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The RavenDB indexing process: Optimization–Tuning? Why, we have auto tuning

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The final aspect of RavenDB’s x7 jump in indexing performance is the fact that we made it freakishly smart. During standard operation, most indexes only update when new information comes in, we are usually talking about a small number of documents for every indexing run. The problem is what happens when you have a sudden outpour of documents into RavenDB? For example, during nightly ETL batch, or just if you suddenly have a flood of users doing write operations. The problem here is that we actually have to balance a lot of variable at the same time: The number
of documents that we have to index*. The current memory utilization**. How any cores I have available to do the index work with? How much time do I have to do this? Basically, the idea goes like this, if I have a small batch size, I am able to index more quickly, ensuring that we have fresher results. If I have big batch size, I am able to index more documents, and my overall indexing times goes down. There is a non trivial cost associated with every indexing run, so reducing the number of indexing run is good, but the...(Read whole news on source site)

WPF Charting Performance Comparisons (the Battle Continues)

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This blog post presents a thorough analysis of the performance of various WPF Charting components. The results show that a new class of charting solutions, which use raster-based graphics as opposed to retained mode vector graphics, provide a considerable performance advantage. Introduction Readers of my blog will know that charting and performance are two things [...]

Preview of SQL Server Compact Toolbox version 3.0 now available

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source: This short blog post lists the main new features in version 3, with pointers to the menu location of the new features in the upcoming version 3.0 of my SQL Server Compact Toolbox add-in for Visual Studio. Please go ahead and download the preview, and let us know what you think. New features Extensive support for Sync Framework 2.1, including Provisioning, Deprovisioning, Code Generation, Local Database Cache Code Generation and Explorer tree integration. ...Read more

[Windows 8] Metro Apps for Windows Phone 7.5 Developers(5 of N)

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source: In this fifth installment of the series, having seen how contracts in applications metro, let's dig a little deeper with three very useful contracts: Search, share and configuration. Each of these contracts will give a great functionality to our application and integrating it with the way of working of Windows 8. Let us begin! Search The contract search allows user to see to our application from any part of the system: .....Read more

The Morning Brew #1091

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Software Windows 8 Release Preview Coming June 2012 - Doug Holland highlights yesterday’s announcement by Steven Sinofsky at the Japan Windows 8 Dev Days event that the Release Preview of Windows 8 will be made available in the first week of June. F#, MSTest, and FsUnit - Dan Mohl gives an update on his recent work [...]

JavaScript Minify Tools and the objectStore delete Function

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JavaScript Minify Tools and the objectStore delete Function One of the good practices when deploying web sites or applications is to minify your JavaScript/Css files. Minifying the files can help to improve a little the performance of your site or application since it will minimize the impact on the network. In most of my web projects, I add a MSBuild task to minify the JavaScript/Css files using one of the following tools: Microsoft Ajax Minifier or YUICompressor for .Net. Both of them are good enough for my needs and very easy to set
in Visual Studio environment. Lately, I needed to minify JavaScript code that includes the use of IndexedDB. I have added the minifying tool as always and minification failed. The reason for that is the use of objectStore delete function. delete is a reserved word in JavaScript and it is main purpose is to remove properties from JavaScript objects. In most of the IDEs you will see that the IDE will mark it as a reserved word and sometimes nag you with warnings such as “Expected identifier” when you use IndexedDB. Trying to minify JavaScript code with a...(Read whole news on source site)

Customizing the WPF scheduler dialog boxes

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One of the controls in our WPF Elements control suite is the familiar Outlook styled Scheduler. This lets users add, edit and view appointments that are scheduled to occur at a particular date and time. Some of these actions such as editing a recurrence pattern are performed by the user changing values in a dialog [...]