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Critical issue regarding 64-bit EXEs [Solved]

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It’s not often that a bug fixes deserves a blog post, but today it happened :-( 64-bit programs (*.exe) processed by PostSharp are unable to allocate more than 2GB of memory because of a invalid flag in the NT Header (IMAGE_FILE_32BIT_MACHINE instead of IMAGE_FILE_LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE). Yes, just one bit. This issue is especially nasty because generally invisible during testing. It’s only in production that a process attempts to use more memory. The program would them have terminated with an OutOfMemoryException. Big thanks to Augustunbear Zhang for diagnosing this issue. The issue is fixed at
revision We recommend customers who have PostSharp-enhanced 64-bit programs (*.exe) in production to rebuild their project and redeploy them. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this issue is causing. For any question or assistance, do not hesitate to contact me personally. Happy PostSharping! -gael
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LongListSelector walkthrough

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by JustAnotherAppDeveloper Dedicated to Elizabeth Welcome to the LongListSelector walkthrough! This covers the very basics of LongListSelector, and by the end you'll have a small enough codebase that you should be able to go back through each line of the code and figure out what it does. The basic half of the walkthrough takes around half an hour; the full walkthrough, less than two hours.
Oh, and by the way, your code should compile after each step. (And you should compile after every step to make sure you're still on track.) Contents

Event: New Nokia & Microsoft Windows Phone Camp this Month! Registration open Now

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The Windows Phone Camps are events which will show you how to learn and build Windows Phone apps. You can work on your own projects with assistance from our Windows Phone MVPs, network with others and also have the option of attending short tutorial sessions on Windows Phone related topics. If you are new to Windows Phone, this is the ideal event for you as you will have the opportunity to understand the general approach and capabilities of Windows Phone development.

The Windows Phone Camps will cover an introductory design session as well as a range of short
tutorial sessions. Short tutorial session will include topics such as Introduction to Windows Phone Development, Controls & Control Toolkit, Execution Model, Storing Data, Launchers & Choosers, Accessing Cloud Services, Marketplace & Submission. Also, there will be informal Mango tutorial sessions on offer covering topics such as Multi-tasking, Debugging & Profiling, Motion API, Advertising SDK and Sockets. Representatives from Nokia will be available to discuss Nokia devices, services and developer outreach initiatives. Spaces are limited, so register your place in the Windows Phone Camp today!
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AUSPC 2012 quick update

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I'm in the strange and calm interlude between day 1 and day 2 of awesomeness in the annual Australian SharePoint Conference (AUSPC) 2012. Day 1 has been a lot of fun.  Manned the user group booth in the morning with Dan Brown.  Met many of the SharePoint guys in the community that I haven't seen for the last 6 month to a year.  Talked to a number of vendors, and attended a number of awesome sessions on the developer track. I also got to sit on the panel answering developer questions amongst the legends like Nick
Hadlee, Ishai Sagi, Brian Farnhill and Jeremy Thake The oddest part is probably with MCA SharePoint Wayne Ewington sitting in the audience.  Every time we said something silly he'd start shaking his head and we'd all stop.  Hilarious.   Tomorrow morning, my session on Building your own custom REST Service and consuming them with jQuery AJAX is running in the developer track at 10:30am.  Hope to see everyone there. All my related resources and presentations on this topic are summarized on whole news on source site)

#518 – Change Points in a Path Using the Direct Selection Tool

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You can modify points in an existing Path object in Blend using the Direct Selection tool. Start by using the Selection tool to select the existing Path.   Now select the Direct Selection tool  , which then allows you to select individual points in the path.  The path object will change to show each individual points as a little square. You [...]

Windows Phone Creating our own Behaviors

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source: In the last article on Expression Blend I talk about animations and how to use the behaviors included in Silverlight to execute them. We could see as there are different types of behaviors, but we didn't see how to create our own to use them in our applications. Behavior Within the assembled System.Windows.Interactivity we have a class called Behavior which we inherit to create a custom behavior. The minimal structure is as follows: public class CustomBehavior : Behavior { protected override void OnAttached()
{ base.OnAttached(); } protected override void OnDetaching() { base.OnDetaching(); } } With the code above we indicate that we want to create a Behavior called CustomBehavior that can be used for elements of type Grid. The OnAttached method will run when the behavior is added to the Grid element and OnDetaching when you download the item. In this way we can run the code that we want to and we will have a way to...(Read whole news on source site)

Download for Windows Phone button changed

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source: microsoft The Download for Windows Phone button can be used by Independent Software Vendors and other third parties as a link promoting their applications for sale on the Windows Phone Marketplace. There must always be an active link to a Windows Phone application published within the Windows Phone Marketplace and in accordance with the deep linking guidelines. ...Read more

RavenDB Sharding–Data Driven Sharding

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In my previous post, I introduced RavenDB Sharding and discussed how we can use Blind Sharding to a good effect. I also mentioned that this approach is somewhat lacking, because we don’t have enough information at hand to be able to really understand what is going on. Let me show you how we can define a proper sharding function that shards your documents based on their actual data. We are still going to run the exact same code as we have done before: string asianId, middleEasternId, americanId; using (var session = documentStore.OpenSession()) { var asian = new Company { Name
= "Company 1", Region = "Asia" }; session.Store(asian); var middleEastern = new Company { Name = "Company 2", Region = "Middle-East" }; session.Store(middleEastern); var american = new Company { Name = "Company 3", Region = "America" }; session.Store(american); asianId = asian.Id; americanId = american.Id; middleEasternId = middleEastern.Id; session.Store(new Invoice { CompanyId = american.Id, Amount = 3 }); session.Store(new Invoice { CompanyId = asian.Id, Amount = 5 }); ...(Read whole news on source site)