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Visual Studio in Gartner’s Integrated Quality Suites report

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Gartner recently released this year’s update to their Integrated Quality Suites report.  This is the next version of the report I blogged about last year. We’ve worked hard over the last year to continue to improve our testing tools offering – for developers, testers and end users.  We’ve made our testing experiences available via a web browser, reduced licensing requirements, improved customizability and more. It’s great to see that, once again, Gartner has placed us in the leader quadrant in their 2014 Integrated Quality Suites report, reflecting that we have an integrated offering with Visual
Studio and Team Foundation Server that works well for development and testing teams.  So often, I run into people who are surprised that we even have an offering for testers – it’s a very well-kept secret.  It’s great to see Gartner recognizing the quality of the offering we have.  Please read their report and judge for yourself if Visual Studio ALM can provide a great solution for you. Thanks, Brian Gartner asked me to include the following disclaimer… Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Integrated Software Quality Suites, Mark Driver, Thomas E. Murphy, Nathan Wilson, Ray Valdes, David...(Read whole news on source site)

Solving the “type or namespace name ‘Init’ does not exist” issue in Xamarin Forms

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I don’t know about you but when I write cross-platform applications, I like to make sure that I immediately know which project is running on each platform. Over the years, I took the habit of suffixing the projects, for example as follows: MyApp.Wp8 –> Windows Phone 8. MyApp.Wpf –> Windows Presentation Foundation. MyApp.Win8 –> Windows […]

Visual Studio Toolbox: Bing Developer Assistant

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Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio combines the functionality of two popular Visual Studio extensions into one: Sample Browser and Bing Code Search. In this episode, I am joined by Yi Wei and Scott Ge, who show how developers can use this extension to find and reuse millions of code snippets and code sample projects from within the Visual Studio IDE. They focus on 3 new features: integration with IntelliSense, how the Sample Browser window provides a one-stop shop for samples and the ability to search offline.

iPhone 6 versus Lumia 830 or S5

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Apple’s keynote was yesterday and revealed the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, Apple watch and Apple pay. (Note: no iPay and iWatch) But I was a bit disappointed about the iPhone 6. It is not that high end as you would expect for the price that they charge. I know that in the USA about 30% of the people have an iPhone, but in the rest of the world it is about 10% market share. iOs is at this moment the number two mobile operating system and in Italy is it nr 3. Please do not get me wrong, I
really like apple products and the fact that they make a lot of not technical people think about options. Before Apple was popular in the Netherlands everybody just went with Windows and did not consider other options (mac, bsd, linux etc.) So let’s just compare the iPhone 6 with the Lumia 830:iPhone 6Lumia 830iOs 8Windows Phone 8.1 with Denim update4.7 inch5 inch4g lte4g lte1334 x 7501280 x 7208mp10mpf2.2f2.2no oisOptical image stabilization1.2mp front cam0.9 mp front camno wireless...(Read whole news on source site)

Inside Apple’s Live Event Stream Failure, And Why It Happened: It Wasn’t A Capacity Issue

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Inside Apple’s Live Event Stream Failure, And Why It Happened: It Wasn’t A Capacity Issue:

While at first I assumed it must be a capacity issue pertaining to Akamai, a deeper look at the code on Apple’s page and some other elements from the event shows that decisions made by Apple pertaining to their website, and problems with how they setup storage on Amazon’s S3 service, contributed the biggest problems to the event.

Apple decided to add some JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) code to the page which added an interactive element
on the bottom showing tweets about the event. As a result, this was causing the page to make refresh calls every few milliseconds. By Apple making the decision to add the JSON code, it made the website un-cachable....(Read whole news on source site)

Porting Unity Games to Windows Store and Windows Phone

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Want to learn more about porting your unity games to Windows Store and Windows Phone ? . Here’s an interesting session from Microsoft Virtual Academy on September 11 , 2014 between 9.00 am – 4.00 pm (PDT). If you are an Unity game developer and want to bring your existing iOS , Android or PC games to Windows Store and Windows Phone , here’s a must attend session for you. The session will be presented by Jaime Rodriguez and Mickey MacDonald and will cover some of the topics like Getting Started: Tools, Settings, and Project Structures Porting Your Game: Hardware
& Software Differences Plugins: A Deep Dive into the Runtime Light-Up: Making a Great Windows Game Optimizing Your Game, Advanced Troubleshooting The Windows Store: Monetizing and Submitting Your Game Programs & Offers, Resources, Next Steps, Q&A Know more about the Porting Unity Games to Windows Store and Windows Phone session and register at whole news on source site)

How to use automatic SIM selection in Android Device (Moto G) ?

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Automatic SIM selection is one of the cool features available in the dual SIM card models of Moto G (android device). The feature is called Automatic SIM selection and is valid when the user has selected the option Ask every time I make a call in the settings. What is automatic SIM selection in Android Device (Moto G) ? Automatic SIM selection is a feature that helps the users to select a SIM card automatically when using DUAL sim. The beauty of this feature is that , the phone will learn from the SIM card usage and then suggest or
pick the SIM card automatically. This option can be enabled in the Call Settings of the Settings App on your device....(Read whole news on source site)