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Telerik Sample Apps, Resources and Giveaways for Windows Phone Developers

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The RadControls for Windows Phone is simple to use and provides rich set of functionalities to develop windows phone App easily. You can download the trial version of RadControls for Windows Phone here If you want to win a copy of the RadControls for Windows Phone , Check the GiveAway details Participating in the [...]

Low-Latency High-Performant Financial App Infrastructures

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  Financial Apps feel the need for speed – this can come via parallelization, and via infrastructure - fast messaging and non-blocking distributed memory management. This blogpost gives an overview + examples of various technologies that can squeeze performance out of your trading apps and clock cycles out of your modeling apps. Low Latency via Infrastructure ZeroMQ · ZeroMQ is a messaging library - ‘messaging middleware’ , ‘TCP on steroids’ , ‘new layer on the networking stack’. not a complete messaging system , but is a simple messaging library to be used programmatically. Gives the
flexibility and performance of low level socket interface plus ease of implementation of high level. It is designed for simplicity. · Performance - ZeroMQ is orders of magnitude faster than most AMQP messaging systems as it doesn’t have the overhead. It leverages efficient transports such as reliable Multicast and makes use of intelligent message batching, minimizing not only protocol overhead but also system calls. You can choose the message encoding format such as BSON or ProtoBuff. o ZeroMQ sockets can connect to multiple end points and automatically load balance messages over them. It is brokerless and thus has...(Read whole news on source site)

The missing [NeutralResourceLanguage] attribute error in Windows Phone marketplace

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by Senthil Kumar When submitting one of my Apps (Number Converter for Windows Phone) to the Windows Phone Marketplace, I got this error when uploading my .XAP file The [NeutralResourceLanguage] attribute is missing on the entry assembly. When searched for this error in Google, I found out that the cause of the error is the wrong NeutralResourceLanguage set in the Windows Phone Project. The NeutralResourceLanguage was set to "None" and this caused the error. To resolve the error, one needs to set the
NeutralResourceLanguage to English. ...(Read whole news on source site)

Daily WP7 Development News 26 March 2012

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Markets: How to Publish Your Existing App to New Marketplace Regions Live Tiles revisited You can also subscribe to our News feed or follow us on Twitter @winphonegeek . (We list the latest Windows Phone 7 development activities.) ...(Read whole news on source site)

DevWeek 2012

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For those interested, myself and a few other people from Red Gate will be going to DevWeek 2012 in London this week. I'll be mostly around the .NET and C# talks, but may drop into the architecture and agile talks as well. I'll be blogging interesting stuff I come across as well. If you want to meet up, do feel free to contact me via the blog or on twitter at @simonmcooper. See you there!

null is not false

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The way you typically represent a "missing" or "invalid" value in C# is to use the "null" value of the type. Every reference type has a "null" value; that is, the reference that does not actually refer to anything. And every "normal" value type has a corresponding "nullable" value type which has a null value. The way these concepts are implemented is completely different. A reference is typically implemented behind the scenes as a 32 or 64 bit number. As we've discussed previously in this space, that number should logically be treated as an "opaque" handle that
only the garbage collector knows about, but in practice that number is the offset into the virtual memory space of the process that the referred-to object lives at, inside the managed heap. The number zero is reserved as the representation of null because the operating system reserves the first few pages of virtual memory as invalid, always. There is no chance that by some accident, the zero address is going to be a valid address in the heap. By contrast, a nullable value type is simply an instance of the value type plus a Boolean that indicates whether the value...(Read whole news on source site)

Windows 8 Developer Event in New York City on April 19, 2012

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Back on March 13th, I announced a series of Windows 8 Developer Camps coming to cities up and down the US east coast starting this week and running through April & May 2012.  There was one location that eerily seemed to be missing from the list of tour dates:  New York City! (or as my teammate Rachel Appel likes to say, “The Capital of the World!”) So what gives?! New York City is a special place… being the capital of the world and all.  Microsoft wanted to be able to do something special there for the
first big Windows 8 Developer event there. As such, the details were not all in place when I announced the Windows 8 Developer Camps earlier this month.  Now they are, and I’m happy to announce that April 19, 2012 will be the Windows 8 Developer Event in New York City!!!  The event will be at Center 548 on the West Side near Chelsea Piers.  Read on for registration & details… Windows Reimagined Learn everything you need to start building Metro-style apps for Windows today at our free, full-day Windows Developer Event. We'll...(Read whole news on source site)

Upcoming Events for March 26th, 2012

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Here are the events listed in Community Megaphone for the next week (or so) for the Mid-Atlantic area, as well as webcasts of interest…this list includes events imported from the UGSS event calendar, and user group events entered in Community Megaphone are also automatically synced to the UGSS event calendar: MD Windows Developer Camp
Thursday, March 29, 2012 9:00 AM, Chevy Chase, MD
Windows 8 changes everything.
Combining the broad reach of Windows, best-in-class developer tools, a reimagined user experience, support for new chipsets, and a built-in Store with industry-leading business terms — Windows 8 is the largest
developer opportunity, ever.
Join us for this free, full-day event designed to share all the knowledge you need to start building Metro-style applications for Windows 8 – today. We’ll begin by showing you how to use Visual Studio to code fast, fluid, immersive and beautiful Metro-style applications in HTML5/JavaScript, XAML/C# and C/C++. Your existing investments in these languages carry forward, making Windows a no-compromise platform for developers.
Whatever language you choose, your app gets deep integration with the Windows shell, including notifications, live tiles, deep links, and contracts with other apps. And now you can build once and support all Windows customers,...(Read whole news on source site)