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More than one order matters

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Originally posted on: matters. In real life when you’re in a library or a city or in your kitchen. And in software development. Order, the right order, helps understanding. Where there is order orientation is easier. Compare a city like Mannheim, Germany: …to Algier’s traditional quarters, the Casbah: Where, do you think, it would be easier for you to find the house of a friend? Order is helpful, even important. But often order is hard to create and/or to maintain. Why’s that? What’s order anyway? Order’s definition If you look at
href="">Wikipedia it seems order is quite an elusive thing. There is no single page just defining the order I’m talking about and you very likely have in your mind. Yes, order is about “an arrangement of items”. But it’s more than a “sequence”. The Free Dictionary defines it as: “A condition of logical or comprehensible arrangement among the separate elements of a group.” or “A condition of methodical or prescribed arrangement among component parts such that proper functioning or appearance is achieved.” That clears it up, doesn’t it? :-) No, not really, I guess. So let’s dissect...(Read whole news on source site)

Free Training Materials for Development

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A random list that will grow, eventually, with time.Training KitsMicrosoft:
VideosASP.NETASP.NET MVC:, Web Forms: Single Page Application: API: Pages: MVC (Pluralsight): Web Forms (Pluralsight):
MicrosoftSharePoint: do I?: 2013 training for IT pros: Framework: (WCF Data Services, Entity Framework, ADO.NET, LINQ to SQL): Online: 365 Jump Start:
Channel 9C#: Server: 365: Framework: API:
Microsoft Virtual AcademyC#: Server: 365:
YouTubeC#: Server: 365: Framework: API: whole news on source site)

Nintex Workflow - Lazy Checkin Everything Workflow

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Doing quite a bit of client-side JavaScript (AngularJS in fact) and checking in and out lots of files that sit within Style Library.  At the end of the day, I just want something that will go through everything and check them all in for me.Nintex Workflow timeQuery List of items still checked out to meLoop through listCheck-inBonus: Run-As-JohnQuery List Create a Site Workflow, add a Query List action then set the filter.  Collect "URL Path" and "Checked Out To" fields to separate collection variables.Important: Make sure you tick Recursive Hit Run Now.
I want to change this part of the Query to
Current User. Hit the Execute button - looking good.  Return to Configure Action.  Make the same change to the CAML query.Loop and Check-In Wrap up the rest of the Workflow.  After the Query List, set up a For Each action and loop through each URL in the URL Collection.For each URL, run the Check in item Action.  Set it to check in by URL.Insert Witty Comment.  Log an entry to History list for testing.Laziness Complete And done.  Workflow runs, John's files are checked in.Bonus: Run-As-John Sometimes, you might want to let a colleague check in your files on your behalf. ...(Read whole news on source site)

RavenDB Sharding: Adding a new shard to an existing cluster, the easy way

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Continuing on the theme of giving a full answer to interesting questions on the mailing list in the blog, we have the following issue.  We have a sharded cluster, and we want to add a new node to the cluster, how do we do it? I’ll discuss a few ways in which you can handle this scenario. But first, let us lay out the actual scenario. We’ll use the Customers & Invoices system, and we put the data in the various shard along the following scheme: Customers Sharded by region Invoices Sharded by customer
valign="top" width="247">Users Shared database (not sharded) We can configure this using the following: var shards = new Dictionary { {"Shared", new DocumentStore {Url ="http://rvn1:8080", DefaultDatabase = "Shared"}}, {"EU", new DocumentStore {Url = "http://rvn2:8080", DefaultDatabase = "Europe"}}, {"NA", new DocumentStore {Url = "http://rvn3:8080", DefaultDatabase = "NorthAmerica"}}, }; ShardStrategy shardStrategy = new ShardStrategy(shards) .ShardingOn(company =>company.Region, region => { switch (region) { case "USA": ...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1865

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Software WCF Client is Open Source – Ron Cain announces the open sourcing of WCF with a new project bringing a subset of WCF functionality to .NET Core Information End-to-End Hypermedia: Making the Leap – Jimmy Bogard discusses the benefits of true REST APIs whcih make use of HyperMedia, but points out that in many […]

The Software Update Process on the Apple Watch

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Intro I thought it would be interesting to share the software update process on the Apple Watch. So here goes : Updating your Apple Watch You will begin by seeing their is an update available on your phone. You can learn more about the release if you want. Once you click, “Download and Install”, it will prompt you to enter your pin number. You have to accept the terms and conditions as with any iOS software update. It then downloads the installer onto your phone and begins “preparing” the update to be installed. Finally, your Apple Watch must be plugged in to
update. After it is plugged in, you will see the install begin. The following is shown on your watch. …and it takes forever to transfer over to your watch. Once it is complete, you will see if the update was successful or not. Wrap-up I know this is geeky, but I’m sure some people are interested in seeing this before they update their $400 or more watch. :) The Software Update Process on the Apple Watch was originally published by Michael Crump at Michael Crump on May 20, 2015. ...(Read whole news on source site)