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Task vs async Task

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How often do you write code and think about what will it look like the compiler is done with it? If you're like me, not often. But is it a good thing that over the time we've learned to trust unquestionably the compiler and blindly rely on it to do the job for us? I was lucky to get some guidance from Daniel Marbach on async/await and the importance of understanding code optimizations that compiler is performing. Without any further due, let's dive into an example. Consider the following method: Task MainAsync() { return Task.Delay(1000); } Now the same method with a
slight variation, marking the method as async and awaiting the delay. async Task MainAsync() { await Task.Delay(1000); } Looks almost identical. But is it? Let's look at what compiler generates. For the first method, it's identical to the original code: Task MainAsync() { return Task.Delay(1000); } But for the second method, the compiler does... magic and voodoo. private Task MainAsync2() { UserQuery.\u003CMainAsync2\u003Ed__2 mainAsync2D2 = new UserQuery.\u003CMainAsync2\u003Ed__2(); mainAsync2D2.\u003C\u003E4__this = this; mainAsync2D2.\u003C\u003Et__builder = AsyncTaskMethodBuilder.Create(); mainAsync2D2.\u003C\u003E1__state = -1; AsyncTaskMethodBuilder taskMethodBuilder = mainAsync2D2.\u003C\u003Et__builder; ((AsyncTaskMethodBuilder) @taskMethodBuilder).Start((M0&) @mainAsync2D2); return ((AsyncTaskMethodBuilder) @mainAsync2D2.\u003C\u003Et__builder).get_Task(); } No magic....(Read whole news on source site)

What is Difference Between HAVING and WHERE – Interview Question of the Week #068

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I do a performance tuning consulting to earn my livelihood. Once in a while, I end up customer who wants to interview me to check if I know SQL. I absolutely have no problem with the interview. This is a good thing and it gives me confidence that they are serious with their project. With said that once in a while the senior guys on the other side are so busy they end up having my interview with junior (novice) experts. I often struggle with this interview question and answer with beginners because my answers are based on experience and

Louder Minds

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My wife Michele has started a new website – a site for introverts. It’s interesting, inspiring and pretty, pretty funny at times. It’s called Louder Minds – and the Facebook page is pretty good too. Or Instagram if that’s your thing. Here’s a taste or two: The post Louder Minds appeared first on Craig Bailey.

Implementing an ASP.NET Core RC1 Logging Provider

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I recently added a logging provider to my open source project (WilderBlog). I know I shouldn’t have implemented a provider myself, but I wanted to see how the sausage was made.The reality is that I should have used an existing library like Serilog or others, but digging into the logging framework taught be how the system works. I’m hoping to show you what I learned.Some BackgroundBefore we get started with what I did, let’s talk about how logging works. In Startup.cs you can ask for the ILoggerFactory object which you can use to support different types
of logs. For instance, here is the DebugLogger being added when we’re running under development:public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app, ILoggerFactory loggerFactory, WilderInitializer initializer, IMailService mailService) { // Add the following to the request pipeline only...(Read whole news on source site)

Here’s the list of new changes & fixes in #Windows 10 PC Build 14328

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Microsoft released a major PC build 14328 for fast ring Windows Insiders, whereas the Mobile build is just a minor update to build 14327. Though there are no new features/enhancements in this mobile build, but a ton of new features/enhancements available in PC build.   In this post, I am just listing out all the new changes and fixes in this PC build with a list of known issues. Before downloading the update, don’t forget to read the known issues.     What’s new in Windows 10 PC
Build 14328? Microsoft is preparing for the Windows 10 Anniversary update, which will be available in next few months. Before that, with Windows 10 PC build 14328, Microsoft rolled out a huge set of new features and changes for Windows Insiders to try out and report any issues or feedback. Here is the list of new changes that you will find in this PC build: A new Windows Ink experience which will enable you to write on your device as you do on paper, creating sticky notes, drawing...(Read whole news on source site)

PowerShell Script – Backup Every Database In SQL Server

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Using scripts can be a powerful way to automate things that a GUI will fail in many cases. I was working with a client who wanted to write a PowerShell script that would help him automate his backups. This is a pretty simple requirement that can be easily achieved using SMO as shown below in my scripts. I have been using these scripts for a number of years at various places. Let us see how we can backup every database in SQL Server. The post PowerShell Script – Backup Every Database In SQL Server appeared first on
href="">Journey to SQL Authority with Pinal Dave....(Read whole news on source site)

A Side-by-Side Comparison of Mobile-App Development Solutions

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The world of mobile app development has been bursting at the seams with opportunities these last few years, as companies look for the next horizon of productivity gains and new revenue streams to fuel their growth. But along with the opportunities tied to each mobile platform comes the responsibility of ensuring a secure and seamless... Read more