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Looking forward to the 2015 Fantastic People of Worldwide Partner Conference!

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Can you believe we are just two short weeks away from Worldwide Partner Conference 2015?! That’s right, two weeks from now, thousands of Microsoft partners from around the world will come together with Microsoft in Orlando for Worldwide Partner Conference 2015. As I have said several times before, WPC is my favorite conference of the year, and I am filled with anticipation once again, looking forward to the opportunity to not only connect with the many people and partners from around the world that I have had the privilege to get to know and work with over the years,
but also for the opportunity to meet many new people and partners that I have not yet to date. I completely love hearing all of the incredible stories of success that partners share, and I look forward to putting together this year’s “The Fantastic People of Worldwide Partner Conference” once again, filled with several of those amazing people. The big question is, “Will you be one of them?” If you are not familiar with “The Fantastic People of Worldwide Partner Conference” concept, let me introduce you to it. Per my earlier statement, one of my favorite parts of Worldwide...(Read whole news on source site)

Comparing developers

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Recently I had to try to explain to a non technical person how I rate the developers that I work with. In technical terms, it is easy to do: int Compare(devA, devB, ctx) But it is very hard to do: int Compare(devA, devB); var score = Evaluate(dev); What do I mean by that? I mean that it is pretty hard (at least for me), to give an objective measure of a developer with the absence of anyone to compare him to, but it very easy to compare two developers, but even so, only in a given context.
An objective evaluation of a developer is pretty hard, because there isn’t much that you can objectively measure. I’m sure that no reader of mine would suggest doing something like measuring lines of code, although I wish it was as easy as that. How do you measure the effectiveness of a developer? Well, to start with, you need to figure out the area in which you are measuring them. Trying to evaluate yours truly on his HTML5 dev skills would be… a negative experience. But in their areas of expertise, measuring the effectiveness of two people is much easier....(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1892

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Happy 10th Birthday to Google Earth! Software Save the Date: Visual Studio 2015 RTM on July 20th – S.Somasegar announces the official RTM release of Visual Studio 2015 which will be taking place on 20th July, when the download will become available, with the release event taking place online on 20th July 20 at 3:30 […]

WebAssembly – A new Hope

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Recently, WebAssembly was announced, a new standard that defines a binary format and execution model for the Web. With Google, Mozilla, Microsoft and others voicing their support, my first thought was: Wow, so there is actually hope to get rid of JavaScript someday! In this blog post I’ll explain why I think WebAssembly is such a big step in the right direction, even if it’s something that won’t have an immediate impact. What’s the problem with JavaScript, anyway? JavaScript is a programming language that has quirks (see Seven JavaScript
Quirks I Wish I’d Known About or JavaScript garden), lacks important features (e.g. proper arithmetic data types) and isn’t type safe (by design). All this doesn’t matter for JavaScript’s original purpose – writing a few lines of script code. In fact, the dynamic nature of JavaScript, i.e. being able to add object properties or change data types on the fly, enables some pretty elegant solutions. But writing large amounts of JavaScript in a team of average developers comes with a risk that is higher than in other languages. Bugs that the compiler for a typed language would catch immediately can...(Read whole news on source site)

Aurelia, less2css and bundling

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Please read my first post for an introduction. At the end of that post, I said that it takes a long time for the site to load, something I attributed mainly down to the fact that the JavaScript was not bundled, so Chrome was making many network requests to get the content. Here is the devtools network tab of the site running locally (hence why it is much faster than what I saw running on github pages).. In this post, I will cover bundling. I’ll try not to cover what Rob Eisenberg has already blogged about - please read that
post for a good introduction. My first port of call is creating the Aurelia file which will control what is bundled. Lets talk through that file.
var aurelia = require('aurelia-cli'); aurelia.command('bundle', {
First we get the Aurelia cli and register a bundle command. The long-term intention seems to be that you could register multiple commands to set up parts of the project. I find this a bit strange, given the heavy use of other tools and that the example project uses gulp, I would have thought concentrating on making a gulp-aurelia-bundler would have made more sense.
js: { 'dist/app-bundle': { ...(Read whole news on source site)

Some Useful Commands for Raspbian on Raspberry Pi

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Introduction I bought a Raspberry Pi a couple of months ago and have been setting up Kodi, EmulationStation and more. If you are new to Raspberry Pi and especially the Raspbian distro, then some of the commands will be useful as you get started with Linux. APT Commands From your terminal, enter the following to make sure you are always working with the latest apt package :
sudo apt-get update
You will be using this to install all sorts of things. Install Kodi (XBMC) Kodi is basically Xbox Media Center. You want this if you plan on playing music, video, etc :
data-lang="text">sudo apt-get install kodi
Get your IP Address From your terminal, enter the following :
You should see your IP address now. You will need this to SSH, FTP and so forth. Mount a Drive (USB External) From your terminal, enter the following : You’ll need to know what the drive is called to mount it.
sudo fdisk -l
You’re looking for a partition that should look something like: /dev/sda1. Write that down. Create a new directory if one is not already there in /media so you can mount the drive onto the filesystem:
sudo mkdir /media/usb
Mount the drive

Persisting Data in Xamarin.Forms

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Article Introduction I’ve recently released an article on TDN title, “Learn how to persist data in Xamarin.Forms”. In it, I share how I easily setup backend services to work with Xamarin.Forms. Start with a Clean Slate I’ll admit it isn’t just Xamarin that has this problem, it is every mobile app that contains some degree of complexity. Whether it is a sign-up form on Skype, ESPN, Moe’s or your personal favorite, Tinder, everyone needs a way to work with cloud storage. So how can we address this without pulling out our hair like Gary Busey? The Full Article The full article is hosted on the
TDN website and you can access it here. Persisting Data in Xamarin.Forms was originally published by Michael Crump at Michael Crump on June 29, 2015. ...(Read whole news on source site)

Cloud Partner Insights (CPI): Information –> Insights –> Impact

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With Worldwide Partner Conference just around the corner, I’ve had a few partners reach out, asking me if I’ll be at WPC and what I’m doing now, noting how I have been quieter over the past year when it comes to social media compared to prior years. Yes, I have been quieter through my social media channels, but in no way does this mean my deep focus on or work to drive impact for and through our Microsoft partners everywhere has changed. In fact, it is quite the opposite. If you happened to read my It
has been a fun 15 years post, you would have seen the following: “A former manager of mine reached out at the same time and said, “We have a need” in the U.S. for someone who understands our partners, our sales processes, how to drive strategy and change, and can lead our future direction from a partner Sales Excellence perspective. “This led me to my current role, where I have had the opportunity to continue to lead several exciting initiatives from sales role and strategy design across our business to designing, building, and launching an entirely...(Read whole news on source site)