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Executive Research Report: Stock Shock: The effect of project and portfolio management on share price

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Executive Research Report: Stock Shock: The effect of project and portfolio management on share price:

Predicting long-term costs across multiple programmesEffectively assessing and monitoring ROIManaging cash flow throughout individual project lifecycles
Stock Shock is an independent report that looks at the intrinsic connection between long-term capital investment and short term market performance – and how this can impact the profit outlook. It examines existing research, industry examples, and explores practical approaches to maintaining effective visibility and control over key operational metrics.

HP QTP vs TestMaker Designer

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Easy and Fast Record/Playback of Web, Ajax, Flex Applications:

Last week PushToTest completed a Proof Of Concept (POC) project for a medium-size IT organization. The experience showed us the strenths and weaknesses of the TestMaker Object Designer when evaluated by a bunch of QA testers brought up on HP's QuickTest Professional (HP QTP.) Open Source Testing (OST) is a much better solution:
While QTP did a good job at getting testers productive, it has not done the QA tester community any favors. QTP has not kept up with the innovative ways software developers and IT Ops managers
build and operate Rich Internet Applications (RIA, using Ajax, Flex, Flash, Applets, Silverlight, Oracle Forms.) QTP does not recognize the thousands of new Web objects in Ajax applications using GWT, JQuery, Yui, and Extjs.
 QTP is too expensive for Agile where testers team with developers.
 Only PushToTest TestMaker offers repurposing capability where a single test script runs as a functional test, load and performance test, and production service monitor. QTP scripts are incompatible with Load Runner.
Still, QTP is a familiar face. The testers we worked with had a lonesome, longing face when they considered moving from QTP to PushToTest TestMaker....(Read whole news on source site)

How to display Suggestions in on screen keyboard for a textbox in Windows Phone app?

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source: In the standard Windows Phone functions like messaging or Email App, when you enter a text, you will see the list of suggestions for the text you are typing in the top of on screen keyboard. How to display Suggestions in 'on screen keyboard' for a textbox in Windows Phone app? - 1 Similarly, we can display the suggestions for a textbox in the on screen keyboard in our Windows Phone App too with the help of Input Scope(Chat or Text InputScopeName). Just set the InputScope of the textbox to "Text" like the sample sourecode given below: InputScope inputScope =
new InputScope(); InputScopeName inputName = new InputScopeName(); inputName.NameValue = InputScopeNameValue.Text; inputScope.Names.Add(inputName); textBox1.InputScope = inputScope; ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

Helping out with the new Facebook SDK

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source: Recently I upgraded the Facebook integration for my app Geo Shot  and it turned out the API has been changed a bit. Since the changes were not documented I had to find a way to restore functionality and today I found out more people are challenged with this task. Being a lazy person I first examined the non-WP7 solutions and was able to come up with the solution and it turned out to be a walk in the park. Setting of properties has been changed and the same is true for some calls. The
code below should be self-explaining and can be copied into your solution (this time I did not use the MVVM Light toolkit so it is all codebehind). Please note that the AppID is retrieved from App.cs (make sure to use your ID) and the resulting AccessToken is stored inside IsolatedStorage. The third piece of code explains posting an image to FaceBook using the new SDK. ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

Pluralsight Meet the Author Podcast on Structuring JavaScript Code

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I had the opportunity to talk with Fritz Onion from Pluralsight about one of my recent courses titled Structuring JavaScript Code for one of their Meet the Author podcasts. We talked about why JavaScript patterns are important for building more re-useable and maintainable apps, pros and cons of different patterns, and how to go about picking a pattern as a project is started. The course provides a solid walk-through of converting what I call “Function Spaghetti Code” into more modular code that’s easier to maintain, more re-useable,
and less susceptible to naming conflicts. Patterns covered in the course include the Prototype Pattern, Revealing Module Pattern, and Revealing Prototype Pattern along with several other tips and techniques that can be used.
Meet the Author:  Dan Wahlin on Structuring JavaScript Code
  The transcript from the podcast is shown below:
[Fritz]  Hello, this is Fritz Onion with another Pluralsight author interview. Today we’re talking with Dan Wahlin about his new course, Structuring JavaScript Code. Hi, Dan, it’s good to have you with...(Read whole news on source site)

Article: Visual Studio 11 Beta – an initial ‘review’

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by Mike Fourie This review is based on the Visual Studio 11 Beta build released by Microsoft on 29th February 2012. It’s been two years since Microsoft released Visual Studio 2010 in April 2010 and over a year since they delivered Service Pack 1 in March 2011. At last the next major release is available to us, with a Go Live licence, and overall it’s looking like a significant delivery which should please the majority of the user base and draw not just more developers to the product, but testers, managers, operations staff and stakeholders too. In this brief review I’ll touch
on a few of the features which I think are worth calling out, apologies in advance if I don’t cover an area you are passionate about, but Visual Studio is a substantial product and there will be many books written to cover its various features. One area I am not going to cover in detail is the new UI as there is already enough debate online. Let’s see what the Release Candidate looks like to see how much ‘listening’ has happened. You have to admire the passion of the user base on this one! Here’s a reduced edition comparison matrix which...(Read whole news on source site)

SharePoint - Recursive delete SPWeb PowerShell script

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Or, what happens when you stuffed up and need to clean up a lot of sites created by accident.   Story I have a feature receiver stapled to my site template, it checks a few conditions, does a few things, then creates 1 subsite and stops The new subsite is created, and runs the same receiver, it checks a few more conditions, does a few things.  It shouldn't create any subsites. This afternoon, it did.  The process did not stop. Ouch  
Problem You can't delete the higher level web object when it has subsites.  You can't follow the subsites because the path has gone way deep. Sounds like time for a good PowerShell script   Script $web = get-spweb http://dev/ourprojects/nsw/1000 function CleanSite( $w )
    $ws = $w.Webs;
    foreach( $w1 in $ws)
   ...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1082

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Software EF Power Tools Beta 2 Available - Brice Lambson of the Entity Framework Team announces the release of the second beta of the Entity Framework Power Tools. These power tools provide additional design time tooling support in Visual Studio for working with EF, and this release brings customization of reverse generated code using T4 [...]