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Updated ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit

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If you use the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit, you know that our long-time Visual Studio partner DevExpress maintains it, and that it’s free and open-source. Recently they released an updated and improved ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit. You can download this new version here: In a short time that they have taken over the project, they have fixed the most glaring issues along with a number of other changes to make the Toolkit a solid library to have in your ASP.NET application. What's New The new release includes: Stable and working controls. We addressed multiple major tracked bugs to ensure
a more stable Control Toolkit. Modern browser support. Previous versions of the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit did not work well in all browsers. With this release the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit works with all popular HTML5 browsers. Support for Visual Studio 2013 Web Forms templates. The Control toolkit now works seamlessly with the Web Forms templates. You can use the Bootstrap support that was added to the templates, and use the Toolkit with Bootstrap. ASP.NET Web Optimization framework support. You can use the bundling and minification feature of ASP.NET with the toolkit. Check out ASP.NET Web Optimization framework to learn more. Dependency cleanup....(Read whole news on source site)

View Location Expander in ASP.NET 5 (vNext) and MVC 6

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          Introduction:                    Yesterday, I wrote about Custom View Engine in ASP.NET 5 (vNext) and MVC 6 with Dynamic View Location, but David Fowler told me that there is another much better and easy way to do this using a new feature in ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6 called view location expander. View location expander can be used to determine paths for a view and it is used by RazorViewEngine. This feature makes it very easy to add dynamic view location paths in your application while maintaining the view location cache. In
this article, I will show you how to add view location expander feature in your application            Description:                       Let's create an ASP.NET 5 web application (note that I am using beta3 at the time of writing). Here we need to implement IViewLocationExpander interface,    public class MyViewLocationExpander : IViewLocationExpander { public void PopulateValues(ViewLocationExpanderContext context) { var value = new Random().Next(0, 1); ...(Read whole news on source site)

RavenDB in Siberia

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A good chunk of the RavenDB Core Team is going to be in CodeFest in Novosibirsk this weekend, including yours truly. We are going to be handing out a lot of cool stuff, and we got some really nice things to talk about. And yes, I’ll keep the suspense until I get to meet people face to face.

Custom View Engine in ASP.NET 5 (vNext) and MVC 6 with Dynamic View Location

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          Introduction:                    Long time ago, I have written a blog post about how to create a custom view engine in ASP.NET MVC. I thought to write the same for ASP.NET 6 and MVC 6. In this article, I will show you how to create a custom view engine in ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6. (Note that ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6 is still in beta, so things might change in future)           Description:                       Assuming that you have created an ASP.NET 5 web application
(note that I am using beta3 at the time of writing). Let's say, you have Theme1 and Theme2 folders inside Views folder and you want to show views from Theme1 or Theme2 folder randomly. Let's implement this by adding MyRazorViewEngine class which inherits from RazorViewEngine class,   public class MyRazorViewEngine : RazorViewEngine { public MyRazorViewEngine(IRazorPageFactory pageFactory, IRazorViewFactory viewFactory, IViewLocationExpanderProvider viewLocationExpanderProvider, ...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1828

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Software Node.js Tools 1.0 for Visual Studio – Sara Itani announces the release of the Node.js Tools for Visual Studio 1.0 bringing rich editor support, code completion, REPL, npm package management integration, test explorer and much more making Visual Studio a much better place to work with JavaScript codebases Syncfusion Essential Studio – Community Licence […]

What's new in the Office Roadmap - 2015-03-25

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Another day with some changes in the Office Roadmap, and some really interesting ones actually! Changes 2015-03-25 These are the changes since last time. Now launched Compliance Center for Office 365: From rolling out. Now no one can be less compliant than anyone else, or… Office 365 Groups Notebooks: Coming from nowhere direct to launched. Each Office 365 Group now has a OneNote Notebook. Features now rolling out Edit Office 365 profile details page update: Another newcomer on the list, only this one didn't make it directly to production :).  By clicking on the
Gears in the upper-right corner, choosing Office 365 Settings, then choosing Me you will (if your tenant has this feature rolled out) find the new responsive page (
...(Read whole news on source site)