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Random Link Roundup–8/22/2014

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Happy Friday again!  Here are more random, useful links I’ve come across over the last week. – nifty little tool for picking complimentary fonts! Just Say No to Justification – Design for Hackers author David Kadavy talks about why justification works in some mediums, but also illustrates why you shouldn’t use it on the web. React.js – JavaScript isn’t going away.  And the proliferation of tools to help you create JS apps isn’t slowing down.  Facebook’s React.js is another one you should look at… Three Feet from Gold
This is a great book that made me seriously re-evaluate how I view successful people.  If you are a frequent commuter like me, the Audible rendition is very enjoyable. System.Web.Optimization.Less – It is 2014.  LESS should be everywhere.  Unfortunately, the LESS story for ASP.NET MVC is pretty terrible.  This package makes it a little better, but be warned, because it uses dotLess, many newer LESS features won’t work correctly. C# 6.0 Pattern Matching – It took me a while to grok this new feature, but now that I understand it, I can see how it...(Read whole news on source site)

#1,142 – Setting Attached Property Value from Code

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You can change the value of an attached property for a given control from code by using the SetValue or SetCurrentValue methods.  You call these methods on the control that the property is attached to, passing in a reference to the property and the new value.  (SetCurrentValue is preferred, to avoid overwriting a local value). Below, we set a […]

PostSharp 3.2 gets RC, renamed PostSharp 4.0 RC

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When we announced PostSharp 3.2 Preview, many of you shared your experience about the new features – especially threading models and undo/redo. We found it was such a significant release it would deserve a major version increase. So today, we’re proud to announce the availability of PostSharp 4.0 RC. There will be no PostSharp 3.2 release. PostSharp 3.2 has just been renumbered 4.0. You can download PostSharp 4.0 RC from our web site. After you install the Visual Studio Extension, you can update your existing projects using NuGet Package Manager, by enabling the “pre-release” option. What’s New in PostSharp 4.0? Write thread-safe
code in C# and VB using threading design patterns Multithreading is difficult because we are reasoning about it at an absurdly low level of abstraction. Functional programming languages attempt to solve this problem by forcing you into a specific threading design pattern: Immutable Object. However, object-oriented programming is the right paradigm for most business applications. PostSharp 4.0 brings the benefits of threading patterns to C# and VB. Instead of migrating your whole project to a different language, mark individual classes with one of the following custom attributes: [Actor], [Immutable], [Freezable], [Synchronized], [ReaderWriterSynchronized], [ThreadAffine] or (the anti-model) [ThreadUnsafe]. PostSharp will then ensure that...(Read whole news on source site)

Abstracting functionality

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Originally posted on: is more important than data? Functionality. Yes, I strongly believe we should switch to a functionality over data mindset in programming. Or actually switch back to it. Focus on functionality Functionality once was at the core of software development. Back when algorithms were the first thing you heard about in CS classes. Sure, data structures, too, were important - but always from the point of view of algorithms. (Niklaus Wirth gave one of his books the title “Algorithms + Data Structures” instead of “Data Structures + Algorithms” for a reason.) The reason for the
focus on functionality? Firstly, because software was and is about doing stuff. Secondly because sufficient performance was hard to achieve, and only thirdly memory efficiency. But then hardware became more powerful. That gave rise to a new mindset: object orientation. And with it functionality was devalued. Data took over its place as the most important aspect. Now discussions revolved around structures motivated by data relationships. (John Beidler gave his book the title “Data Structures and Algorithms: An Object Oriented Approach” instead of the other way around for a reason.) Sure, this data could be embellished with functionality. But nevertheless...(Read whole news on source site)

Inside RavenDB 3.0

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I’ve been working for a while on seeing where we can improve RavenDB, and one of the things that I wanted to address is having an authoritative source to teach people about RavenDB. Not just documentation, those are very good for reference, but not so good to give you a guided tour and actually impart knowledge. That is what I wanted to do, to take the last five years or so of working on and with RavenDB and distill them. The result is about a hundred pages or so (and likely to be three or four hundred pages). In other
words, I slipped up and started churning out a book . You can download the alpha version using the following link (which will be valid for the next two weeks). I want to emphasis that this is absolutely unedited, and there are likely to be error for zpelling in grammar*. Those will be fixed down the line, currently I’m mostly focused on getting the content out. Here is also the temporary cover. Comments are welcome. And yes, this will be an actual book, in the end, which you can hold in your hand and hopefully...(Read whole news on source site)

Atlanta Code Camp 2014!

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Even though I can’t be there this year, I’m excited to help out in holding this year’s Atlanta Code Camp. On October 11th, 2014, the Atlanta Code Camp will be held at the Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, Georgia. Last year, we had a great time bringing you some of the best speakers in the southeast together to hold over forty different sessions across eight different tracks. It’s time to register for this year’s event. If you want to attend, you can now register for the event here: There is still time to speak
at the code camp as well. If you are new to presenting or a seasoned veteran, you can pitch your talks here:  Enjoy this years event!
This work by Shawn Wildermuth is licensed under...(Read whole news on source site)

Azure: New DocumentDB NoSQL Service, New Search Service, New SQL AlwaysOn VM Template, and more

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Today we released a major set of updates to Microsoft Azure. Today’s updates include: DocumentDB: Preview of a New NoSQL Document Service for Azure Search: Preview of a New Search-as-a-Service offering for Azure Virtual Machines: Portal support for SQL Server AlwaysOn + community-driven VMs Web Sites: Support for Web Jobs and Web Site processes in the Preview Portal Azure Insights: General Availability of Microsoft Azure Monitoring Services Management Library API Management: Support for API Management REST APIs All of these improvements are now available to use immediately (note that some features are still
in preview).  Below are more details about them: DocumentDB: Announcing a New NoSQL Document Service for Azure I’m excited to announce the preview of our new DocumentDB service - a NoSQL document database service designed for scalable and high performance modern applications.  DocumentDB is delivered as a fully managed service (meaning you don’t have to manage any infrastructure or VMs yourself) with an enterprise grade SLA. As a NoSQL store, DocumentDB is truly schema-free. It allows you to store and query any JSON document, regardless of schema. The service provides built-in automatic indexing support – which means you...(Read whole news on source site)