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The Visual Studio Partner Ecosystem

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One of the unique values Visual Studio provides is that over and above the built-in features we have a multitude of extensions to address various niche development scenarios. These extensions are provided by our strong partner ecosystem. The Visual Studio Partner Ecosystem is the strongest it has ever been in the history of Visual Studio. This year we are excited to share that over 1100 partners have created tools and extensions that integrate with Visual Studio 2015, Team Foundation Server, and Visual Studio Online. For Visual Studio 2015 RTM release itself we have 84 launch partners
that have made new versions of their products available on the day that VS 2015 was released. Want to join in? Check out the VSIP Partner Program for info on how to join. Not only do these extensions work with VS 2015 Enterprise and Professional, but you can also use all extensions with our free offering - Visual Studio Community. Get started with an extension from the Visual Studio Gallery. Interested in writing your own extensions? It’s really simple to do so. Whether you’re interested in adding support for a new language, extending the Visual Studio interface, connecting a service...(Read whole news on source site)

Java's Unsafe class: "There is certainly also a way without it!" - JAXenter

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Java's Unsafe class: "There is certainly also a way without it!" - JAXenter

There are numerous libraries, e.g. Netty, which use Unsafe internally
(using the previously described reflection hacks). In lots of cases this
isn’t even documented! Some projects also use special libraries as a
replacement for features appearing in later Java versions (javax
packages). One example is LongAdder, which is only part of Java 8’s java.util.concurrent classes. 

Rx Challenge #8

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this post is part of series, the hole series can be found in here.   this challenge is all about buffering data while suspended and flush it out on resume. we already had challenge on Suspend and Resume but that challenge ignored the data during the suspension period. on this challenge you expected to buffer […]

Enabling Verbose Output in Team Foundation Build Logs

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There are a lot of great new features available in the new Team Foundation Build (formerly knows as Build v.Next) such as version history, web-based build definitions, open source build tasks, and much, much more. However, sometimes you simply want to accomplish something that you’re currently doing with your “old” XAML builds such as setting... (read more)

What is WinFX ?

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WinFX was the codename that was set for some of the technologies that was introduced with .NET 3.0 like Windows Presentation Framework , Windows Communication Foundation and Workflow Foundation. This term was later abandoned and netfx was brought in.

Self forming teams at scale

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I want to share with you all a strange thing that we do.  It’s unorthodox but has been very successful for us. Teams change.  People come.  People go.  People move around.  Reorgs happen.  This is a fact of life, particularly in any large organization, and something managers spend a fair amount of time on – recruiting, re-recruiting, managing, developing, etc. Many years ago (I want to say around 2008), we had a reorg to do.  In general, we do them every couple of years, usually associated with some big milestone/inflection, and use them to rebalance, apply talent to
the new problems, fund new projects, etc.  Well, back in 2008, I had a guy on my team named Chris Shaffer – one of the better people managers/team morale managers I’ve worked with.  He came forward with a crazy proposal. The Crazy Proposal Chris’s idea was this.  Don’t do the reorg.  Let people decide what they want to work on.  Concretely, he proposed a process where we’d get the whole team in the room.  We’d write the list of “feature teams”, investment areas, business priorities or whatever else you want to call it on a whiteboard and give...(Read whole news on source site)

How to fix the camera freezing issue when switching between Apps in a windows store app?

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Capturing image or video is very common requirement for any windows store app. Displaying the Camera preview in a app is very easy now a days with the help of MediaCapture class. But this causes an issue where when the user tries to minimize the app or tries to switch some other app in the [...]