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Quieting Outlook 2010

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I had an Outlook irritation that I resolved recently.  I have many irritations with Outlook, but the one I fixed was some of the sounds it makes. Every time I viewed a new folder, it made an irritating noise.  Every time I deleted an email or RSS item, it made a different irritating noise.  With no program option available other than the new mail sound, I went into Control Panel | Sound | Sounds tab for some surgery.  Scroll down the Program Events list until you get to the Microsoft Office section. To quiet the folder change sound,
I deleted the value in the “Sort” line.  To quiet the deleted email/RSS item sound, I deleted the value in the “Delete Row” line.  Now I have blissful silence.  You can also choose one of the more subtle noises if you prefer. This will apply across all Office applications, but I can live with that.  I hope this can help someone else who is tired of the noise. ...(Read whole news on source site)

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