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Speaking at ONETUG this Thursday

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            This Thursday, July 19th, I’m speaking at ONETUG (Orlando .NET User Group).  I’m doing a presentation on Visual Studio ALM and your Agile Team.   I will start with some of the new features of TFS 2012 and Visual Studio 2012 and I will show you how those features can make you and your team build better software faster.  I will talk about Backlogs, Sprint Planning, Task Board, Burndown, Code Review, Continuous Integration, Automated Testing, and anything else that people would like to see.  So come with your questions and hopefully
I will have some answers for you. Doors open at 6:30 pm for food and networking and the meeting starts at 7 pm.  RSVP Here: See you there!
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2 Minute Magic Videos for WebMatrix 2

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We know that most of us are bombarded with infinite amount of information each day and sometimes 2-3 minutes is all we have to check a quick email or learn something new. In that spirit we have released 2 Minute Magic videos for WebMatrix 2 which you can watch during your tiny power breaks.  Hope you enjoy them!! Get Started How to create a site using WebMatrix How to use the Site Workspace inside of WebMatrix How to create a site using the ASP.NET Starter Template in WebMatrix Using

Generating scripts to copy data from one location/server/database to another - Part 2

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This is a follow-up post to my previous blog post on Generating scripts for schema and data. While the method we discussed in the previous post was very much standard, in this post we will examine a few not-so-common tricks that may be helpful in some scenarios. Everyone reading this may be familiar with different techniques/methods for moving data from one location/server/database to another. Each one of us may be using a particular method (or set of methods) that suites our requirement/environment best. Frequently used methods in my environment for moving/copying data Usually we use
(in our environment) an SSIS package to move data from one location to another. For copying a table from one server in the network to another, the import/export wizard may be found to be very handy. I usually see it to be quite efficient when copying really large tables. Occasional SELECT query to generate INSERT scripts Sometimes, if the table is small and the number of columns to transfer are less, I quickly write a SELECT query that produces the INSERT statements. It is not ‘always’ but there are times when I really found this to be really...(Read whole news on source site)

Stephen Covey Tribute

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Stephen Covey has past away, but his legend lives on: Stephen Covey Leaves a Legacy Covey will be missed, but not forgotten.   I see him all around me every day in the halls of Microsoft … Many of my mentors, mentees, and colleagues are avid Stephen Covey fans.  I know a lot of Softies around Microsoft that echo the patterns and practices of Stephen Covey’s work.    One of my early managers, was a raving fan of Stephen Covey and he made it real.  He absolutely practiced what he preached and he
was one of the most inspiring managers that I ever worked for. One of the most important lessons I learned from that same manager was that I had to be OK with failure.  I had to risk enough to be able to fail.   I had to be open to the idea that I couldn’t make everything succeed all of the time.   He said it was this vulnerability that would become my strength.  He also said that if I could embrace the idea of letting others fail and learn from their mistakes that it would be more empowering in the...(Read whole news on source site)