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Recently , Digit and Nokia has announced an interesting program for the Windows Phone developers called “Winning with Windows Phone program.”. What is Winning with Windows Phone program ? The Winning with Windows Phone program is a program to help the Windows Phone developers to increase the visibility and success of their windows phone applications. The program is open to all the Windows Phone developers and this program provides the change to promote all the potential apps . How to Promote the Windows Phone Apps with Digit ? Well , the steps are very simple , windows phone developers can
share their app URL’s with digit HERE . Note that it is also recommended that the apps should be developed and published anytime this year and should not be accounted under any other contest. Devworx will then review the participants app details and then select the participants and sends them an invite who fulfils the requirements as developer for the contest and later be promoted across the Digit channels. Know more please visit the below link: whole news on source site)

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Some years ago we discontinued support for creating installer projects in Visual Studio and directed people to InstallShield for that functionality.  There were a number of reasons for that decision that I won’t detail here.  However, there was vocal feedback from many of our users that they were very unhappy with that decision.  I’m happy to tell you that yesterday, we released a preview of a new extension that will enable creating installers from VS 2013.  I expect this extension will evolve and ultimately be included in a future version of VS. You can read more about it and
find links to the download here: It seems like every time I post any update on Visual Studio, I get the question “Did you fix the GUI? Did you bring back setup and deployment projects?” from ThomasX.  It has to have been dozens of times over the period of 2 years or more.  You have to admire the perseverance :)  I can finally, say YES! to one of the two questions :)  I’ve already answered the other question “No, we’re not doing that, if you mean reverting to the VS 2010 UI” – but that’s a...(Read whole news on source site)



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