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Timeout of HttpWebrequest and WCF service calls on Windows Phone

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source: Nick's .NET Travels Firstly, I'm ashamed that the Windows Phone team didn't do a better job of providing an ability to set a Timeout for either HttpWebRequest, WebClient and WCF service requests. You might be thinking.. but it's Silverlight and everything's Async all the time. Well you'd be correct in that thought process but just because something is asynchronous, doesn't mean that the user isn't sitting there waiting for something to complete. For example say you have a simple form that the user has to fill in before they can proceed (eg "create user" form).
Clearly if they are on a good network then you'd hope that the service request returns almost instantaneously and the user is cleared to proceed within the app. However, if for whatever reason the request takes longer than expected (slow network, busy server etc) you don't want the user to sit there indefinitely. After about 10-20 seconds they're going to get frustrated and probably close and then uninstall your application. Simple solution is to put a Timeout on your service calls so that you can notify that there is something wrong and that they should try again later or check...(Read whole news on source site)

Converting to Windows 8 from Windows Phone | Setting up the project (3 of 12)

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source: Now we’ve reached the point where we stop talking and start playing around with some code. As concluded in the previous post on porting strategy, we’ll simply copy the code files from the Windows Phone project and create a new Windows 8 project. It won’t build right away, let alone run, but it’s a start. The goal for this part is to have a Windows 8 project that does not build but has all the files from the Windows Phone project. Creating the project First and all we’ll create our Windows 8 Metro project. ...
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Join us for “Lead the way in the new world of data” virtual event

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Recently, I put up my Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Virtual Labs Available To You Online, plus many more SQL Server 2012 resources post here on the blog and the response has been incredible! Tons of people have been taking advantage of the large collection of free SQL Server 2012 resources we have available to you. Just the other day, I added several more to that list as an update, including an upcoming virtual event, “Lead the way in the new world of data,” we are hosting and making available to everyone, everywhere on Tuesday, April 10th from 8:30
am PST to 10:00 am PST. Through the “Lead the way in the new world of data” event, you will be able to join us for an expert panel discussion with Microsoft and industry leaders sharing real world solutions and reviewing the latest enterprise roadmap for business and data platform advancements. Who are the executive participants, you ask? Take a look: Terri Jordan - Vice President of Technology, Microsoft Retail Stores Kenneth Cukier - Data Editor, The Economist Ted Kummert - Corporate Vice President, Business Platform...(Read whole news on source site)

CodeStock 2012

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Thanks for everyone's support and votes. I have been selected to present two sessions at CodeStock 2012. Per the CodeStock website: CodeStock is a two day event for technology and information exchange. Created by the community, for the community — this is not an industry trade show pushing the latest in marketing as technology, but a gathering of working professionals sharing knowledge and experience. This is always a great conference. I have the added bonus of getting close to the corporate headquarters for Wintellect and visiting company co-founder Jeff Prosise. This year there were quite
a few Wintellect employees selected to speak. I'll be there with Mitch Harpur (Come Get a Message at the SPA), Rik Robinson (CSS3: How to Fake It While They Bake It and Touring the jQuery UI Widget Factory), John Garland (Putting the Cloud in Your Pocket: A Guide to Using Windows Azure to Build Cloud-Enabled Windows Phone Apps), and our Technical Director Steve Porter. I'll be doing two sessions: MVVM for Modern Application Development The Model-View-ViewModel pattern was introduced for Windows Presentation Foundation applications (WPF) and later exploded in...(Read whole news on source site)

Getting to grips with the stack in nasm

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  Today I spent a good part of my day getting to grips with the stack and nasm. After looking at my notes on nasm I think this is one area for the course I am doing they could focus more on… So here are some snippets I have put together that have helped me understand a little bit about the stack… Simplest example of the stack You will probably see examples like the following in circulation… these demonstrate the simplest use of the stack… org 0x100
bits 16
/>jmp main

push 42h
push 43h
push 44h

mov ah,2h ;set to display characters

pop dx    ;get the first value
int 21h   ;and display it

pop dx    ;get 2nd value
int 21h   ;and display it
...(Read whole news on source site)

More NASM with GVim

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  Today I am bashing around with nasm again… some useful things I found… Set the current working directory of gvim to the current file path I have found setting the current working directory of gvim to the file location is very useful, especially if you are wanting to use commands in gvim to run your compiled code. It can be done by typing in the following in the command mode in gvim… cd %:p:h
Once you have set it, you can use the ! to run commands you would normally
run in the dos shell.. e.g. !dir Compiling code to make an executable There are three thing you need to specify to compile a basic file in name, they are… The output file format The output file name The source file name An example of this would be the following (where you have a file called temp.asm which is the source file) nasm –f bin temp.asm –o Output file format The –f specifies the output file format (in this case a...(Read whole news on source site)