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Presenting at VS Live! Orlando in December

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I’ll be presenting at VS Live! December 10-14 in Orlando, FL. I’ll be presenting Azure Web Sites. This is the session abstract: Azure Web Sites brings a whole new level of power and simplicity to cloud computing. This demo-heavy session will show numerous features that allow you to deploy your site in a matter of seconds. Whether you are building a completely custom app or deploying from one of the numerous templates provided (such as WordPress), you’ll be up and running in no time. Want to use Node.js or PHP and deploy from Git? No problem! Azure Web
Sites gives you the power of elastic scaling while still providing streamlined development and an effortless deployment experience. This presentation will also cover features including monitoring, custom domains, working with SQL databases or more!   SPECIAL OFFER: As a speaker, I can extend $500 savings on the 5-day package. Register here:  and use code VOSPK19. The great part about Visual Studio Live!: four events in one! This year, the event will be co-located with SQL Server Live!, SharePoint Live!, and Cloud & Virtualization Live!. You can customize your conference agenda and attend ANY sessions from...(Read whole news on source site)

Yet Another Podcast #78–Rey Bango on IE10

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Talking with Rey Bango and Jon Galloway about IE10, IE9, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Compatibility, Web standards and much more. Rey is a developer evangelist for Microsoft focusing on standards-based web development. He is a former member of the jQuery project … Continue reading → For the complete article and hyperlinks, please visit my blog at

High Altitude

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No computer programming stuff today; just some fun for Friday. As I'm writing this Felix Baumgartner's attempt to set the world record for skydiving height by diving from a helium balloon has been scrubbed due to bad weather. This attempt has got me thinking of my good friend JB, who back in 1982 set the world record (*) for hang gliding height by similarly using a helium balloon. JB is one of those people who proves the truth of the saying that you really can do anything you put your mind to, as he's been a
world-record breaking hang glider pilot, skydiver, balloonist, airplane pilot, ultra-marathon runner, shuttle astronaut candidate (**), upper-atmosphere physicist, microgravity physicist, nuclear physicist, father, and I'm probably missing a dozen more accomplishments in there. And teacher! When I was a child he taught me useful skills like how to estimate large numbers, how to do trigonometry, and how to do calculus, usually by pointing out things on the beach and then doing math in the sand, like Archimedes. How many grains of sand are on this beach? How far away is the horizon when you stand on the roof of the cottage?...(Read whole news on source site)

Callisto Dialog Helpers for Caliburn.Micro WinRT

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via Callisto is excellent open source UI Control library for the Windows 8 Store apps. Caliburn.Micro is a powerful framework for building Windows Phone, Silverlight and Windows 8 Store apps. These helpers make it easies to combine Caliburn.Micro with the Callisto's dialogs. Content Helper for displaying settings dialogs on the Settings charm Helper for displaying normal dialogs all around the screen Install The helpers are available as a source code through NuGet: Install-Package
CaliburnMicroWinRTCallistoHelpers Installing the package will add a Dialogs-folder into your project. This folder contains the source code for the helpers. ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

Monetize your Windows Store apps using the Microsoft Advertising SDK

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via Now that you have finally developed your application, you may wonder how this one could help you to get money. There is, at least, 2 possibilities: 1.Add some fee to get your application 2.Create a free application that will have ads The second option is interesting because it does not make sense to buy all applications, particularly if your application use a free service. So let's take a look at the Microsoft's solution to get some ads in your Windows 8 applications. Download the SDK First
thing you need to do is to download the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows 8. Once downloaded, install it and go to the next part (yes, this is probably the most simple part of this tutorial). Register your application To display ads in your Windows 8 application, you must first register your application with pubCenter. ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

Sandcastle Help File Builder - October 2012 release

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At, the latest Sandcastle has been released. I am pleased to say that it incorporates the generic version of a fix, I originated that allows projects including Crystal Reports to be documented.

Here is the relevant passage from the help file:
"The default configuration for MRefBuilder has been updated to ignore the Crystal Reports licensing assembly (BusinessObjects.Licensing.KeycodeDecoder) if it fails to get resolved. This assembly does not appear to be available and ignoring it prevents projects that include Crystal Reports assemblies from failing and being unbuildable."

There are many other fixes. Here are the release notes:
/>IMPORTANT: On some systems, the content of the ZIP file is blocked and the installer may fail to run. Before extracting it, right click on the ZIP file, select Properties, and click on the Unblock button if it is present in the lower right corner of the General tab in the properties dialog.

What is the Coded UI feature of VS2010 and VS2012?

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#668 – Retrieving the Mouse’s Current Position

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You can retrieve the current position of the mouse at any time using the Mouse.GetPosition method.  Mouse is a static class that provides information about the mouse through a variety of static methods. The GetPosition method returns a Point object, which contains the X and Y position of the mouse, relative to a specified user interface element. In the example below, [...]