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The Morning Brew #1979

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Software Visual Studio Code – NEW RELEASE: v0.10.2 (6 bug fixes) – Ed Price highlights the latest update to Visual Studio Code, addressing some critical defects for the beta release ReSharper Ultimate 10.0.2 EAP 2: unit testing, red code fixes – Jura Gorohovsky highlights the latest improvements made in ReSharper 10’s Early Access Programme release. […]

#Windows10 November update: Lock Screen enhancements

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Microsoft brought a new set of enhancements along with Windows 10 November Update. Among them, one is lock screen enhancements which will allow you to set background image of lock screen from the Windows Spotlight and set/remove the login screen background image. Today in this post, we are going to discuss on the same and will see how to set those various options in Windows 10 November update (aka. Threshold 2).   Windows 10 November update features a new set of enhancements for the Lock screen. Here  we are going to discuss on how to set
windows spotlight in your lock screen. This will impress you everyday by different beautiful images from Microsoft servers. Below are the step by step actions that needs to be done in your system to enjoy this new Lock Screen Enhancement. First you need to open the settings app  of your system. Do open this, go to start and open the settings app or press “Win + i” and it will redirect you to the settings app of your system. Click on the “Personalization” settings. For better visualization you can refer to the below screenshot.  Now in the personalization settings page, click on...(Read whole news on source site)

Interview Question of the Week #047 – Logic To Find Weekdays Between Two Dates

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I often enjoy seeing interview questions where the contestant has to write SQL Scripts. Here is another such example. Question: How to find weekdays between two dates? Answer: Here is a function which can be used to find weekdays between two dates. CREATE FUNCTION dbo.getDayCount(@startdate date, @enddate date) RETURNS INT AS BEGIN DECLARE @count INT […]

SQL SERVER 2016 – Comparing Execution Plans

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New tools bring new capabilities and sometimes these are ingrained deep into the product that we can easily miss them out. And SQL Server 2016 is no different. After installing the CTP, I was pleasantly surprised to see this addition to help our DBA’s who are doing performance tuning and query tuning activities. So what […]

Teaser: Hierarchical Scrum – How to Introduce Scrum Step by Step

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Originally posted on: all practices are created equal, I’d say. That became clear to me again while reading “Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time” by Jeff Sutherland. Even though I’ve grown somewhat skeptical of the Agile silver bullet Scrum and find some of what Jeff Sutherland wrote an exaggeration and a bit heavy on the side of self-praise, I still like the book. I can recommend it, especially to non-developer people of all trades. What the book made me think of was a kind of hierarchy of Scrum practices. Some
of it to me simply is more important than the other. [Read on in my new blog…] New RSS Feeds Since October 2015 I write all my new blog articles in a consolidated blog right on my homepage at If your want to be notified automatically about new postings, please subscribe to one of the following RSS feeds or follow me on Twitter. RSS-Feed with all articles German articles only Englische articles only

Sync Windows Live Writer Drafts and Posts Across PCs

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Sync files through OneDriveWindows Live Writer saves drafts and posts under Documents\My Weblog Posts. To sync this directory with OneDrive, just move it to OneDrive (e.g. OneDrive\Documents\WindowsLiveWriter), and create a junction to redirect:D:\Documents>mklink /J "My Weblog Posts" "D:\OneDrive\Documents\WindowsLiveWriter"Junction created for My Weblog Posts <<===>> D:\OneDrive\Documents\WindowsLiveWriterAfter doing this for each PC, all Windows Live Writer files are in sync.Sync destination blog idWith the above step, draft files (Documents\My Weblog Posts\Drafts\*.wpost) can work across PCs, but posts (Documents\My Weblog Posts\Recent Posts\*.wpost) cannot. In the following scenario:In PC 1, writes a draft and post it to blog. There will be a post file saved, e.g.: Documents\My
Weblog Posts\Recent Posts\LINQ via C#.wpost.In PC 2, opens Documents\My Weblog Posts\Recent Posts\LINQ via C#.wpost, edit it and post to blog again.In the blog, the original post is not updated. Instead, a new entry is posted to blog. and a new post file is saved to local as Documents\My Weblog Posts\Recent Posts\LINQ via C#[2].wpost. The same issue happens when Windows is reinstalled in the same PC.So why is LINQ via C#[2].wpost generated? What is the difference from LINQ via C#.wpost? These 2 files can be compared with Code Compare:It looks .wpost files are binary files. So try to open them...(Read whole news on source site)