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C# Questions and Answers – Data Types Part 2

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This blog post on the C# Questions and Answers – Data Types Part 2 focuses on C# multiple choice interview questions on the data types in C# like char , integer etc. C# Questions and Answers – Data Types Part 2 1. What is Size of the char data type in C# ? a. 8 [...]
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learn any new programming language , it is necessary to learn the basics first which includes how to declare and define basic data types…JavaScript Tutorial #7 – Variables and Datatypes The developers can use the following primitive datatypes in their web application or Windows store application. - String - Boolean - Numbers JavaScript also support…Var keyword in Delphi/Oxygene and C# I had the privilege of working on some of the interesting languages like Delphi, Oxygene, C# etc. All the languages listed above has the keyword…Discover the Unit Testing Secrets: Top Unit Testing Questions Type...(Read whole news on source site)

Bringing the power of PowerShell to your build scripts

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If you look back at the last couple of years, you'll notice an increasing attention for best practices that should make us more professional software developers. We design our classes using Test Driven Development, we review our code in pairs, and we apply all kinds of architectural principles such as those represented by the S.O.L.I.D. acronym. In other words, we really care about our code. But what about our build scripts? Do we care as much about those as we do for our regular code? I doubt it, but shouldn't we?

About a year ago we switched
from Microsoft Team Foundation Server's build environment to JetBrains TeamCity, mostly because my client was moving to Git and GitHub. After being used to the cryptic MSBuild XML documents (I never bothered with the Windows Workflow Foundation stuff), being able to use TeamCity's elaborate build step system seemed like an attractive approach. But with that, we almost made the mistake of treating build scripts as something exotic again.

Luckily, my (then new) colleague Damian Hickey convinced us to look at how the open-source community solves the build problem. Quite a lot of these projects use either...(Read whole news on source site)

.NET Fringe is Coming!

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As many of you know, I’m not in the country at the moment but if I were, I’d be going to .NET Fringe in Portland, Oregon on April 12-14th. This new conference is all about open source in the .NET space and I and really excited that a conference is focused on it. I have a couple of small, older .NET open source libraries, but my real facination has been with where the overall community is going. Both Microsoft and the community at large are all going open source and it’s great news for us all I
think. If you’re interested in going, it’s relatively cheap. There is even an option to apply for a free ticket (though I don’t know the qualifications). If you’re a student or unemployed, it’s only $100! You can see all the ticket prices here: While I won’t be able to be there (at least, we’ve not figured out a way to make that happen yet), I suggest you go if you can get there. They even have set up a geek train to take people from Seattle down to the event in Portland: The...(Read whole news on source site)

C# Questions and Answers – Data Types – Part 1

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This blog post on the C# Questions and Answers – Data Types Part 1 focuses on C# multiple choice interview questions on data types. C# Questions and Answers – Data Types – Part 1 1. Which of the below data types are value types ? a. Array b. String c. Long d. Integer Answer : [...]
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There are times when you would have an array of string with only integer values and you may want to convert them to an integer…How to remove duplicates from integer array in C# ? Below is a sample code snippet demonstrating the usage of the extension methods to get the distinct data from integer array in C#. How to…How to Find if an Integer is a Power of 2 in C# ? Do you want to know if an integer is a power of 2 in C# ? . Below is a simple method with the...(Read whole news on source site)

Connect(“Live”); // WPF Team Live Q & A

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It’s been a busy week for the .NET teams here at Microsoft. We’ve just concluded our two day, live, free, dotnetConf 2015 event, with 19 sessions from both our product teams and community presenters. If you missed it, don’t worry. You can watch all the videos on-demand over at the dotnetConf 2015 Channel 9 page. Next Week – WPF Team Live Q&A Connect(“Live”); We are not done yet. On Monday, March 23rd we are once again back with another Connect(“Live”); session, this time featuring the WPF team. This will be your next opportunity to engage the team, ask your questions,
and hear about the future of the framework. Among other topics, we’ll take another look at the newly revealed WPF App Local technology that is being considered for future releases and other investigations into platform improvements. Details: When: Monday 3/23 at 11:00am PDT
Speakers: Harikrishna Menon Ajith Kumar, Unni Ravindranathan, Rob Relyea and hosted by Seth Juarez Save the Date: You can save the date using an ICS file Watch it live: Connect (“Live”); event page Missed the live broadcast? No problem, see the WPF Team Live Q&A session page for the video   We hope to see you there!

ASP.NET Web Forms Extensibility: Model Binding Value Providers

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ASP.NET 4.5 introduced model binding: basically, it is a way for databound controls - Repeater, GridView, ListView, etc - to be fed, not from a datasource control - ObjectDataSource, EntityDataSource, SqlDataSource, etc -, but from a method in the page. This method needs to return a collection, and may have parameters. The problem is: how these parameters get their values? The answer is: through a model binding value provider. A model binding value provider is a class that implements IValueProvider, and normally is injected through a ValueProviderSourceAttribute-derived attribute. ASP.NET includes
some implementations:
ControlAttribute: gets a value from a control;
CookieAttribute: gets a value from a cookie;
FormAttribute: gets a value from a submitted form field;
ProfileAttribute: gets a value from the user's profile;
QueryStringAttribute: gets a value from the query string;
RouteDataAttribute: gets a value from the current route;
SessionAttribute: gets a value from the session;
ViewStateAttribute:  gets a value from a control's view state.
If we want, say, to...(Read whole news on source site)

Nintex Workflow - Modifying your Farm UDA

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  The Problem I love Nintex UDA - it lets me push commonly used logic into a reusable User Defined Action.  Then lets me reuse it in multiple workflows.  What's even better, is when I update the UDA, I can choose to republish all the workflows that currently use this UDA, which updates them all too. There are however two problems with the UDA: They are scoped at Site, Site Collection or Farm levels, and they are stored with a unique UDA-ID in the Nintex workflow database.
share the UDA in two different Site Collections, you have to promote the UDA to the high level Farm scope.

Once you have promoted them to Farm level, you can no longer modify them.  Because they are managed via the Central Administration website, and WorkflowDesigner.aspx doesn't work there.   A solution   The solution I've gone with, which I hated.  Was this: in our development environment,...(Read whole news on source site)

Perfect PDF 2.0 Beta Released!

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Finally!  The next iteration on the road to Perfect PDF 2.0 is available on NuGet! This new version is a ground-up rewrite of Perfect PDF.  The new version now uses Webkit as an embedded library rather than relying on an external executable to render your views.  This means fewer moving pieces, and tighter integration going forward! This version also supports generating PDFs from Razor views directly, without the need to run a web server.  That means you can embed Razor views in other types of applications, such as Windows Services, and use Perfect PDF
to render the views directly into PDF files! Now, keep in mind, this is the first release of this new rewrite.  There will be bugs in this version!  But as always, I’ll work to get them squashed as quickly as possible, so please ping me if you run into any issues! So what are you waiting for?  Go grab the newest bits off of NuGet now!  And early adopters, you can still lock in free upgrades for a year at a reduced price!  But act quickly!  The final version of 2.0 will ship in...(Read whole news on source site)