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APress Deal of the Day 26/Aug/2014 - HTML5 Advertising

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Originally posted on:’s $10 Deal of the Day from APress at is HTML5 Advertising. “Web advertising is changing. What was once a predominantly Flash-based medium is making the switch to HTML5. HTML5 Advertising will educate you on the whole digital advertising process from start to finish, equipping you with the knowledge to attack cutting-edge, rich media projects with confidence and scale.”

DATE datatype and arithmetic operation

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DATE datatype was introduced in version SQL Server 2008 which stores only Date part. If you use DATETIME datatype it is possible to do arithmetic operations directly like adding or subtracting day part as shown below declare @datetime datetime select @datetime ='20140101' select @datetime,@datetime+1 The result is 2014-01-01 00:00:00.000 2014-01-02 00:00:00.000 As you see adding 1 to Jan 01, 2014 directly results to adding 1 day to it. But this is not possible with the DATE datatype. declare @date date select @date='20140101' select @date,@date+1 The above gives the following error. Msg 206, Level 16, State 2, Line 3 Operand type clash: date is incompatible with int If you want to add 1 day
to a DATE value, use DATEADD function declare @date date select @date='20140101' select @date,dateadd(day,1,@date) The result is 2014-01-01 2014-01-02 DATEADD function will also works well for DATETIME datatype. So going forward, avoid using arithmetic operations directly and use DATEADD function ...(Read whole news on source site)

Anywhere, anytime, any device

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Wordament part 1

Details on how the Wordament architecture relies on Azure services and
features you may find  familiar (cloud services, blob storage) and
unfamiliar (instance input endpoints). Jason and John also provide
details about developer technologies such as Xamarin, which allows C# to
be the only programming language required for Wordament’s
cross-platform support.

New Versions: Feature that makes the Cloud Services model so attractive is the Virtual
IP (VIP) swap. The VIP swap allows them to stage a new version of their
service every
single day as they rebuild and redeploy the site.

Clients and Apps: Each client has a thin hardware abstraction layer (HAL). It contains the
code necessary to display and process the Wordament UI controls, along
with the code that initiates contact and interacts with the Azure cloud

Gets: To preserve the integrity of the data, stored procedures are the only
way used to determine stats. As the Wordament guys say, they generate “a
small number of tables, but a large number of stored procedures.”

Bundling and Minification with Web Essentials

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Pta.Build.WebEssentialsBundleTask A few months ago, the Tachyus web application used a C# + F# web application approach to separate the front-end HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from the back-end F# ASP.NET Web API application. With this configuration, we introduced Web Essentials to bundle and minify our CSS and JavaScript at build time within Visual Studio. To […]

How Can Enterprise Architects Drive Business Value the Agile Way?

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An Enterprise Architect can have a tough job when it comes to driving value to the business.   With multiple stakeholders, multiple moving parts, and a rapid rate of change, delivering value is tough enough.   But what if you want to accelerate value and maximize business impact? Enterprise Architects can borrow a few concepts from the Agile world to be much more effective in today’s world. A Look Back at How Agile Helped Connect Development to Business Impact … First, let’s take a brief look at traditional development and how it evolved.  Traditionally, IT departments focused on delivering
value to the business by shipping big bang projects.   They would plan it, build it, test it, and then release it.   The measure of success was on time, on budget.    Few projects ever shipped on time.  Few were ever on budget.  And very few ever met the requirements of the business. Then along came Agile approaches and they changed the game. One of the most important ideas was a shift away from thick requirements documentation to user stories.  Developers got customers telling stories about what they wanted the future solution to do.  For example, a user...(Read whole news on source site)

New Horizons arrives at Neptune on a 25-year anniversary!

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Originally posted on: the New Horizons probe to the planet Pluto crosses the orbit of the planet Neptune. By a “cosmic coincidence”, this is exactly 25 years since Voyager 2 took close-up pictures of Neptune and its satellite Triton. For more see New Horizons current position is shown at

O’Reilly “return to school” offer up to 05:00 PT 9/Sep/2014

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Originally posted on: 05:00 PT 9/Sep/2014, O’Reilly are offering 50% off all E-Books and Video training. (If you spend more than $100, the discount is increased to 60%!) See