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The Morning Brew #1673

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Software Python Tools for Visual Studio 2.1 RC – Shahrokh Mortazavi highlights the release candidate release of the Python Tools for Visual Studio 2,1. This release brings improvements to the intellisense , debugging capabilities for Django templates, support for debugger visualisers and much more August updates for Internet Explorer – Sharon Meramore and Charles Morris […]

APress Deal of the Day 14/August/2014 - Software Exorcism

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Originally posted on:’s $10 Deal of the Day from APress at is Software Exorcism! “Software Exorcism discusses tools and techniques for effective and aggressive debugging, gives optimization strategies that appeal to all levels of programmers, and presents in-depth treatments of technical issues with honest assessments. ”

#1,135 – Alternatives to Creating a Custom Control

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You’ll typically use existing WPF controls when creating an application’s user interface.  You can set property values for the control to customize both the look and behavior of the control. If an existing control doesn’t provide the desired behavior or visual appearance, you can build a custom control. Creating a custom control involves a fair amount of work.  Before deciding to create […]

Visual Studio Toolbox: .NET Mobile Services

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In this episode, I am joined by Merwan Hade for an update on what is new in the Visual Studio tooling for Azure Mobile Services. Merwan shows how to use Visual Studio to build a .NET Mobile Service using C# or Visual Basic. He also shows how to add push notifications to a Windows Store project that uses .NET Mobile Services and Notification Hubs (a common interface to send notifications to multiple platforms). Finally, he shows how to troubleshoot issues by sending test notifications and browsing device registrations from within Visual Studio.

Firing The Customer You Love

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Everyone talks about the toxic customers… the ones that complain all the time, take up all your resources, demand free things in exchange for not complaining, and generally make your life as a business person hell. It’s relatively easy to fire the toxic customer, I think. I’ve done it a few times as a consultant, […]
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Lenovo Miix 2 tablet won’t power on

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The Lenovo Miix 2 tablet is great if you look at the value you get for your money. I purchased one for work for just 196 euro at It took me a day to install all updates on the windows 8.1 machine. When I returned at work the next day the tablet did not boot. It was still on the usb charger so it was not a battery drain or empty battery or whatsoever. I tried to contact Lenovo through twitter, but no response (yet). @lenovo my miix 2 8" is fully charged. screen won't
go on. Windows button does vibrrate. softreset does not work either. How can I reboot?— JP Hellemons (@JPHellemons) July 30, 2014 So I had to figure it out myself and found this blog with tips. One of them is to plugin the USB cable, wait for the white light and power on. That did not work. Power on before removing USB cable also did not work. Maybe this works for you, please let me know in the comments.The real solution (for me) was this trick of @marauderz: @chippy hold power down for 20 secs release n press...(Read whole news on source site)

Top Softwares to Manage Household Finances

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There are plenty of softwares that allows the users to manage their household finances . This blog post lists out some of the popular softwares which can be used by the users for managing household finances. Top Softwares to Manage Household Finances Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Home and Business Know more about Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Home and Business and download it from You Need a Budget Know more about You Need a Budget from Know more about at mvelopes Know more about mvelopes at Quicken from Intuit Know more about Quicken at
GnuCash Know more about GnuCash from Money Dance Personal Finance Know more about Money Dance Personal Finance from Money Strands Know more about Money Strands from MechCAD Know more about MechCAD from whole news on source site)