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Originally posted on: At, NASA have announced the discovery of Kepler 186f, a planet orbiting a red dwarf star some 500 light years from us. As the estimated size of Kepler 186f is only 10% larger than Earth and is in the habitable zone of its star, it is an "Earth Cousin".

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Originally posted on:, besides some useful facts on CSS by precept and example, there is the offer of a free E-book on HTML5 basics.

The book is available as PDF, MOBI and EPUB. The only catch is that you need a free logon to I am reading the book now.

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Recall that a WrapPanel stacks controls horizontally until it fills the available space and then wraps to a new line.  (Or stacks vertically and wraps to a new column, if the orientation is vertical). The TabPanel, normally used to display the tabs in a TabControl, behaves a little like the WrapPanel.  But when it decides to wrap to a new line, […]

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ayendOne of the nice features that Voron got from LMDB is the notion of multi trees. If I recall correctly, LMDB calls them duplicate items, or something like that. Basically, it is the ability to store multiple values for a single key. Those items are actually stored as a nested tree, which effectively gives us a great way to handle duplicates. From an API standpoint, this looks like this:
// store
tree.MultiAdd(tx, "Eini", "users/1");
tree.MultiAdd(tx, "Eini", "users/3");
tree.MultiAdd(tx, "Eini", "users/5");

using(var it = tree.MultiRead(tx, "Eini"))
if(it.Seek(Slice.BeforeAllKeys) == false)
yield break;
yield return it.CurrentKey; // "users/1", "users/3", "users/5"
Internally, we handle this in the following fashion: If a multi add operation is the very first such operation, we’ll add it as a simple key/value pair in the tree. If a multi add operation is the 2nd such operation, we’ll create a new tree, and add both operations to the new tree. The original tree will have the key/nested tree reference stored. That lead to a very easy to use API, which is quite useful in many cases....(Read whole news on source site)



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