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VS Team Services incidents on Feb 3 & 4

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We had two serious availability incidents in the past 2 days.  I’m incredibly sorry for the problems that these have caused.  Increasingly we are bringing on more and more customers who rely on this service day in and day out and any significant interruption is entirely unacceptable.  We know it.  We live it.  We breath... Read more

The SQL Server 2016 Query Store: Accessing Query Store Information Using DMVs

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The SQL Server 2016 Query Store provides several new ways of troubleshooting queries, studying their plans, exploring their context settings, and checking their performance metrics. In using the Query Store to ensure that performance is as good as possible, it isn't long before it becomes important to be familiar with the DMVs that are associated with the query store, and using them in custom queries.

Thinking About the Cloud?

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Are you thinking about the cloud yet? Redgate is conducting some research into cloud adoption to better understand both the drivers and the blockers. Whether or not you’ve taken the plunge yet, they would love to hear from you. Participate in the survey and be entered into a draw to win an Amazon gift card worth $100.

SQL Server Auditing and Recovery With ApexSQL Log 2016

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ApexSQL Log is a powerful SQL Server transaction reader for forensic auditing and rollback of malicious and/or unintended changes for Microsoft SQL Server. It is an ideal cost solution for recovery, row changes and/or before-after auditing. ApexSQL Log uses technology which enables it to read online transaction log files or transaction log backup files in […]

Getting an Application Insights Instrumentation Key inside Visual Studio itself

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Instrumentation Key is the key integration point between your application and the Application Insights.  This key is essential for sending the application telemetry data back to azure. If you create the Application Insights directly using Visual Studio; Visual Studio takes care of linking between your application and the key. If you create the Application Insights [...]

Text to Speech (and more) with Windows 10 UWP & ‘Project Oxford’

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We’re increasingly talking to machines and, more importantly, they’re increasingly listening and even starting to understand. In the world of the Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform, there’s the SpeechRecognizer class which can do speech recognition on the device without necessarily calling off to the cloud and it has a number of different capabilities. The recognizer … Continue reading Text to Speech (and more) with Windows 10 UWP & ‘Project Oxford’ →