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Free e-book on improving Dot Net code

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At, there is a free e-book on improving the efficiency of Dot Net code.

This book is being published by RedGate Software, the makers of ANTS Performance Profiler.

Type initializer circular dependencies

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To some readers, the title of this post may induce nightmarish recollections of late-night debugging sessions. To others it may be simply the epitome of jargon. Just to break the jargon down a bit: Type initializer: the code executed to initialize the static variables of a class, and the static constructor Circular dependency: two bits of code which depend on each other - in this case, two classes whose type initializers each require that the other class is initialized A quick example of the kind of problem I'm talking
about would be helpful here. What would you expect this code to print?
using System;

class Test
    static void Main()

class First
    public static readonly int Alpha = 5;
    public static readonly int...(Read whole news on source site)

Integrate BING API for Search inside ASP.Net web application

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As you might already know, Bing is the Microsoft Search engine and is getting popular day by day. Bing offers APIs that can be integrated into your website to increase your website functionality. At this moment, there are two important APIs available. They are Bing Search API Bing Maps The Search API enables you to build applications that utilize Bing’s technology. The API allows you to search multiple source types such as web; images, video etc. and supports various output prototypes such as JSON, XML, and SOAP. Also you will be
able to customize the search results as you wish for your public facing website. Bing Maps API allows you to build robust applications that use Bing Maps. In this article I am going to describe, how you can integrate Bing search into your website. In order to start using Bing, First you need to sign in to using your windows live credentials. Click on the Sign in button, you will be asked to enter your windows live credentials. Once signed in you will...(Read whole news on source site)

Computer Networks UNISA - Chap 12 – Networking Security

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  After reading this section you should be able to Identify security risks in LANs and WANs and design security policies that minimize risks Explain how physical security contributes to network security Discuss hardware and design based security techniques Understand methods of encryption such as SSL and IPSec, that can secure data in storage and in transit Describe how popular authentication protocols such as RADIUS
techniques to provide basic security Understand wireless security protocols such as WEP, WPA and 802.11i Security Audits Before spending time and money on network security, examine your networks security risks – rate and prioritize risks. Different organizations have different levels of network security requirements. Security Risks Not all security breaches result from a manipulation of network technology – there are human factors that can play a role as well. The following categories are areas of considerations… Risks associated with People ...(Read whole news on source site)

Execute TSQL statement with ExecuteStoreQuery in entity framework 4.0

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I was playing with entity framework in recent days and I was searching something that how we can execute TSQL statement in entity framework. And I have found one great way to do that with entity framework ‘ExecuteStoreQuery’ method. It’s executes a TSQL statement against data source given enity framework context and returns strongly typed result. You can find more information about ExcuteStoreQuery from following link. So let’s examine how it works. So Let’s first create a table against which we are going to execute TSQL statement. So I have added a SQL Express
database as following. Now once we are done with adding a database let’s add a table called Client like following. Here you can see above Client table is very simple. There are only two fields ClientId and ClientName where ClientId is primary key and ClientName is field where we are going to store client name. Now it’s time to add some data to the table. So I have added some test data like following. Now it’s time to add entity framework model class. So right click project->Add new...(Read whole news on source site)