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Visual Studio 11 User Interface Updates Coming in RC

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With the release of Visual Studio 11 Beta back in February of this year, we introduced changes to the user experience based on two core design principles, the first being to give you more space for your content and the second being to draw more focus to that content. Since the debut of these changes there’s been significant community response and feedback. We’ve taken this feedback and based on what we heard have made a number of changes planned for Visual Studio 11 RC. I want to thank you for your continued feedback through this blog, and also through the
various other community channels - please keep it coming. The purpose of this post is to provide you with an update on the changes we’ve made since beta. I’ve also included a brief summary of the beta feedback that we’ve leveraged in making these updates. Beta Feedback We have been fortunate in getting a lot of actionable user feedback relating to the Visual Studio 11 Beta release. In sorting through the feedback we found it to be primarily focused on three aspects of the new themes. An overall desire for more visual “energy” and contrast Calls for a more balanced application of Metro styling A desire...(Read whole news on source site)

Find out what’s in store for the Visual Studio 11 UI in the RC release

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After announcing the Visual Studio 11 Beta developer experience, we received considerable feedback on the UI. I want to thank you for all the comments you provided on this topic, and for taking the time to evaluate the beta release. At this point in the product cycle, we’ve been reviewing all of the beta feedback, and working on product updates for RC. Today we’re excited to share what these updates will look like for the UI. I encourage you to read more on the Visual Studio blog, where we’ve summarized the feedback we received on the beta, and showed
the UI changes we have in store for RC.
...(Read whole news on source site)

How Google Penguin kills my visitors part II

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A small follow up on my Google Analytics statistics I have posted earlier. This screenshot gives a good view of a full week with and without Penguin: As you can see, I have compared week 16 until 22 April (penguin free) with the week 30 April until the 6th of May.
I cannot remember that I have ever seen a Google update causing so much difference in website statistics. I am glad that this blog is only meant as online reference and small how-to’s and that it is not my
primary source of income (with the ads). Cannot imagine how it might have affected other larger websites.

Now back to Asp.Net coding!
...(Read whole news on source site)

Are You Content?

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Today I'm going to deviate somewhat from my typical technical topics and talk instead about your job and your place in life. But godliness with contentment is of great gain. -1 Timothy 6:6 My husband and I teach a class at our church, using the curriculum from an organization called Crown. This class is ostensibly about dealing with money God's way, but the class is more fundamental than that; the Bible is clear that our attitude toward money and how we handle it is a deeper reflection of what we believe, and a reflection of our attitude toward God Himself. I ran
across this simple sentence this morning as I was going through this week's lesson: Biblical contentment is an inner peace that accepts what God has chosen for our present vocation and financial situation. This stood out to me today because a professor of Information Technology at Calvin College (my alma mater) recently asked me to present a keynote address at a seminar he does for his graduating students, called Dynamic Link. The topic is going to be, "Vocation, calling, and getting a job." Then this morning I saw that word again... vocation. According to Merriam Webster, the word vocation derivates...(Read whole news on source site)

Applied Architecture Patterns on the Microsoft Platform | Packt Publishing Technical & IT Book and eBook Store

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Slides & code of MSDN Live Meeting: CI using TFS11 & NuGet

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Thanks everyone for joining this session! As promised, here are the slides and code used during the presentation. I'll update this post with the Channel9 screencast as soon as it is available. MSDN Live Meeting - CI using TFS11 & NuGet - demo (2.40 mb)