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BIDS Helper 1.7.0 released

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Originally posted on: few days ago the BIDS Helper team released of v1.7.0 which you can download from here: This version comes with a few bug fixes, and some new functionality, but the most significant enhancements are to the BIML Engine thanks to our friends at Varigence. I’ve copied and pasted the release notes below. Note that there are some possible breaking changes in the new BIML Engine, so if you have existing BIML script please read this section carefully. ====== Release Notes ======= Fixed Issues:
Fixes to all features so they work when the project is inside a solution folder. Fixed Biml project connections in Visual Studio 2013. Reports launch in the proper version of the Report Viewer control in Visual Studio 2012 and 2013.
Improvements Biml updates to bring it up-to-date with Mist 4.0 Biml updates to support emitting SSIS 2014 packages from Visual Studio 2013. Biml brings the Output window to the front, displays a progress bar, and displays a...(Read whole news on source site)

Google Expands Access to Big Data Tool -- ADTmag

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Google Expands Access to Big Data Tool -- ADTmag

Cloud Dataflow tool for Big Data analytics is being moved to beta status, making it available to more developers.

The tool, which had been in a private alpha program, enables
large-scale event-time-based stream processing or batch processing of
data. Google said it fits use cases such as extract, transform, load
(ETL), analytics, real-time computing and orchestration of processes.

Eclipse IoT Launches Machine to Machine Communication Platform -- ADTmag

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Eclipse IoT Launches Machine to Machine Communication Platform -- ADTmag

release supports out-of-the-box integration and protocol
interoperability with both HTTP-enabled devices and devices utilizing
the CoAP app-layer protocol. Its extensible framework supports easy
integration with devices using such protocols as Zigbee, Zwave, 6LoWPAN
and Modbus, among others, the Foundation said.

OM2M is an open-source implementation of the ETSI SmartM2M
standard. But the project leader, Laboratory for Analysis and
Architecture of Systems, a research arm of the French National Center

for Scientific Research (LAAS-CNRS), said it plans to migrate to the global oneM2M standard

two key IoT projects: Paho 1.1, which provides scalable open-source client implementations of open and standard messaging protocols for IoT/M2M apps, and Mosquitto 1.4, which provides an open-source implementation of the OASIS Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol.

A complete list of Eclipse IoT projects is available on the Foundation Web site here.

...(Read whole news on source site)

DZone Most Valuable Blogger (MVB)

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Originally posted on: I am one of the MVB now! I am honored and feel awesome about it. :D What is MVB? "DZone's Most Valuable Blogger program brings together a group of highly talented bloggers, authors, and technologists actively writing about topics of interest to the developer community. These people are recognized in the industry for their contributions and deep technical knowledge on subjects ranging from software
design and architecture to programming on a range of platforms including Java, .NET, Ruby and others." You can find the details about the program here: ...(Read whole news on source site)

Microsoft Maniacs - Zero To Web - Slides and Code

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Last night, I had the opportunity to present to the Microsoft Maniacs meetup in Sterling, VA. I want to thank everyone who attended, and share my slides and code. The slides are embedded above, and also included in the Github repo for my presentation, which is linked below. You can find the source code and a copy of the slide deck at: I welcome your questions or feedback on the presentation, and I'm available to help with project needs as well. You can reach me at

Xamarin.Android - Testing, Debugging and Deploying Apps to Wear and Handheld devices

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Originally posted on: my previous post we talked about how to create app in Wearable and Handheld devices and created a simple implementation of sending/syncing data. In this post I'm going to demonstrate how to deploy and test apps in real device. First of all I am using Nexus 9 and LG G Watch as my test devices. Before we start make sure that USB Driver for Android is installed in your machine. You can verify it by right clicking on the COMPUTER > MANAGE > DEVICE MANAGER > OTHER DEVICES. If the driver
isn't in the list then you must download the driver here: and refer this link for the installation guide: The next important thing is to enable USB Debugging in your Handheld device. You can enable it under SETTINGS > DEVELOPER OPTIONS > USB DEBUGGING. Once you have the required driver installed and enabled debugging for your device then just plug-in your Handheld device to your PC or laptop. In Visual Studio you should be able to see the connected handheld device as shown in the image below: Deploying the App to...(Read whole news on source site)