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ICommand issue in Windows 8: Correction!

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Well I'll be… I stand corrected! I recently published a blog post stating that you need to declare a command as ICommand (instead of RelayCommand) if you want it to work in Windows 8. I even went as far as to modify the MVVM Light code snippets that are used to create commands. In fact, scratch that post… I was wrong! I got a few people writing to me and letting me know that RelayCommand works just fine for them. And now, after I tested again, I cannot reproduce the issue! So I need to be
clear, my first post was wrong, and I stand corrected. Based on the feedback, I will also set the MVVM Light snippet back to expose the command as RelayCommand instead of ICommand. It would indeed be "purer" as ICommand, but it also causes issues (such as the need to cast to call RaiseCanExecuteChanged) and is not worth it. Sorry about the confusion folks!! Cheers,

How to Create an ASP.NET Wizard Interface in ASP.NET MVC & WebForms

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Check out this slick Code Central example on how to create a Wizard interface in ASP.NET using DevExpress ASP.NET controls. First, here's a glimpse of what it looks like: Pretty cool, huh? And it works for both ASP.NET MVC and WebForms! Check out the Code Central solutions here: ASP.NET WebForms - How to organize Wizard interface within ASPxPageControl ASP.NET MVC - How to organize Wizard interface within ASPxPageControl and ASPxMenu Learn how use Code Central by watching
this tips video How's it work? This wizard interface is a great example because it uses several of the controls from the DXperience ASP.NET subscription:
ASPxPageControl, ASPxPopupControl, ASPxMenu (part of ASPxperience)
ASPxCheckBox, ASPxLabel, ASPxTextBox, ASPxDateEdit, ASPxComboBox, ASPxButton, ASPxValidationSummary (part of ASPxEditors) At the heart of the sample, the ASPxPageControl controls the views before the end-user can move forward to the next view. And the DevExpress ASP.NET editors will ensure validation before...(Read whole news on source site)

Daily WP7 Development News 24 April 2012

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Daily Windows 8 Development News 24 April 2012

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Creating a Web Part that Executes a CAML Query Based on Managed Metadata Values Chosen By Users

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Sometimes you might need a way to be able to retrieve pages that have been tagged with a particular Managed Metadata (MMD) value. In this scenario, let's say that we have a MMD field called Category. I want to be able to let my users use the Taxonomy "picker" control to select which category value they want to filter their results by. To do this, I creat a Web Part Tool Pane EditorPart that I add to my Web Part that does the filtering. The EditorPart doesn't do the actual persisting of the data, so I need to create public properties on the parent Web Part
that store the selected value. My web part, "MyWebPart" has the following three public properties:
int[] CategoryWssIds
string FilterTerm
Guid CategoryTermId
I want the picker control to be bound to the same node that my Category site column is already bound to, in the MMD tree. Here's the code for the EditorPart class: class Editor : EditorPart
  private TaxonomyWebTaggingControl termPicker;

  /// Adds the picker control and binds it to the same term set that the
  /// Category site column is bound to.

  protected override void CreateChildControls()
      TaxonomyField category = SPContext.Current.Site.RootWeb.Fields["Category"] as TaxonomyField;

      if...(Read whole news on source site)