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West Wind Web Connection 6.0 Beta 1 released

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 West Wind Technologies has released a beta version for the next version of West Wind Web Connection. Web Connection is a Web development framework for Visual FoxPro that allows you to use your FoxPro skills to build Web applications, services and APIs. Version 6.0 is a major update that provides many improvements to the development process. A new project system facilitates setting up, moving and deploying of projects. Layout Page, Partials and Sections allow for more module MVC style HTML applications. There's new support for extensionless URLs, easier Authentication support, a Markdown parser and many new HtmlHelpers. Beta 1 is
stable and can be installed side by side with existing Web Connection application....(Read whole news on source site)

Philadelphia VFP User Group meets October 13--Christof Wollenhaupt

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Christof Wollenhaupt returns to Philadelphia to do a Southwest Fox preview on his way to Phoenix. He?ll present ?Computer Sensors in Business Applications.? Abstract: Most notebooks have a variety of sensors that were uncommon when Visual FoxPro 9 was released. In this session we cover a variety of modern sensors and devices and how to access them from Visual FoxPro by using some .NET helper code. These devices include the camera to take pictures and the microphone for audio recording, the touch screen to respond to finger input and multi-touch gestures, the GPS receiver to determine the current location, the compass
to obtain directions, and the accelerometer to measure device movements. Sensors are useful in many mobile business applications. For instance, you can automatically track time and route of mobile workers. The camera takes pictures that are directly added to the VFP application when entering orders at a client site....(Read whole news on source site)

TouchPro V5.4

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Can now read and modify the timestamp properties of newer Microsoft Office document file formats (.docx, .xlsx, etc.) as well as the older formats.
New context menu item: "Capture a timestamp from the focused item".
"Touch with..." context menu items now show the timestamp that will be used.

Tab2Desk V3

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Updated to work with Windows 10.
Under Windows 10, earlier versions of Tab2Desk fall foul of "phantom" windows that are programmatically visible but not actually visible. This version identifies these windows and takes them into account.

The Morning Brew #1945

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Software NuGet 3.2.1-RC and NuGet 2.9-RC released – The Nuget Team announce the release of two new revisions of Nuget, addressing issues of interoperability on Linux and Mac as well as improving network utilisation and addressing a few other issues Azure PowerShell 1.0 Preview – David Justice announces the preview release of Azure PowerShell 1.0 […]

Overriding/Changing Base Razor View Page Type in ASP.NET 5 (vnext)

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          Introduction:                    Using razor views, sometimes we might need additional class properties/methods in all our views than we have in the existing built-in base razor view. For example, our all view pages might need title, keywords, etc. In ASP.NET 5, we can easily create a base razor view page class and set this class as a base razor view type for all our views. In this post, I will show you an example of this.               Description:                       Note that I am using beta7 at the time of writing. Razor views are
inherit from generic Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc.Razor.RazorPage class. We can create our custom base razor view class by inheriting RazorPage class,    public abstract class MyRazorPage : RazorPage { public string Title { get; set; } public string Description { get; set; } public string[] Keywords { get; set; } }                     We have added three more properties in our base view. Now for making this class as...(Read whole news on source site)

Workaround for No Locations Available with Azure DevTest Labs

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Originally posted on:   In this post I’ll walk through a workaround to the “There are no locations available. You may not…” error when trying to provision a new instance of Azure DevTest Labs in the current preview (as of 2015/10/12).   Problem    A few weeks ago during AzureCon 2015 there was an announcement that the new DevTest Labs offering was available in preview.  For those of you unfamiliar Dev Test Labs allows an administrator to set quotas for money used per month, size of VMs available, automatic shut down times for VMs,
and more.  I immediately tried to register and followed the instructions to wait 30-60 minutes.  Later on I saw the DevTest Labs section available in the Create blade (note this requires using this link from the above page which as far as I can tell includes the “Microsoft_Azure_DevTestLab=true” querystring parameter to “enable” the DevTest Labs pieces in the UI).  When I attempted to create a new instance of a DevTest Labs I ran into an error stating that “there are no locations available”.    I waited a little while longer and refreshed the browser but still had the...(Read whole news on source site)