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Microsoft Launches Office 365 for Consumers

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Few days back , Microsoft had officially announced the Office 365 Home Premium for consumers which includes the complete set of Microsoft Office Applications based on the subscription model. The Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium includes the most complete set of Microsoft Office Applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access. The Office 365 Home Premium when subscribed works across five PC’s or Mac and five mobile devices and comes with the extra sky drive storage. Ramkumar Pichai, GM – Microsoft Office Division, Microsoft India stated that “This is a major leap forward, It’s a service designed to
help you manage the tasks of your work and home life, wherever you are, whenever you need, online or offline. Also, it’s a perfect fit for busy families and individuals who can connect multiple devices with a single subscription.” Availability and Price of the Office 365 Home Premium subscription Office 365 Home Premium is available for purchase in India at an annual subscription of INR 4,199/- . Microsoft Office Time to 365 Microsoft is introducing Time to 365 which is a new crowd sourced website that lets the people to find and share tips , tricks and ideas. People can...(Read whole news on source site)

Team Foundation Server on Azure IaaS

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I’ve been getting a few questions lately about whether or not we support TFS on Azure IaaS.  The truth is that a number of us have set up and used it on IaaS but we have never really formally tested it.  My biggest question was performance.  We’ve just finished running some performance tests.  Here’s the results we got: TFS config Model
CPU Memory Disk Active TPC Dual server ...(Read whole news on source site)

Customizable kanban swim lanes

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It’s been a crazy week with all of the announcements.  Among the demos I did Wednesday was one that hasn’t gotten much coverage yet.  The reason is because you can’t put your hands on it but you will be able to in about a month.  We introduced a kanban board into Team Foundation Service in August and released it in TFS 2012 Update 1.  We identified 4 core features that were necessary for a successful kanban implementation: A kanban board A cumulative flow diagram Work in progress limits
Easily customizable swim lanes In true Agile fashion, we were only able to get 3 of the 4 done in the Update 1 timeframe so we shipped what we had to let people start playing with it but we knew we had more work to do.  We are just starting to finish up item #4 – Easily customizable swim lanes and I demoed that in my talk at the ALM Summit. The kanban board we shipped in Update 1 looked like this.  Though, note the new “customize columns” link. In the customization...(Read whole news on source site)

Chicago Code Camp 2013–Speakers And Registration

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Originally posted on: The time is fast approaching for Chicago area developers to get their geek on.  The Chicago Code Camp is accepting both registrations to attend and speaking proposals.  The Chicago area has some great thought leaders and this is the place to see them.  Last year’s topics included iOS, robotics, clojure, activejdbc, Rails, cryptography and more.  This year PSC Group has decided to be one of the sponsors for the event and are submitting several talks.  There should be something for everyone so be sure to sign up. Tags:
Code Camp,
...(Read whole news on source site)

SSAS: Clearing the MDX Script for a session in SSMS

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Originally posted on: when troubleshooting performance issues you may want to comment out the MDX Script in your cube in order to quickly isolate whether the MDX Script is a significant contributor to the issue. So if you can reproduce your issue in your dev environment you can open up your project in BIDS / SSDT, comment out the script and re-deploy. But what happens if you can't reproduce the issue against dev. You may not have the same server specs, or the same data volumes or you  may even have design changes in dev that have not
yet been deployed that would cloud the issue. There is a solution to this using the connection technique from my previous post. If you are a server or database administrator you can use the CLEAR CALCULATIONS command. This command effectively clears the MDX script for your current session. So what I usually do is to run the following: CLEAR CALCULATIONS; GO CALCULATE; As noted by joschko in the comments on the previous post you can use the GO keyword between statements to run multiple statements at a time in SSMS. Personally I...(Read whole news on source site)

Friday App Shout-Out: Craigslist

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Welcome to February! I got a nice reminder that it's still winter upon my return from a trip to Las Vegas, where it was in the upper 50s, when I stepped out of Dulles airport into the 20-something air and wind. Brrr! Hope you all are keeping warm, but if you're in need of a space heater, or other means of keeping warm, I have just the app for you, from the folks at Dream Team Mobile. Craigslist Reimagined Craigslist Reimagined provides a great Windows 8 browsing and search experience for
Craigslist in your local area. You simply select the city you want to browse or search, and go from there. A fresh way of finding the goods and services listed on Craigslist, in a nice modern UI. Who's Next? Would you like to be next? You can get links, videos, and 1:1 technical or design consultation (limited availability, so don't wait) for free at Generation App. Sign up takes only a few seconds, and the resources can help make you the next app rockstar. You can also join me for an upcoming Office Hours, where I...(Read whole news on source site)

Video: TIGA Gaming Conference: Games plus Cloud. Rob Fraser’s talk.

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I was at the TIGA gaming conference with Rob Fraser who was a speaker addressing “realising the opportunity afforded to games developers by exploiting the cloud”. I took a couple of FlipCams and screen capture software to edit together this talk. A couple of rough edges here and there, but very watchable. 30 minutes of some interesting ideas about where gaming is going and what opportunities the cloud offers. Some obvious ones like leaderboard, saved state between devices and so on – but other more interesting stuff like machine learning – where clouds of massively parallel compute resources
can do the kind of game analysis you could only dream of in the past – and help to produce more engaging games. Obviously the more engaging the game the greater its market share – so all this feeds back to the gaming business opportunity. Even if you’re not a games developer, you’ll find it interesting and may see how some of it could be applied to your own sphere of development…  
...(Read whole news on source site)