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Let’s dev this | Cloud Tour – Ft Lauderdale

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Next week, on February 10th, I will be joining David Crook and Joe Raio in Ft Lauderdale for Microsoft’s Let’s dev this | Cloud Tour.  If you are in the area, come and join us, it will be a great event! To register and for more information, go here: Date: Feb 10, 2016Time: 9:00 […]

Good, fast, pretty code: How to choose?

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I have a piece of code that does something on types. It is a whole complex thing that does a lot of stuff. And the code is really ugly, here is a small part from ~180 lines method. The problem would have been much simpler if we could only switch on types, which is effectively what I want to do here. As it stands, however, the JIT is actually going to replace all those if statements with pointer comparisons to the method table, so this is pretty fast. Unpleasant to read, but really fast. I decided to
see what it would take to create a more readable version:
public class TypeCounter { public int Long; public Dictionary> Actions; public TypeCounter() { Actions = new Dictionary> { [typeof(long)] = o => Long++, [typeof(int)] = o => Long++, }; ...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #2024

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Information NuGet ContentFiles Demystified – Jeffrey T. Fritz Free Visual Studio Dev Essentials Program now includes $300 in Azure credits and Exclusive Xamarin University access – Shawn Nandi Spying on Razor View Compilation – K Scott Allen The Basics of Web Application Security – Cade Cairns & Daniel Somerfield New features in C# 7, part […]

A .NET port of Scientist

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Over on the GitHub Engineering blog my co-worker Jesse Toth published a fascinating post about the Ruby library named Scientist we use at GitHub to help us run experiments comparing new code against the existing production code. It's an enjoyable read with a really great analogy comparing this approach to building a new bridge. The analogy feels very relevant to those of us here in the Seattle area as we're in the midst of a major bridge construction project across Lake Washington as they lay a new bridge alongside the existing 520 bridge. Naturally, a lot of people asked if
we were working on a C# version. In truth, I had been toying with it for a while. I had hoped to have something ready to ship on the day that Scientist 1.0 shipped, but life has a way of catching up to you and tossing your plans in the gutter. The release of Scientist 1.0 lit that proverbial fire under my ass to get something out that people can play with and help improve. Consider this a working sketch of the API. It's very rough, but it works! I don't have a CI server set up yet etc. etc. I'll...(Read whole news on source site)