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Gossip much? Disseminating information among high number (10K) of nodes

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Every once in a while, I like to sit down and read about what is going on outside my current immediate field of interest. This weekend, I chose to focus on efficient information dissemination with very large number of nodes. The articles of interests for this weekend are HyParView and Epidemic Broadcast Trees (Plumtrees). There are a great read, and complement one another to a nice degree. HyParView is an algorithm that seeks to connect a set (of potentially very large number) of nodes together without trying to make each node connect to each other node. To simplify things,
I’m going to talk about clusters of several dozens nodes, the articles have both been tested to the 10,000 nodes and with failure rates of up to 95% of the network. This post is here so I can work out the details in my mind, it may be that I’m wrong, so don’t try to treat this as a definitive source. Let us assume that we have a network with 15 nodes in it. And we want to add a new node. One way of doing that would be to maintain a list of all the nodes in the system (that...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1757

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Information Azure: Premium Storage, RemoteApp, SQL Database Update, Live Media Streaming, Search and More – Scott Guthrie announces the latest updates to the Microsoft Azure Platform, with new high performance storage, the General Availability of RemoteApp and SiteRecovery, as well as a number of enhancements to other areas of the platform. Never hide a TUF […]

Xamarin.Forms: Styles

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Xamarin.Forms 1.3 is now available in Community Preview 2 (the final community preview before release).  While this is not a release version, it is close and worth taking a look at.  It offers three new killer features: Styles Triggers Behaviors … Continue reading → For the complete article and hyperlinks, please visit my blog at

Rejuvenate Your Career

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Originally posted on: We can all get in a rut after years in this industry.  We get comfortable doing what we know.  The problem is that technology does not stand still.  If we don’t keep reinventing ourselves then we will eventually find that we don’t have the skills that the industry requires.  This is so important an issue that I often ask prospective employment candidates how they keep up with technology.  So what is my answer to rejuvenate your career? Because I spend most of my time developing solutions for the Microsoft technology stack my
examples will be bent more in that direction, but the basics stay the same regardless of the technology.  The the keys for me are to keep informed, pilot, get certified and teach. Keeping informed in this day has a lot of possible avenues.  Podcasts, blogs, Twitter and dedicated web sites give you a variety of sources to keep up with what is coming out.  At first grab everything you can find and then scale your sources back to just the ones that give you the most information for the time you invest. You also need to get your...(Read whole news on source site)

Docker Unveils Orchestration Services, Hub Enterprise -- ADTmag

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Docker Unveils Orchestration Services, Hub Enterprise -- ADTmag

The three services -- Docker Machine, Docker Swarm and Docker Compose, along with a new set of open APIs -- will provide a platform for multi-container, multi-host distributed applications

Docker Compose

able to assemble discreet containers representing individual services
into a complete application stack. Do it in a
declarative fashion through a simple configuration file that
allows them to define what containers are part of the app

and the dependencies among those containers, and then have a discreet
distributed app that is 100% portable across infrastructures. The service defines a distributed app stack
and its dependencies through a YAML configuration file

Docker Swarm 

is a Docker-native clustering solutions that works with
the Docker Engines. "It's provisioned by the host's service to define a
resource pool for your application and the containers they comprise

Docker Hub Enterprise (DHE), a new product addition to the Docker
platform designed to ...(Read whole news on source site)

Spinning the wheel: manipulating the odds

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The previous post defined a basic set of data structures and functions to spin a wheel of fortune in F#.

There was very little mystery to that implementation though. The physical wheel had four pockets and spinning the wheel would land you a win one out of four spins. As a casino, it's impossible to come up with an interesting payout using this model.

To juice up the pot, casinos started adding more pockets to the wheel of fortune. This meant that the odds were lower, but the possible gain was higher. More pockets also allowed
casinos to play with alternative payouts, such as multiple smaller pots instead of one big one.

Adding pockets to the wheel didn't turn out the way casinos hoped for though. Although players were drawn to a bigger price pot, they were more intimidated by the size of the wheel - it was obvious that the chances of winning were very slim now.

Today, instead of having the physical wheel determine randomness, randomness is determined virtually.

Casinos now define a second set of virtual indexes that map to the indexes of the physical wheel.