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Using custom fonts in Windows Phone apps

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source: Windows Phone allows yout to use custom TTF fonts in your apps. Using a custom font from XAML or C# is easy, but your run into troubles when you want to use if from a Background Agent (e.g: for updating a Live Tile). The custom font must be a TTF, you can also use a ZIP file with multiple TTF files. You need to know the name of the font to identify it. Add the font file to your solution and set its build action to Content. Custom font and XAML
Using a custom font in XAML is very straightforward. You just need to set the FontFamily property to the font file path followed by a hash (#) and the font name: Custom font and C# Using a custom font from C# follows the same principle. You just need to set the FontFamily property to a new FontFamily instance created by the constructor that takes a font family name as a parameter: textBlock.FontFamily = new FontFamily(".\Fonts\meteocons.ttf#Meteocons"); ...Read more...(Read whole news on source site)

Announcing Office 365 through Open and the New Office availability! Info and resources for you.

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Yesterday, we announced the release of Office 365 Home Premium, which is a reinvention of Microsoft’s Office product line for consumers. The new offering includes the latest and most complete set of Office applications; works across up to five devices, including Windows tablets, PCs and Macs; and comes with extra SkyDrive storage and Skype calling — all for US$99.99 for an annual subscription, the equivalent of US$8.34 per month. In addition to the announcement above, we also shared that Office 365 will be available for business to purchase starting on February 27th and that
Office 365 will be available to transact in our Open Volume Licensing programs and Full Package Product (Retail Box) channels beginning on March 1st. If you recall from the Day 1 keynotes at Worldwide Partner Conference 2012 in Toronto (check out at the 11:55 point in the MPN Live Daily Recap session), we announced that Office 365 would be coming to the Open Volume Licensing programs and the reception from the partners was phenomenal. Based on these announcements yesterday, I wanted to bring you some information and resources to use regarding these to make sure...(Read whole news on source site)

Using optimistic concurrency with RavenDB

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Whatever database your are using, relational or document, there is one thing you can be certain of as soon as you get a second user of the system and that is concurrency conflicts. It may not happen often but eventually it will happen that two users load the same document, make some changes to it and save it back to the database. There are several ways of dealing with these kind of concurrency problems: Just ignoring it and letting the second users changes overwrite the first ones
While this
isn’t advisable if the data is very important there are lots of cases where it could be an okay solution. Sure it offends the developer in us, as it should, because we are ignoring error situations. But for an end user it might not be that bad at all, specially considering that this is a really cheap option to build and the changes of it occurring are quite low. Just make sure to check with your stakeholder of this is acceptable. Using pessimistic locking of data
This option worked quite well...(Read whole news on source site)

Personal Effectiveness at Microsoft

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Getting things done, making things happen, and being effective at Microsoft is tough.  Microsoft is, in many ways, the ultimate dojo of personal growth.  You can never be "too good" at productivity, time management, leadership, etc. I was happy to see my book on personal effectiveness, Getting Results the Agile Way, alongside Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People on Amazon's Best Sellers list. I’ve been a Stephen Covey fan for a long time and he really taught me the value of personal effectiveness, and he helped me focus on principles, patterns,
and habits, which I ended up taking to the next level on the Microsoft patterns & practices team. Getting Results was downloaded almost 5,000 times yesterday. Find Your Breakthroughs I’m hoping that it helps many people find a breakthrough they’ve been looking for.   It’s a powerful book for breakthroughs because it’s a system.  And, the system gets better over time.   The heart of Agile Results is a weekly results pattern I call: Monday Vision, Daily Wins, Friday Reflection.   It helps you focus on creating extreme value, while responding to change.   It’s a continuous learning system, so you...(Read whole news on source site)

SQLite with a bit of MVVM Light in Windows Phone 8

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source: While SQLce is still a viable solution in Windows Phone 8 to have some form of local database we also have an official SQLite implementation available. So why use SQLite when we can just keep using SQLce? Because Windows 8 only support SQLite and if you ever want to port over your app it would be nice not to have two versions of local databases to maintain. In this post I'll explain how to implement a SQLite database into an MVVM Light Windows Phone 8 project (there is an unofficial Windows Phone 7 SQLite
version as well but I have no idea how stable / buggy that is). I'll be using Tim Heuer's SQLite .net wrapper so we can use LINQ to SQLite instead of writing SQL queries manually (hooray for intellisense ). Let's kick things off by creating an empty Windows Phone 8 app. SQLite Before we can use SQLite, we'll need to install the SDK. Click here (official SQLite download page) to download the VSIX file and install it into Visual Studio. NuGet fun Before we can write any code we'll need some NuGet packages....(Read whole news on source site)

Developing an App for iOS, Android and Windows Phone - a Comparative Study

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by  Oliver Frommel During the last six months I have written the same mobile app for the three major (or to-be major) platforms, that is iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Windows Phone Again, the Windows Phone platform shows some similarities and differences to the Android and iOS world. Somehow they also propose some kind of MVC model for developing applications, on the other hand the navigation paradigm is quite different. Based on Silverlight, there's an XAML (some Silverlight XML application) description for every page, with so called code-behind that defines the corresponding class. My experience is
confined to C#, but the model is the same with Visual Basic and C++. For instance, to navigate to a new page, you use the Navigate method of theNavigationService with the XAML file name of the new page as the argument. This is essentially like navigating to a new web page, only the runtime instantiates the class, executing the constructor. This is, where you place your code. For whatever reason I had a hard time getting behind some of the GUI elements ("controls") Silverlight offers. There are no labels, so you have to use Textblocks. However, Textblocks...(Read whole news on source site)

Hibernating Rhinos Practices: Intro

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I was asked to comment a bit on our internal practices in Hibernating Rhinos. Before I can do that, I have to explain about how we are structured. The development team in Israel compose the core of the company. There are additional contractors that do work in Poland, the states and the UK. We rarely make distinctions between locations for work, although obviously we have specializations. Samuel is our go to guy for “Make things pretty” and “Silverlight hairloss”, for example, Arek is the really good in pointing to the right direction when there is a
problem, and so on. We currently have the following projects in place: RavenDB Uber Profiler RavenFS License / Orders Management RavenDB.Net Note that this is probably a partial list. And you might have noticed that I also included internal stuff, because that is also work, and something that we do. In general, there isn’t a lot of “you work on this, or you work on that”, although again, there are areas of specialization. Fitzchak has been doing a lot of the work on Uber Prof, and Daniel is spending a lot of time on the RavenDB Studio....(Read whole news on source site)

Current State Of Play with my C++ Engine

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So, I have been quite for a long time, life has a habit of getting in the way like that though, I am sure if you are a regular follower of my blog(s), you know I have a tendency to pop in and out. That said, I am doing a few things, still working on an XNA game (Killer Core) with Mark, have also been participating in an 8WeekGame competition, as well as try and port my existing XNA engine to