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Getting Started with IndexedDB Article I’ve started to write a Blog post about IndexedDB and it was too long so I decided to post it as article in The CodeProject web site. The article name is “Getting Started with IndexedDB”. If you want to start using the IndexedDB JavaScript API, to store data on the client-side and to save round-trips to the database on the server-side the article is for you.
You can read the article here. Enjoy!
...(Read whole news on source site)

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Today's $10 Deal of the day from APress at is Applied ASP.NET 4 in Context

"Applied ASP.NET 4 in Context answers the commonly asked question, "Yes, but how does it work in reality?" Through a series of carefully constructed examples, the book shows how ASP.NET works in a real-world context, showing how technologies and best practices can be drawn together to create well-crafted web applications."

I have read other books by Alan Freeman and I know he is an excellent author who is good at providing real world examples.

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The RavenDB workshop is coming to Oslo, Norway in June! Join us to an intensive RavenDB hands-on workshop just before the great NDC conference starts. During the first day of this workshop we will get to know RavenDB and its core concepts, get comfortable with its API, learn how to build and customize indexes, and how to correctly model data for use in a document database. After getting familiar with all the basics in the first day, during the second day we will build on that knowledge to properly grok Map⁄Reduce, Multi–maps and other advanced usages of indexes, learn how to extend RavenDB
and the various options of scaling out. More details on the workshop and the conference can be found here....(Read whole news on source site)

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[This is an updated article from]   SharePoint 2010 My Site SharePoint 2010 ships with this pretty mysite.  Packed with numerous features.   The problem with My Site, even back in the days of SharePoint 2007, is that your users get lost.  It doesn’t look anything like your nice branded site.  It doesn’t share the same global navigation.  In fact, users are so lost that they think they are in a place that they shouldn’t be in. Result?  They close the browser.  Sometimes, if they are nasty, they tell
their colleagues that the Intranet sucks - they can never find anything.    If only we can render our mysite in a SharePoint 2010 showModalDialog, then it would look like this: My Site in a modal dialog   Some of the immediate benefits: My Site remains totally un-branded, but now it is just demoted to an utility page.  That is, you keep the functionality without having to invest in how to make My Site look nice. Users are familiar with the SharePoint modal...(Read whole news on source site)



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