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Pienso y creo que una de las profesiones más nobles y respetables que existen son las ingenierías o especialidades técnicas. Al igual que un músico, un pintor, un artesano o un artista, utilizamos nuestras ideas y pensamientos para resolver problemas, crear modelos de soluciones, estudiar la complejidad de la naturaleza e intentar simplificarla de alguna manera en nuestra mente. Cuando encontramos un problema digno de dar batalla, nos comprometemos más allá de nuestro trabajo y responsabilidades, sacrificamos tiempo personal y de nuestras familias, muchas veces para darnos cuenta que tenemos que empezar de nuevo, pensar distinto y volver a intentar con
otra estrategia. Los técnicos e ingenieros somos el corazón de la fuerza productiva e industrial de una sociedad. Encontramos satisfacción al luchar contra la complejidad ante la que la mayoría abandona al primer intento. Esto no lo hacemos generalmente por una motivación meramente económica, más que por un desafío y satisfacción personal. Veo sin embargo, que este tipo de profesiones se ve desvirtuada (lamentablemente) ante la creencia de que posiciones de gestión o administración generarán un mayor ingreso económico y de alguna manera menor compromiso con el resultado final de un emprendimiento. Me sorprende ver la gran cantidad de gente joven recibida de...(Read whole news on source site)

Nightly news, 12 Oct 2012

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LightSpeed Fix for issue with boolean auto-predicate when used in an Any call(details) Web Workbench Add option for hiding Setup Compass Project menu item NHibernate Designer Fixes for designer functionality under Visual Studio 2012 WPF Elements Added DataGrid Expand and Collapse methods for controlling hierarchical items. (details) Added “can change expanded state” logic for hierarchical [...]

Important: Security Advisory 2749655 affects WCF DS - WCF Data Services Team Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

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Important: Security Advisory 2749655 affects WCF DS - WCF Data Services Team Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs:
 The WCF Data Services Team draws attention to a recent Security Advisory from Microsoft which affects the WCF Data Services 5.0.1 and earlier with regards to the generation of certificates by Microsoft. This is not a security Vulnerability, but is something which may cause problems, so its well worth getting the latest installer for WCF Data Services which addresses this issue.

MSDN subscribers worldwide get Pluralsight Starter Subscription

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Today we announced that MSDN subscribers around the world are eligible for a 12-month Pluralsight training subscription. We originally made this limited-time benefit available to our US subscribers over the summer.  Due to the great response and feedback from our customers, we’re excited to expand this benefit globally through December 11, 2012! The Pluralsight Starter Subscription is a custom 25-course subscription created specifically for MSDN subscribers. With this extension, we partnered with Pluralsight to include several new Visual Studio 2012 courses: Introduction to Visual Studio 2012 - Part 1 ALM with TFS 2012 Fundamentals ALM for Developers with Visual Studio 2012 Microsoft Fakes Fundamentals IntellliTrace Additionally, there
are courses on developing Windows 8 apps, C#, and agile software development with scrum. Check out the full list of courses – we think you’ll find something you like! To take advantage of this training benefit, just register with Pluralsight at by December 11, 2012. Note that all MSDN subscription levels are eligible for this benefit, excluding subscriptions acquired through MPN, DreamSpark, WebsiteSpark, or BizSpark.  Courses are available in English only. Brian
...(Read whole news on source site)

Easy Notification for Windows Phone 7.0 and 7.1

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V1.0 of the Easy Notification is released and is now available for download from Codeplex website. Easy Notification for Windows Phone 7.0 and 7.1 is a Push Notification Helper for Windows Phone 7.0 and Windows Phone 7.1 and provides a simple interface to send different notifications to Windows Phone and Windows 8 Devices. The Easy Notification library for Windows Phone lets the developers to quickly integrate notification feature in their Windows Phone App. Know more about Easy Notification for Windows Phone 7.0 and 7.1 and download at CodePlex.

Next F#unctional Londoners Meetup - F# on the GPU with Alea.CUDA, Thursday, October 18, 2012

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  The next meetup of the absolutely fabulous F#unctional Londoners will be one week today, at the usual venue of SkillsMatter. The topic is an exciting one! Alea.CUDA - Combining the computational power of GPUs with the functional elegance of F#

Abstract F# and GPUs are two trailblazing yet unrelated technologies. F# is a uniquely productive language to solve complex problems in a clear and concise way. On the other hand GPUs offer an immense computational power to solve large number crunching tasks fast and efficiently. Our presentation shows how to wed the two technologies F# and GPUs with the help
of Alea.CUDA. Alea.CUDA is our new framework and compiler service for GPU computing. It extends F# with the key CUDA concepts and allows to compile F# code quotations to an executable GPU code. I will briefly introduce Alea.CUDA and show you – by means of several live coding examples – how it can be used to develop GPU algorithms entirely in F# with the full flexibility of CUDA-C. Besides getting an understanding of the main features of Alea.CUDA you will become familiar with some of the basic GPU computing paradigms. To round off the presentation I shall reveal some of...(Read whole news on source site)