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Random Link Roundup–1/23/2015

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Here’s the first official roundup of 2015!  In a few more years, perhaps you’ll be able to enjoy my roundups in pure holographic beauty!   On the .NET front… Attribute routing is getting better in MVC 6! You can now use Application Insights with Azure Websites.  I actually thought you could already do this, so cool! I mainly use Entity Framework these days, but there are still areas where NHibernate is surprisingly superior.  Like having support for Hierarchy IDs.
Need Eval for C#, but can't wait for Rosyln?  C# Expression Evaluator may work for you.   And in the HTML/CSS world… Codrops has some very slick input effects you can use. Hover.css is like Animate.css, except focused just on hover effects.  Lining.js allows you to do nth-line CSS selectors.   There's some GREAT stuff coming in CSS Selectors 4.  Nothing is finalized yet, so it’s a bit of a tease, but at least it will be here someday! ...(Read whole news on source site)

Get your Microsoft Build Conference pass from DVLUP!

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Developers, BUILD 2015 is already sold out….. but there is still a chance to get there!DVLUP has 2 rewards for you:Ticket for Microsoft Build Developer Conference 2015 (for 20 000pts)50% off of a Ticket for Microsoft Build Conference 2015 (for 10 000pts)This is for the conference pass (Flight not included).
Hurry up as those rewards must be redeemed by January 30th, 2015!!

Excerpts from the RavenDB Performance team report: Expensive headers, and cache effects

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This ended up being a pretty obvious, in retrospect. We noticed in the profiler that we spent a lot of time working with headers. Now, RavenDB is using REST as the communication layer, so it is doing a lot with that, but we should be able to do better. Then Tal dug into the actual implementation and found:
public string GetHeader(string key) { if (InnerHeaders.Contains(key) == false) return null; return InnerHeaders.GetValues(key).FirstOrDefault(); } public List GetHeaders(string key) { if (InnerHeaders.Contains(key) == false) return null; return InnerHeaders.GetValues(key).ToList(); } public HttpHeaders InnerHeaders { get { var headers = new Headers(); foreach (var header in InnerRequest.Headers) { if (header.Value.Count() == 1) headers.Add(header.Key, header.Value.First()); else headers.Add(header.Key, header.Value.ToList()); } if (InnerRequest.Content == null) return headers; foreach (var header in InnerRequest.Content.Headers) { if (header.Value.Count()
== 1) headers.Add(header.Key, header.Value.First()); else headers.Add(header.Key, header.Value.ToList()); } return headers; } }
To be fair, this implementation was created very early on, and no one ever actually spent any time looking it since (why would they? it worked, and quite well). The problem is the number of copies that we have, and the fact that to pull a since header, we have to copy all the headers, sometimes multiple times. We replaced this with code that wasn’t doing stupid stuff, and we couldn’t even find the cost of working with headers in the profiler any longer. But that brings up a really interesting question. How could we not know...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1784

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Software [Announcement] OData Web API 5.4 Beta – Congyong Project Spartan and the Windows 10 January Preview Build – Jason Weber Information What to do with a caught exception – Cellfish ChessTDD 25: Yak-Shaving with a visit to trusty old ExtendedAssert – Erik Dietrich Automating web hosting creation in Azure with PowerShell – Troy Hunt […]