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Blogs - implements W3C and Facebook Ringmark browser tests

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Blogs - implements W3C and Facebook Ringmark browser tests:
Ringmark is the mobile browser test process introduced by Facebook
 earlier this year. It’s designed to help developers learn more about each mobile browser. We think it is important that we integrate Ringmark in our service as it can be used by developers to build targeted mobile sites. Web site visitors can receive a custom experience dependent on their mobile devices capabilities. We are including over 40 new browser properties identified by the Ringmark tests into our Premium and Lite services showing
our continued commitment to the development of our device database and integration with other open source projects.
...(Read whole news on source site)

International Code Sharing

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A Swede, and Italian/American, and a … Ward Bell walk into a bar … OK, so I don’t exactly know what Ward Bell is (besides a great friend and brilliant colleague). And what’s he doing walking into a bar with a Swede? And how did they do that since Ward lives in San Francisco, CA and Hans Fjällemark lives in Sweden? And why did they invite me, the Italian/American, since I don’t drink? They went to the bar to share code ideas, of course! I’ve always enjoyed working on side projects with friends so I
could share ideas and bounce crazy ones off each other. The ultimate result is better code and a lot of fun. Ward and I have been friends for years and we often chat over the 3 hour time different from Florida to California via Skype while working out different patterns for building apps. One project Ward was instrumental in helping me work through was how I use a service locator (aka my ServiceProvider) for MVVM with XAML. Hans is a new friend who I ran into on Twitter. he lives in Sweden, but thanks to Skype the 8 hour...(Read whole news on source site)

#551 – Resources Are Listed under the Resources Tab in Blend

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When you convert an object to a resource using Blend, the definition of the object is moved from the control where it was defined into a resource dictionary and given a unique name. In the XAML fragment below, the resource dictionary defined for the Window contains a single entry with the key “BrushBlueFade”.  The Label control then [...]

Porting to Windows 8 from Windows Phone | Background agents (11 of 12)

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source: The Mango (7.1) update for Windows Phone brought us a lot of goodies including the Scheduled Task Agent. It allowed us to create a feeling of push notifications without actually doing any server push implementation. In the Reseguiden app we use the background agents to do new searches for trips and displaying the top result in the app tile. Sort of a budget-push. So, the question is, does the same functionality exist in Windows 8? The answer is yes; same same but different. New times, new APIs You will recognize the same thinking when looking
at background agents for Windows 8 as in Windows Phone. They are declared in the app manifest and kept in a separate project. The big difference is that the control of the background running has been moved from .NET to the Windows Runtime. And since the logic for it has moved the way to call it has changed as well ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

Analyze the use of a WP7 app with Google Analytics and Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework (MSAF)

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source: Days ago I wanted to try this in order to make a follow-up of the use of my app. And looking a bit I have seen that there is 'Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework' (MASF). It's a framework that allows you to analysis/monitoring of the use of our app using conventional as Google Analytics, Webtrens, At Internet tools,.... Here everyone that knows and likes. In my case I had features of Google Analytics and it is that I have used, but please if you observe that with another system is obtained more information do not hesitate to discuss

Let's go step by step with an example of Google Analytics and Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework:

1 Download MSAF

Logically the first thing we need is to download MSAF Installer. From here you can perform the download. Once downloaded installed, will be with the rest of SDKs, and already we can begin to use it.

2. Create account in Google Analytics:

For who has not worked with this tool tell you need a google account. and from the url is accessed with the account and you can have access to create...(Read whole news on source site)

Strange production errors

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The following code cause a really strange error in production: new MailAddress("test@gmail.​com"); The specified string is not in the form required for an e-mail address. Huh?! Obviously it is! After immediately leaping to the conclusion that .NET is crap and I should immediately start writing my own virtual machine, I decided to dig a little deeper: Character Code t 116 e 101 s 115 t 116 @ 64 g 103 m 109 a 97 i 105 l 108 . 46 ? 8203 c
99 o 111 m 109 8203 stands for U+200B or zero width space. I guess that someone with a software testing background decided to get medieval on one of our systems....(Read whole news on source site)

Free book "Expert Oracle Database Architecture, 2nd Edition"

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At, Redgate are offering free copies of Expert Oracle Database Architecture, 2nd Edition
Fully revised to cover Oracle Database 11gProof-by-example approach: Let the evidence be your guideDives deeply into Oracle Databases’s most powerful featuresFREE eBook version (usual selling price = $41.99)Zip file includes .pdf, .mobi and .epub versions