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Who's Managing Your Company?

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One of the best books I’m reading lately is The Future of Management, by Gary Hamel. It’s all about how management innovation is the best competitive advantage, whether you look through the history of great businesses or the history of great militaries.  Hamel makes a great case that strategic innovation, product or service innovation, and operational innovation are fleeting advantages, but management innovation leads to competitive advantage for the long haul. In The Future of Management, Hamel poses a powerful question … “Who is managing your company?” Via
rel="nofollow" target="_blank">The Future of Management: “Who's managing your company?  You might be tempted to answer, 'the CEO,' or 'the executive team,' or 'all of us in middle management.'  And you'd be right, but that wouldn't be the whole truth.  To a large extent, your company is being managed right now by a small coterie of long-departed theorists and practitioners who invented the rules and conventions of 'modern' management back in the early years of the 20th century.  They are the poltergeists who inhabit the musty machinery of management.  It is their edicts, echoing across the decades, that invisibly shape...(Read whole news on source site)

O’Reilly Half-Price E-book of the day 21/July/2014 - PostgreSQL: Up and Running

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Originally posted on:’s half-price deal of the day from O’Reilly at is PostgreSQL: Up and Running. “This new edition of PostgreSQL: Up and Running continues to provide a concise overview to help you quickly understand and use PostgreSQL’s unique features. Updated for 9.3 (and including reinvigorated 9.2 content), it covers LATERAL queries, augmented JSON support, materialized views, and other key topics.”

Learning Xamarin: Custom Controls in Xamarin Forms

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Xamarin Forms are the most exciting library to come along in a long time; certainly for mobile programmers.  They bring a whole new option to cross platform development: an abstraction layer that lets you write once, and run native on … Continue reading → For the complete article and hyperlinks, please visit my blog at

The ‘Morning’ Brew #1655

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A rather late one today, and certainly not morning here in the UK. The explanation is rather unexciting – after a long charity bike ride yesterday I had a rather lazy morning, and half convinced myself it was Sunday still. Thanks for all the messages of concern…here is today (links only) edition. Software Introducing PSBuild […]

#1,118 – An Example of Input that Obeys CurrentCulture

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One step in internationalizing an application is to respect the current regional settings when reading numeric or date/time values from a user. If you are parsing user-entered text and converting to numeric or date/time data, the Parse methods associated with individual data types respect the current regional settings. Below, we read text from two TextBox controls, interpreting the first value as a double […]

Map/Reduce visualizer, take II

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Yes, I talked about this already, but we made some additional improvements that make it even cooler. Here is a document: And here is the index: Now, let us look at what happens when we go to the map/reduce visualizer: This is a highly zoomed out picture, let us zoom a little (click it for higher zoom): As you can see, we can see all the documents that have any reduce keys shared with the reduce keys from the document we started from. That is going to make explaining, and debugging,
map/reduce so much easier. For that matter, here is an example of the visualizer showing us a multi step reduce. Which is an optimization that happens when we have a lot of entries for the same reduce key. Now we can actually show you how this works: Pretty cool!...(Read whole news on source site)