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Xamarin.Android - Testing, Debugging and Deploying Apps to Wear and Handheld devices

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Originally posted on: my previous post we talked about how to create app in Wearable and Handheld devices and created a simple implementation of sending/syncing data. In this post I'm going to demonstrate how to deploy and test apps in real device. First of all I am using Nexus 9 and LG G Watch as my test devices. Before we start make sure that USB Driver for Android is installed in your machine. You can verify it by right clicking on the COMPUTER > MANAGE > DEVICE MANAGER > OTHER DEVICES. If the driver
isn't in the list then you must download the driver here: and refer this link for the installation guide: The next important thing is to enable USB Debugging in your Handheld device. You can enable it under SETTINGS > DEVELOPER OPTIONS > USB DEBUGGING. Once you have the required driver installed and enabled debugging for your device then just plug-in your Handheld device to your PC or laptop. In Visual Studio you should be able to see the connected handheld device as shown in the image below: Deploying the App to...(Read whole news on source site)

Software versioning without thinking about it

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Solving the versioning problem
If you're building libraries, products or any other software system, versioning is usually a pretty big deal. It's the only way to determine what version of that library, product or system you're looking at. Before an organization settles on a versioning strategy, many discussions have been held on what constitutes a major release versus a minor release, how to version the component from a marketing perspective, and how to deal with bug fixes. In addition to that, if that software system involves a library or framework, or just component, then you'd be pretty interested
to know when an update to that component involves breaking changes.

Fortunately, the open-source community has solved both of these problems for us. First, we have semantic versioning, which unambiguously defines how to update your version when you do hot fixes and patches, minor back-wards compatible improvements or breaking changes. They even define how you should post-fix your version numbers to denote pre-releases and build numbers. Assuming all decent software project are using Gitthese days, then the other problem is solved by following the GitFlowbranching strategy, an initiative by fellow countryman Vincent Driessen. GitFlow describes...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1846

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I sorted out a post numbering snafu on the previous two posts this morning, and am resuming with the correct numbering today, making this 1846 – so don’t panic if you didn’t see 1845. Information A Simple Nowin F# Example – Mike Hadlow follows on from his previous post on building web applications usin OWIN […]

The Morning Brew #1845

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Update: So, the numbering slipped, and this post was incorrectly labelled as 1844 when it should have been 1845 – I’ve corrected the number but the links will remain Software Caliburn.Micro 3.0.0-alpha – The Caliburn Micro team announce the release of their alpha release of Caliburn Micro 3.0.0 which adds in support for Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Androis […]

MVP Showcase 2015 – Wrap Up

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(This post is in portuguese and english)Well, the MVP Showcase 2015 event is over! After all the excitement, it’s nice to calm down, but I am already missing all these extraordinarily gifted people and all the technical hype! I couldn’t attend all the sessions that I wanted, because there were always two in parallel, but I must say that I was very impressed with the overall quality of the presentations! Well done, guys!For those who might be interested, here are the slides for my presentation, “Entity Framework 7: NoORM” (in english). As always, I’d love to
hear your feedback!Once again, thanks to all our sponsors, and to all attended the event! Bem, o MVP Showcase 2015 acabou! Depois de toda a excitação, é bom ter um bocado de sossego, mas já estou a sentir saudades de toda aquela gente tão extraordinariamente dotada e de toda a envolvente técnica! Não pude assistir a todas as sessões que gostaria, porque havia sempre duas em simultâneo, mas devo dizer que fiquei muito impressionado com a qualidade geral das apresentações! Bom trabalho, pessoal!Para aqueles que possam estar interessados, aqui estão os slides da minha apresentação, “