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Windows Azure and Cloud Computing Posts for 3/29/2012+

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A compendium of Windows Azure, Service Bus, EAI & EDI Access Control, Connect, SQL Azure Database, and other cloud-computing articles. Note: This post is updated daily or more frequently, depending on the availability of new articles in the following sections:

DevConnections Demos and Slides–Web API, Async, and Extensible XAML Clients

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Today I am giving three sessions at DevConnections. The first on the new ASP.NET Web API, both defining and consuming WEB API and RESTful services from many client platforms. The second is on the new async patterns in .NET and WinRT with the Task-based Asynchronous Pattern, TPL, and PFX. The last is on building extensible XAML client applications. You can grab the slides and demos below. Leveraging ASP.NET Web API to Reach Many Clients :   Slides    Demos Embrace Async:    Slides    Demos Building Extensible XAML Client Applications : Sides    Demos

Official and unofficial apps in the iOS, WP7, and Android marketplaces

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The last few months have seen people complaining about the lack of "official" apps in the Windows Phone marketplace. In fact a couple of months ago I wrote about this very thing here and if we really needed these official apps or could get by with third-party solutions. Recently a list of "Top 100 Mobile Apps" crossed my desk and it was curious. 40 iPhone apps, 40 Android apps, 10 WP7 apps, and 10 BlackBerry apps. Really? 10 for WP7? So I wondered if the media was just playing this up and maybe continuing to do
what I think most vendors are doing which is treating Windows Phone as the red-headed step-child you keep in the basement while all along there's nothing wrong with them. I put together the list and went digging to see how many of the top 40 iOS and Android apps were also on the Windows Phone platform (sorry BlackBerry, you should just shut your doors right now). Here's the results. Note, these are all *free* apps. There might be other pay apps that have official representation across all mobile devices, I just chose to hunt these ones down because I'm cheap.

Marketplace now open in 13 new markets. Are your apps available?

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source: windowsteamblog Marketplace opened for customers today in 13 new markets—a milestone my colleague Mazhar talks abouton our consumer blog. As I’ve written, the news is just another reminder that if you haven’t started cross-submitting your apps for publishing (here's how), now’s the time so phone owners in these new markets can start downloading them. Before signing off, I wanted to quickly address a question I often get: Why isn’t the developer App Hubexpanding at the same pace as the consumer Marketplace? It’s a great question with a complicated answer. Simply put, it takes a lot of legal and engineering work
to bring App Hub to new markets. We know you want to see App Hub expand, and we’re working hard to do that while guaranteeing a good experience for you. Setting up registration and payment infrastructure, complying with local laws and regulations, and doing all the other work necessary to ensure you have the tools you need to publish free and paid apps—and get compensated properly—takes time to put into place. .....Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

Binding Multiple Controls to One - Windows Phone

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source: A co-worker of mines is building a price calculator app for Azure. He is an Azure specialist with no Window Phone development experience. He wanted to have multiple slider controls adjust the value of one textbox.  Originally I thought so simple, just to element binding to get the value on on control into the property of another control. Obviously, this is not what he needed. He needs to have multiple sliders control the value of one textbox. To get the results we wanted, I
simply bind the textbox to a property that returns the “sum” of all other values. You can apply any equation you like .....Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

Links to My Cloud Computing Tips at TechTarget’s SearchCloudComputing and SearchSQLServer Sites

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I’m a regular contributor of tips and techniques articles for cloud computing development and strategy to TechTarget’s (@TechTarget) SearchCloudComputing site, and an occasional contributor of SQL Azure-related articles to their SearchSQLServer blog. The following table lists the topics I’ve covered to date: Date Title 3/28/2012