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AngularJS 1.5, NG2, React, Aurelia, MVC Patterns and Slack on Tue Feb 9 2016

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The latest Angular 1.x version is out! Angular 2 and React are better together, learn more about Aurelia, read an in depth commentary on the state of MVC frameworks and why one developer is no longer using them, and discover the benefits of Slack in the workplace. Understanding Transducers in #JavaScript It's finally here! The next major 1.x version of #AngularJS Component directives, #ECMAScript6 classes & more! #ng1 Passing through data in your #Aurelia routes #JavaScript Rendering Large Datasets With #AngularJS 2 Beta 3 #NG2... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for
full links, other content, and more! ]]
...(Read whole news on source site)

Do You Know How Much Your Azure VM Costs?

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Originally posted on: You go through the Azure price calculator and figure out everything you think are going to need for your Azure VM and how much each resource will cost you on a monthly basis.  You then pick a template from the marketplace and implement it assuming you know what services are being stood up.  Do you really know? What you may not realize is that if you didn’t go through the pricing calculator thuroughly you may be in for some surprises on your bill.  Not only do you get charged for the hardware
that you have selected, but also the image that you choose to run on it.  The cost per minute of each image is not posted on the image itself.  This is made up of each component you are using and can be figured by reviewing adding up all the costs listed here.  If you don’t know to look there then you won’t know that there are additional costs until you get the invoice at the end of your billing period, and these can really add up. As I mentioned above this surprise can also be avoided...(Read whole news on source site)

T-SQL Tips: OFFSET Without FETCH i.e. Skipping Rows in Resultset

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The purpose of this blog is to provide an answer to the below two questions

Can we use OFFSET without FETCH in T-SQL?How can we skip some rows while returning a resultset through SQL query?
The above questions were asked multiple times to me by different people and in different forums. I'm publishing this blog to give a combined answer to both these questions

Let me explain this with an illustration
The scenario under consideration is like this

Consider the case where we have payments made by customers as per invoices provided in a retail scenario. The same customer can
do multiple payments in a month 

This can be represented using a table with the below structure

declare @t table
Customer varchar(10),
Price decimal(15,2),
PaidDate date

insert @t

The above data represents the various payments made by customers along with the date of payment information
The requirement is to get the top 3 customers from this based on the total payments done. In addition we also need to get the total payment done by all the other customers. This is for listing the details in a report 
Now lets see how the above requirement can be achieved by using the OFFSET.. FETCH syntax which is...(Read whole news on source site)

Speech to Text (and more) with Windows 10 UWP & ‘Project Oxford’

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We’re increasingly talking to machines and, more importantly, they’re increasingly listening and even starting to understand. In the world of the Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform, there’s the SpeechRecognizer class which can do speech recognition on the device without necessarily calling off to the cloud and it has a number of different capabilities. The recognizer … Continue reading Speech to Text (and more) with Windows 10 UWP & ‘Project Oxford’ →