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10 Ways to Make Information More Useful

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Information doesn’t have to suck, and it shouldn’t be a chore.  Beautiful information is when one sentence makes you want to read the next.  In the age of insight, the right information and “ah-has” is a powerful thing.  If you think of information as a continuum, flowing from data to information to knowledge to insight to wisdom … that’s a mighty wide playing field to practice the art of making your point. Here are ten ways I’ve learned to help you simplify information and make it more useful: Add a One-Liner Key Take Away.   This
is my favorite trick for simplifying slides.   If a slide has too much stuff on it and the point is not clear, a quick fix is to add a one-liner to the bottom that makes the point.  Once you have the one-liner take away, it’s easier then to go back and overhaul the slide.   You can use one-liners in more than just slides.  For example, notice how I’m starting each of these list items with a simple one-liner take away up front. Be specific.  Specific is better than the general.  It’s more insightful and more actionable.  ...(Read whole news on source site)

Maker Geek Roundup 011 for 4/21/2012

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The Maker Geek Roundup aggregates information of interest to makers everywhere. Topics include .NET Micro Framework, Arduino, AVR and other MCUs, CNC, 3d Printing, Robotics, Microsoft Robotics Studio, Electronics, General Maker stuff, and more. If you have something interesting you've done or have run across, or you blog regularly on the topics included here, please send me the URL and brief description via the contact link. 3d Printing, Laser Cutting, and CAD/CAM/CNC Comparing Entry Level 3D Printers (ProtoParadigm) The third industrial revolution (Grass Roots Engineering) MakerBot Thing-O-Matics: Where We Are Now (MakerBot Industries) Universal Paste extruder - Ceramic, Food and Real Chocolate 3D Printing... (Reprep dev and DIY 3d)
href=""> Beta casted Wallace 3D printer (2PrintBeta) Thing-O-Matic MK7 PLA Set-Up and Troubleshooting (Likely MK8) (ProtoParadigm) Costume Piece Molded from 3D-Printed Parts (Make) .NET Gadgeteer and Netduino GO Mind Control of .NET Gadgeteer Device via Neurosky EEG Sensor (Michael Dodaro) [nwazet modules for Netduino GO! (Fabien's Bit Bucket) Controlling a Gadgeteer device using Bluetooth Module and 32feet.NET library (Marco Minerva) Gadgeteer Light (Stefan - Netduino Forums) Software & Sawdust: Getting Started With a FEZ Hydra Basic Kit (Richard Ian Lee Sr) [nwazet GO! Modules Source Code and Eagle Schematics on BitBucket (Fabien's Bit Bucket) Netduino GO! Hacking - Breaking out sockets (Fabien's Bit Bucket) Netduino Go! RGB Umbrella...(Read whole news on source site)

Upcoming Book Review–Microsoft Silverlight 5 and Windows

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I picked up a book that looks very interesting: Microsoft Silverlight 5 and Windows Azure Enterprise Integration
A bit of a mouthful, but the table of contents looks very good. There are a lot of Silverlight books out there, but few that actually focus on all the other stuff you need to know outside the boundary of your client application - the hosting, services, and deployment to Windows Azure. Its got chapters focused on the hosting, working with Azure storage, RIA Services, OData services and more. I'll write up a review here in a couple weeks after I've had time to make it through it.

how to install application manually with WPI ?

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Do you feel that software you are trying to download goes approx 100% completed and you click cancel suddenly and now what ?

You can got the SETUP file for the software you are trying to install through web platform installer on this location

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Web Platform Installer\installers

replace the [username] with your own system user name and here you can find the files you are trying to install.


Imagine Cup USA People's Choice Awards

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Ever wonder how you can help support student achievement in Technology? Well, one way is to check out the teams competing in this year's Imagine Cup USA competition, and vote in the People's Choice Awards! You can vote daily up until the deadline of May 19th. It's an easy way to encourage students to create great solutions with technology, so please GO VOTE!