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how to install application manually with WPI ?

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Do you feel that software you are trying to download goes approx 100% completed and you click cancel suddenly and now what ?

You can got the SETUP file for the software you are trying to install through web platform installer on this location

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Web Platform Installer\installers

replace the [username] with your own system user name and here you can find the files you are trying to install.


Imagine Cup USA People's Choice Awards

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Ever wonder how you can help support student achievement in Technology? Well, one way is to check out the teams competing in this year's Imagine Cup USA competition, and vote in the People's Choice Awards! You can vote daily up until the deadline of May 19th. It's an easy way to encourage students to create great solutions with technology, so please GO VOTE!

The story Begins

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The story Begins Lately, I’ve decided to write my own JavaScript library for educational and experimental purposes. The idea came to me while I was creating a demo to a session that I will deliver in the near future. In the session, I wanted to show how to use different JavaScript storage types and didn’t wanted to change my code every time for every storage type. So I’ve created a library to handle client-side data storages in simple and consistent way. The library is called story.js and its first bits are hosted in GitHub. Right
now the library includes the following storage types: Web Storage IndexedDB Cookies In-memory In the future expect more features. I’ve also convince my managers at Sela Group to help in this initiative and other Sela experts (Noam and Sebastian) agreed to contribute to the library. You can join us too – just let me know through the Blog’s contact form. Here are simple code snippets that show how to use story.js...(Read whole news on source site)

Getting Rid of the “Plug-in Not Responding” Message when Debugging Silverlight Applications in Chrome

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Introduction I really love building Silverlight Applications and debugging with Chrome. One thing that I hate though is the constant popups that I get from Chrome telling me my plug-in is unresponsive when I’m trying to figure out why something isn’t working. I decided to take a few minutes and find out how to solve this once and for all and share it with you. Below you will see my normal routine and how easily we can solve this. The Normal Routine I set a break point on a line: I
start debugging my application and begin inspecting the Binding Statement or whatever and eventually Chrome gives me this message: I hit the No button and eventually it comes up again asking the same question. The Solution Multiple Solutions exists for this but it all boils down to adding an extra parameter called --disable-hang-monitor to the command line. So for example, I usually open an instance of chrome before debugging my SL applications. I went ahead and create a shortcut to chrome and add the parameter after chrome.exe as shown below....(Read whole news on source site)

Updated JavaScript Koans

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 Today I updated my JavaScript Koans project, adding a new topic (about 'this') and updating an existing topic (about reflection). The about reflection topic had some weird examples that needed fixing and while I was in the code I added a test about object's 'constructor' property.  The 'about this' topic explores the various ways that JavaScript's 'this' keyword can behave.