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for the headers of each column in the table. Note that there is no . We will check for that in our jQuery and add one if necessary.

Long running async and memory fragmentation

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We are working on performance a lot lately, but performance isn’t just an issue of how fast you can do something, it is also an issue of how many resources we use while doing that. One of the things we noticed was that we are using more memory than we would like to, and even after we were freeing the memory we were using. Digging into the memory usage, we found that the problem was that we were suffering from fragmentation inside the managed heap. More to the point, this isn’t a large object heap fragmentation, but actually fragmentation in the
standard heap. The underlying reason is that we are issuing a lot of outstanding async I/O requests, especially to serve things like the Changes() API, wait for incoming HTTP requests, etc. Here is what this looks like inside dotProfiler. As you can see, we are actually using almost no memory, but heap fragmentation is killing us in terms of memory usage. Looking deeper, we see: We suspect that the issue is that we have pinned instances that we sent to async I/O, and that match what we have found elsewhere about this issue, but we aren’t really sure how to deal with...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1806

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Bumper Visual Studio 2015 CTP6 edition today! Visual Studio 2015 CTP6 and TFS 2015 CTP1 Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6 and Team Foundation Server 2015 CTP Released – John Montgomery announces the release of Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6 along with the first CTP release of Team Foundation Server 2015 VS 2015 CTP6 and TFS […]

Installing TFS 2015 CTP1–A quick video walkthrough in <3 minutes

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Brian Harry announced today on his blog that Visual Studio 2015 CTP6 and TFS 2015 CTP 1 were both available for download. As you can see from the CTP numbers, there have been a number previous CTPs for Visual Studio but this is the first time we’ve got to take a look at TFS 2015. I have recorded a very quick video showing how to install TFS 2015 CTP1 on a fresh installation of Windows Server 2012 R2. It covers installing SQL 2014 followed by TFS 2015 CTP1. I finish off by creating a new Team Project using Visual Studio

Microsoft Tuesday - Top News - #02

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It’s Tuesday again and as I mentioned last week, it’s time to share top 5 links on Microsoft platform which includes few big announcements too. Above the fold you will find announcement on Handwriting in OneNote for iPad, followed by various other posts on Azure Machine Learning and BigData. This blog post has been composed with the help of Microsoft. Share your views/opinions to Microsoft about the links shared below by dropping a line at the comment section.    Handwriting in OneNote for iPad and OCR everywhere OneNote can help you keep
track of life and stay organized by making it easy to capture anything, enrich and organize it, and eventually recall it when and where you need it. Today, we’re introducing two big improvements for capturing content into OneNote and enriching that content to make it easier to recall. First, we’ve added handwriting to OneNote for iPad. This has been a top requested feature, and is now available in OneNote across all of the most popular platforms, including Surface Pro 3.    Azure Mobile Engagement now in Public Preview Back in May 2014, Microsoft acquired Capptain...(Read whole news on source site)

Manipulating HTML Tables – Part 1 (Adding Rows)

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Users continue to demand faster and more dynamic user experiences in web applications. One way to accomplish this is to start doing more with JavaScript and jQuery, thereby eliminating or reducing post-backs to the server. In this first blog post of many, I will show you how to work with HTML tables. In this first blog you will learn how to add rows to a table using JavaScript and jQuery. The HTML For these samples, I am using Bootstrap in order to have a nice appearance for my web page. However, Bootstrap is not required for these samples. The HTML I am
using creates an empty table with just a