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I've been working a bit with C# custom dynamic types for several customers recently and I've seen some confusion in understanding how dynamic types are referenced. This discussion specifically centers around types that implement IDynamicObject or subclass from DynamicObject as opposed to arbitrary type casts of standard .NET types. IDynamicObject types  are treated special when they are cast to the dynamic type. Assume for a second that I've created my own implementation of a custom dynamic type called DynamicFoo which is about as simple of a dynamic class that I can think of:public class DynamicFoo : DynamicObject {
Dictionary properties = new Dictionary(); public string Bar { get; set; } public DateTime Entered { get; set; } public override bool TryGetMember(GetMemberBinder binder, out object result) { result = null; if (!properties.ContainsKey(binder.Name)) return false; result = properties[binder.Name]; return true; } ...(Read whole news on source site)

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Windows 8 is coming in hot! And here at Clarity we just couldn’t wait for MS to publish the official design guidelines. Our clients want to see their brand on Windows 8 now. So we meticulously picked apart screen shots and some XAML to create our own Photoshop templates. Get the unofficial Windows 8 photoshop [...]

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Software Umbraco 5.0 RTM is on CodePlex, ready for download - The Umbraco team announce the RTM release of V5.0. This release is a major milestone for the project, taking the key features of 4.7 and re-writing on the ASP.NET MVC stack, allowing use of Razor, along with the core CMS functionality. Debugger Canvas 1.1 is [...]

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Last week, several news channels reported on the strongest solar storm since 2005. This news item reminded me of a peculiar support ticket we received one gray Monday morning a few years ago, when I was still writing software for fire departments.
Ticket 7238
Subject: AVL broken
Status: New
06:22 Vehicles stay mostly stationary on the map, even when we are
positive they are en route.
********************************************************************************* Fire departments that have to cover a large area - and are wealthy enough - often use AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) to track their vehicles and visualize them on
a map. This is extremely valuable, because you always want to dispatch the vehicles with the smallest response time to a high priority intervention. Also being able to advise drivers of possible blockages and toxic gas clouds can save lives. To be able to track a vehicle, an AVL module is installed into each vehicle's cockpit. This module uses GPS to determine the location and sends the location data over GPRS to a central server.

On our end, we had a third party service listening for those location packets and translating them into a more understandable format. This service,...(Read whole news on source site)

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Stylecop has been released at

The release announcement reads:

Updated release "4.7" for project stylecop
This is now compatible with the Visual Studio 11 Preview.

Install order should be : VS10VS11R#6.1.1 msi (for VS10)R#6.1.1 vsix (for VS11)StyleCop (or later)
This version is now compatible with R# 5.1 (5.1.3000.12), R# 6.0 (6.0.2202.688), R# 6.1 ( and R# 6.1.1 ( available from

Here are the bug details for fixed in 4.7 and closed in 4.7 issues (over 20 issues fixed since 4.6)

Here are
the bug details for all issues since that have been fixed and closed (over 350 fixes).

Release Notes - added detection of R# versions. Added support for R# 6.1 RTM - has MaxViolationCount and AutoUpdate options moved into the StyleCop.Settings file."

...(Read whole news on source site)

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Branching Merging and Build are two parts of the overall software development cycle. In the Branching and Merging session, we cover industries standard approaches to branching and merging, the pros and Cons of the standard approaches, and how each strategy might fit your company needs. In the Build section we cover how to setup a [...]



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