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The Morning Brew #1657

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Information Conventional HTML in ASP.NET MVC: Replacing form helpers – Jimmy Bogard continues his series looking at building HTML input forms via a set of HTML5 form helper methods, exploring the implementation of the simpler HTML5 input types Short questions – Eric Lippert rounds out his short series of posts answering questions raised during his […]

Human javascript free eBook

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Thanks to a colleague I got to know about this free eBook: It’s not the typical dry to read tech book and doesn’t get you started with javascript. On the contrary it reads in a nice way and talks about what the author was confronted with and how he dealt with it. Something extra to read while sitting outside in the evening sun (when there is any in Belgium). Grz, Kris.

Noncovergence in transactional replication with updatable subscription

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Hello replication champs, 

I have a Transactional replication with updatable subscription setup having 1 publisher and 3 subscribers. All the servers are SQL 2008 and have conflict resolution policy set as subscriber wins. Of late, I have been observing data mismatch for few tables. However replication is running fine without any issue. I am trying to understand what could have caused this issue and how it could be avoided in future. 

Do you have any idea what might be causing this? Let me know if you need any further details. 

Hey Developers - is it UI, UX, UI/UX or something else?

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My recent venture into consulting has allowed me the privilege of working with a talented UX team. The interesting thing is I probably fell into a trap and misconception about their roles and responsibility like any other developer that has not worked with a group containing this specialization. I rack that up to lack of 1st hand experience, so I've appreciated the onboarding of more knowledge. While this may not be the 'perfect' account of the UX professional's world, it's hopefully at least insightful to the large community of developers in a similar position to me.
Recently on our company Yammer site I saw the following quote by my friend and colleague Anthony Handley:
STOP staying UX/UI. It's just UX.
This had me thinking to the previous times I had Googled Bing'd the phrases "UI vs UX" or "difference between UI and UX." These were turning up abstract and sometimes confusing explanations. One link I pulled up was probably the equivalent of a 30 page document! Is it that complex? Other descriptions would say stuff like "the bike is a UI and the user thinking about the purchase and the tire size is the UX..." OK strike 1 - awful...(Read whole news on source site)

Announcement: SharePoint Dev blog has moved

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This is the final SharePoint Dev blog post. We’ve moved to the Office Developer blog, in this new location: Please join us in this new location to keep reading all the latest news about SharePoint development. Don’t worry, we won’t delete any of these MSDN blog posts – they’ll stay here so you can continue to refer to them for the information you need. Here are all the places where you can join the Office Developer conversation: Twitter @OfficeDev Facebook Office Developer
href="">Yammer Office 365 Technical Network MSDN forums Stackoverflow [MS-Office] [Office365] [OneNote] Office Developer Center
...(Read whole news on source site)