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Pushing the limits of the Windows Phone SDK and sending files via EmailComposeTask

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source: It's almost 4 in the morning, and as with all great ideas, this one came to me while I was working on a completely different project. I was thinking that it is a shame that I cannot attach files to an email via EmailComposeTask . EmailComposeTask won't allow you to send attachments, but this doesn't mean that you cannot send files through it. .NET Framework has these two amazing methods: Convert.ToBase64String and Convert.FromBase64String. The first will allow the developer to convert a byte array (byte[]) to a Base64-encoded string, the
other one will do the same operation in reverse. ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

Visual Studio 11 Beta Survey

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Visual Studio 11 Beta Survey:

What are the most common ways in which you have used Visual Studio 11 Beta?
Metro style with C# or VB
Metro style with C++
Metro style with DirectX
Metro style with HTML/JavaScript/CSS
Metro style JavaScript with C++ hybrid
Metro style JavaScript with C#/VB hybrid
Metro style C#/VB with C++ hybrid
C#/desktop (WPF/Windows Forms/etc.)
VB/desktop (WPF/Windows Forms/etc.)
C++/desktop (MFC/WPF/Windows Forms/etc.)
TFS Operations (Bugs, Source, etc.)
Unit Testing in Visual Studio
/> Manual Testing / Coded UI Testing
Profiling and Code Analysis
Modeling Tools (Layer Diagrams, Progression, etc.)
Databases (Server Explorer, etc.)

Visual Studio 11 Beta is designed to allow Visual Studio 2010 project to be opened and used, and then those projects still work when re-opened in Visual Studio 2010.
...(Read whole news on source site)

Using the complementary color of the phone accent color in your WP7 app

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source: I'm building a Windows Phone app where I want to compare 2 objects to each other visually by showing graphs on how good each of the objects is performing. because I like to use the accent color in my apps I was thinking of what would be a good second color for the other graph. Since I'm not a designer I did some research on colors and found out that every color has a complementary color that is exactly the opposite color of your primary color. (Probably some basic design knowledge I didn't know that.
Calculating this color is done by simple math. Your primary color + the complementary color should add up to hex value FFFFFF (white) so if you just remove the R G and B values of your color from the max value 255 you'll end up with your complementary color. ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

Announcement: Visual Studio 11 Beta Survey–tell us what you think!

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Got something to say about Visual Studio 11 Beta? Make sure you complete the survey to get your voice heard. As well as your comments on performance, reliability, and quality, the Visual Studio team want to know your opinions on areas such as setup and project/solution compatibility. Your input will help continue to improve Visual Studio so it’s worth taking the time to complete. Visual Studio 11 Beta Survey

Watch your 6, or is it your I/O?

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One of the interesting things about the freedb dataset is that it is distributed as a 3.1 million separate files, most of them in the 1 – 2 KB range. Loading that to RavenDB took a while, so I set out to fix that. Care to guess what is the absolutely the first thing that I did?

The Morning Brew #1073

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Software Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 Update Now Available - Cliff Simpkins announces the release of the Windows Phone SDK .1.1 on the Windows Phone Developer Blog. This release is the official release for the CTP that was released last month, and enables development of applications targeting the 256MB devices, and also allows development on Windows [...]

Consultants are Evil?

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Consultants are Evil? First of all I want to confess – I’m a consultant and I’m working as a consultant for a few years. This post is written as a response for a conversation that I had with a friend today. The friend and I worked for more than two years together before I became a consultant and he learned to respect my opinions. The Conversation Details In the conversation, my friend asked me if some solution is practical. In his workplace he is working with another respectful consultant which is a very smart guy. But sometime being a smart guy drives
you to complex solutions and that was the case. My friend wanted to create a Proof Of Concept with a specific technology and a lot is on stake regarding the proposed solution at his workplace. If the POC will succeed a major application will migrate to that technology. The problem was that the consultant told my friend, which is an experienced developer, to do something that sounded very complex and hard to implement. So my friend called me and after a couple of minutes I offered him another solution which is much simpler and less error prone. At the end...(Read whole news on source site)