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Learn Backbone.js

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Better Backbone Applications With Marionettejs

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2 blog posts: application is based on Atinux's Backbone books example app and covers some slightly advanced subjects, such as modal dialogs, sub applications,

BackboneJS Applications

Application - Marionette.js Documentation

The Case For Marionette.js - A quick overview of what Marionette is and why it's useful.Connecting Data To Your Views - A look at Marionette's approach to Views and data-bindingBuilding Complex Layouts with Marionette.js - A post to explain Marionette's Regions and...(Read whole news on source site)

Prologika Power BI Showcase – Supply Chain

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I’m excited to announce the second Prologika Power BI Showcase – Supply Chain that was added to the Power BI Partner portal! It’s based on the work we did for the world’s largest package delivery company and a provider of supply chain management solutions. Prologika designed a Power BI-based solution for a Fortune 50 organization to consolidate data […]

Windows 10, RealSense SR300, Person Tracking

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Following up on yesterday’s post, I don’t seem to be having much luck with the Intel SR300 camera and the current RealSense SDK. I’m starting to think that I’ve got some kind of driver mismatch or similar or maybe I just don’t have any hardware that’s compatible with the camera. Based on yesterday’s experimenting, it … Continue reading Windows 10, RealSense SR300, Person Tracking →

How to Insert Multiple Rows in a Single SQL Query – Interview Question of the Week #069

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There are so many different databases in the world and many of them use the language SQL for their programming. It is very easy to assume that if they are using SQL, we can easily use code from one database to another database. Unfortunately the reality is very different, not all the scripts from one database works in another database. Today we will see very interesting question where the user asked a question about inserting multiple rows in a single SQL query. The post How to Insert Multiple Rows in a Single SQL Query – Interview Question of

Anatomy of a JavaScript MV* Framework

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Anatomy of a JavaScript MV* Framework

The main features of an MV* application are routing, data binding,
templates/views, models, and data access. In this post I’ll describe
these features and show code examples from AngularJS, Backbone, and
Ember for each feature.

Historically, a controller would respond to some kind of user input, and
communicate that input to the model, or back to the view. In MV*
frameworks like Backbone, though, the controller logic is handled inside
the view itself.

event handling inside the view, communicating with the
model, and then sending updates back to the view. JavaScript:

 aside on super: JavaScript does not provide
a simple way to call super — the function of the same name defined
higher on the prototype chain. If you override a core function like
set, or save, and you want to invoke the
parent object's implementation, you'll have to explicitly call it, along these lines:

Backbone is an attempt to discover the minimal set
of data-structuring (models and collections) and user interface (views
and URLs) primitives that are generally useful when building web applications with

Windows 10 UWP, Intel RealSense SR300, First Steps

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I’ve been waiting a little while for the new SR300 RealSense camera to show up from Intel and mine got delivered the other so I thought I’d write an initial post having played with it for around 30 minutes or so. Firstly, I thought that the camera might look like this; but it turned out … Continue reading Windows 10 UWP, Intel RealSense SR300, First Steps →

How to create a Wi-Fi hotspot on your #Windows 10 PC?

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Windows 10 now provides you an easy way to create Wi-Fi hotspots. You don’t need any 3rd party software, you don’t need to write commands in the console. Everything is now just a few clicks away, in a complete GUI. This feature is going to come with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.   Today in this blog post, I will show you the forthcoming feature in Windows 10. Have a glance on it and share us your view. If you are a Windows Insider, checkout the feature in latest build.  
  Windows 10’s latest insider builds are now available for Windows Insiders with lot many new features and enhancements. These all are expected to release with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Among these new feature/enhancements, one is the easy way to create Wi-Fi hotspot.   Wi-Fi hotspots are used to connect all your devices like laptops, tablets phones etc. to the internet when you don’t have any Wi-Fi router but still want to connect all of them. Using it, you can make your laptop a virtual Wi-Fi hotspot and connect all those devices via it....(Read whole news on source site)