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Performance and the mobile web

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By Dave Sussman Web Site Performance is more complex than you think. I've been banging on about CSS for years, and how it can improve performance, but the modern world is more complex; not only do we have multiple desktop browsers, but also multiple mobile ones. The web is inherently mobile these days, so performance is more important than it was, and while you may think media queries solve your problems (I did) you'd be wrong; CSS can still cause performance issues, simply because of the loading and parsing of the file. Here's a good little article that explains a
few issues you might not have thought of; I hadn't. Author Bio
Dave Sussman

Dave Sussman is an independent consultant, trainer, author and co- organiser of the DDD conferences. Most of his time these days is spent working on access control and security products, so has a house like a high-tech research facility. But without the deadly gas and armed guards.
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System vs. User task security: Who pays the sports writer?

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Let us assume for a moment that we are building a system for a sports site. We have multiple authors, submitting articles, and we pay each author for those articles. The data model might look like this: In this post, I want to talk about the security implications of such a system. Typically, this gets translated to requirements such as: Authors can edit their articles. Authors cannot modify / view any payments. Which very often gets boiled down to something like this: GRANT SELECT,INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE ON Articles TO Authors; DENY SELECT,INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE On Payments TO Authors; What do you think of
such a system? My approach, this is a horrible mess altogether. Think what it means for something like this: public ActionResult SubmitArticle(Article article) { if(IsValid(article)==false) return View(); Session.Store(article); var payment = GetOrCreatePaymentFor(article.Author); payment.AddArticle(article); return RedirectToAction("index"); } In order to run, this code would actually have to run under several different security credentials in order to work successfully. That is before we take into account how using multiple users for different operations would result in total chaos for small things like connection pooling. In real...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1148

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Software Download: Service Bus - The service buss components of Windows Azure are now available to download, allowing you to run your own instance(s) of the Service Bus on your own machines outside the cloud. (Great news for anyone wanting to scale out SignalR across multiple servers). Office Development with Visual Studio 2012 and "Napa" - S.Somasegar [...]

Porting existing Windows Phone Applications to Windows 8 FREE webcast

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source: Microsoft Event ID: 1032521564 Starts: Tuesday, July 31, 2012 10:00 AM
Time zone: (GMT+01:00) Rome, Stockholm
Duration: 1 hour(s) 15 minute(s) Abstract: In this Jump Start video you will learn how to migrate your existing Windows Phone Application to Windows 8 with as little effort as possible. You will learn about dos and don'ts while porting existing applications and existing User Interfaces. You will find out what UI will help you creating a portable User Interface and which code will run both on
Windows Phone and Windows 8. You will also learn how Visual Studio can assist you in maintaining one single source code base while targeting multiple platforms. ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

Tips and tricks for C# Metro developers : Handling the keyboard events

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source: blogs.msdn  have some users that ask me how can I handle the keyboard ? Should I add an event Handler on a top root grid? The response is no . The better solution is to use the KeyUp/KeyDown event of the CoreWindow which is able to catch all the keyboard strokes: protected override void OnNavigatedTo(NavigationEventArgs e) { Window.Current.CoreWindow.KeyUp += CoreWindow_KeyUp; } .....Read more

SharePoint 2013 Preview

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Time flies by and SharePoint 2013 (aka SharePoint 15) preview was already released (quite quietly I may add). The timeline of the official release has yet to be released but there's some info regarding the new features. First of all, the existing services will make a return : · BSC (Business Connectivity services) · Search Services · PerformancePoint Services · Excel Services · InfoPath Services · Access Services · InfoPath Services · User Profile Service In addition, you can except the following expansions services: · Content Management Service
· Translation Services · Workflow Services · SharePoint Quiz Client-Side Object Model Protocol · Education Services · Work Management Service · The Education services seems the most interesting and should be a major feature in the 2013 version, unfortunately there are no available details regarding these services. Additional Functionality · Following the metro / windows 8 and apple marketing models, we could expect a new marketplace model for vendors to deploy and market their SharePoint based products and services. That should become very useful for both developers and clients. ...(Read whole news on source site)

Cassandra Architecture - Data Partitioning

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Before starting a Cassandra cluster, you must choose how the data will be divided across the nodes in the cluster. This involves choosing a partitioner for the cluster. Cassandra uses a ring architecture. The ring is divided up into ranges equal to the number of nodes, with each node being responsible for one or more ranges of the overall data. Before a node can join the ring, it must be assigned a token. The token determines the node’s position on the ring and the range of data it is responsible for.
Once the partitioner is chosen it is unlikely to
change the configuration choice without reloading all the data. This makes it very important to choose and configure the correct partitioner before initializing the cluster.
The important distinction between the partitioners is order preservation (OP). Users can define their own partitioners by implementing IPartitioner, or they can use one of the native partitioners.

Random Partitioner
RandomPartitioner  is the default choice for cassandra as it uses an MD5 hash function to map keys into tokens. These keys will evenly distribute across the clusters. The row key determines where the node placement.  Consistent hashing algorithm used by Random partioning ensures that when nodes...(Read whole news on source site)

aspConf was fun!

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I had a good time doing a couple of talks today. If you joined me online, thanks for coming. For those who missed my talks, they will be posting the videos on Channel 9. As promised you can get the slides and examples here for my talks: Responsive Design Slides Demo Modern Web Development Slides Demo I hope you enjoyed the talks!
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