Indurkar to explore what is new in the Bing Developer Assistant since the last time it was featured on the show. Scott and Pravin show the new Visual Studio IntelliSense experience, the ability to find both code snippets and code samples, and offline search.

Nuget DocX tabledesign enum

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There are various options to build a word document in your C# code, I choose the lightweight docx nuget package. There are some really good examples on the Codeplex website of docx if you look at the “Advanced Examples” The thing is that Office products tend to localize variables such as table designs: I am dutch, but I cannot translate it to a value of the enum `TableDesign` If I would translate it, it would be something like listtable 7 colorful accent 6. It is still (even after this test file) not a valid
entry of the table design enumeration.using (DocX document = DocX.Create("C:/Temp/tables.docx")) { foreach (TableDesign td in (TableDesign[])Enum.GetValues(typeof(TableDesign))) { Table aTable = document.InsertTable(5, 5); // because office preview is also 5 x 5 aTable.Design = td; aTable.Rows[0].Cells[0].Paragraphs.First().Append(td.ToString()); } document.Save(); }   The “source” (all 6 lines of code, lol) is available on github but perhaps more important is the output file. This might save you some time.   Good...(Read whole news on source site)

NDC London 2014: Why TFS no longer sucks and VSO is awesome

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I was in London last week to do a talk on why TFS no longer sucks entitled “Second Look, Team Foundation Server & VSO”. I had a tone of preparatory work to do too make the demos smooth. The great god Murphy was however not smiling, but he was not angry. Some errors occurred, but no blue screens. [...] The post NDC London 2014: Why TFS no longer sucks and VSO is awesome appeared first on naked ALM - Experts in ALM, TFS & lean-agile with Scrum.

COBOL Lab Program – Evaluate the equation Z = (A -B) * C .

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Introduction This COBOL lab program demonstrates how to evaluate the equation Z = (A – B) * C using the Compute verb in COBOL Program IDENTIFICATION DIVISION. PROGRAM-ID. GINK1. ENVIRONMENT DIVISION. DATA DIVISION. WORKING-STORAGE SECTION. 77 Z PIC +(10).Z(2). 77 A PIC S9(6)V9(4). 77 B PIC S9(6)V9(4). 77 C PIC S9(6)V9(4). PROCEDURE DIVISION. MAIN-PARA. DISPLAY [...]
365 for Consumers
...(Read whole news on source site)

More pricing and licensing changes coming

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Earlier this year, we started a process of reviewing our pricing and licensing for Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Online.  Our intent was to review all of the customer feedback we’ve received to look for changes that would simplify purchasing and make it more affordable for teams to include everyone in the broader organization who needs to interact with the development team. I previewed the first set of changes in July which included a new Stakeholder license that enables people outside the “development team” to track progress, make suggestions, file bugs, etc.  This means that
VS Online work item functionality is completely free for all users.  We also included expanded access to the test hub in VS Online by adding it to the Advanced license.  We put those changes into effect at the end of August. Since then we’ve continued to review our pricing and licensing and I’m now ready to preview the next set of changes which will go live on VS Online over the next month or so and be available for Team Foundation Server by the release of TFS 2015. Let’s look at the changes: Release Management ...(Read whole news on source site)

TypeScript Definition file for SPServices v0.1

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  Here's something I have wanted to write for a long time, both as Thank-You to Marc Anderson's work on SPServices, as well as for personal learning of the TypeScript language.   Adding TypeScript Definition reference:   $().sp (intellisense)   $().SPServices.defaults.cacheXML   $().SPServices.Version()   $().SPServices.SPCascadeDropdowns({ ... })   And one more. $().SPServices({ ... })   Syntax Error Detection that TypeScript does so
well.  Except for the error message. Repeat after me in a ROBOT way.  "String is missing apply from type Function". What it means is I was expecting a function why did I find a string.  And because Javascript can be surprisingly retarded, TypeScript tries to accommodate and wonders: perhaps this string is a function in disguise - so let me look for the apply method on this object.  NOPE.  It is not a function.   /s       Bonus.  TypeScript understands SPServices returns a JQueryXHR promise...(Read whole news on source site)