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Creating and Consuming Web APIs in .NET

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A quick note for folks who attended the Apex Systems Tech Talk I did this past Thursday. As promised, I've published my slides to OneDrive, and they can be found here: The resources at the end of the deck include links to the Web API tutorial I mentioned in the talk, which is a great place to start if you're unfamiliar with ASP.NET Web API. And for folks who attended either of my VSLive talks this year, including my talks in Redmond a week ago, those decks are also available on my OneDrive, and can be found
here: If you'd like to hear my next talk on API development, please join me on September 10th, in Tyson's Corner, VA for the NoVA Mobile C# Developer's Group....(Read whole news on source site)

The Incremental Architect´s Napkin - #6 - Branch flows for alternative processing

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Originally posted on: with an Entry Point into your software don´t start coding right away. Instead think about how the functionality should be structured. Into which processing steps can you partition the scope? What should be doen first, what comes next, what then, what finally. Devise a flow of data. Think of it as an assembly line. Some raw input plus possibly some additional material is transformed into shiny output data (or some side effect fireworks). Here is the Flow Design of the de-duplication example again: That´s a simple sequential flow. Control flows along with the
data. And it´s a one dimensional (1D) flow. There is just one path from start to end through the graph of processing nodes. Such flows are common. For many functions they are sufficient to describe the steps to accomplish what´s required. And as you saw in the previous chapter they are easy to translate into code:static void Main(string[] args) { var input = Accept_string_list(args); var output = Deduplicate(input); Present_deduplicated_string_list(output); } Streams causing alternative flows So much for the happy day. But what if an error occures? Input could be missing or be malformed. Sure you...(Read whole news on source site)

How to Create a Thumbnail for a File in Windows

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Recently I had to create thumbnails for various file types and it took me some time to search the web for a solution that works and doesn’t require the discontinued Windows API Code Pack.Daniel Peñalba‘s answer to a question titled “Extract thumbnail for any file in Windows” on StackOverflow works beautifully (tested on Windows 7 and 8.1): .I didn’t find it immediately because of the use of the word “Extract” instead of “Create”, so maybe I can give it some more Google juice with this blog post.

Do You Polish And Shine What You Have, Or Build More?

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“I have so many things I want to do. But I’m constantly torn: should I polish the things I have in place, already? Or should I build new features that will be more attractive?” – me (basically), talking to my friend and coworker, Justin Gregory, at lunch. It’s a constant struggle with me. I see […]
S3 Data Transfer, Per Bucket 
...(Read whole news on source site)

Hybrid Apps in Xamarin??

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Today I begin a new series of blog posts on creating Hybrid Applications in Xamarin. This material will excerpted from the presentation I’ll be making at Evolve 2014, though I confess I’ll be holding back some cool stuff for the … Continue reading → For the complete article and hyperlinks, please visit my blog at

New Course on Pluralsight (Mobile Web Forms)

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Hello Everyone, I am pleased to announce that I have a new course on Pluralsight! Building Mobile Web Sites Using Web Forms, Bootstrap, and HTML5 Most of us build typical business web sites using ASP.NET Web Forms. We are now being asked to build these as mobile-aware web sites. Using Bootstrap is a great place to start and Web Forms can do all of this - without having to learn MVC. This course will teach you how to build business applications using Web Forms, Bootstrap, HMTL5 and CSS3. You will be shown how to create standard business pages such as a Member Log
In, Forgot Password, Member Sign Up, About, Contact Us, Address, Member Profile, Credit Card, and many others. You will also learn how to create navigation for your business application. Check it out!   While you are there, be sure to check out all of my other courses as well. How to Start and Run A Consulting Business Have you ever wanted to break out of the corporate life and be your own boss? Many people have this dream. In this course you will learn what it takes to start and be successful in your own consulting business. Throughout this course you will learn how...(Read whole news on source site)

How Google can really help news & media | Om Malik

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How Google can really help news & media | Om Malik

Google is good at one thing — software — and instead of trying to do
crazy things, why not build tools that help the news ecosystem? Why not
create tools that help data novices make sense of information? Or how
about a smarter, simpler and more nimble analytics tool just for
reporters? (Or simply buy Chartbeat!) 

Google-powered search tool that allows reporters to see in real-time past stories from across the web.

Data-driven feature
pieces (they used to call them infographics) were
commonplace in technology and business magazines like Wired and Red
Herring. ...(Read whole news on source site)

SideWaffle Visual Studio Extension

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SideWaffle is a free Visual Studio extension that adds a bunch of useful Snippets, Project and Item Templates to Visual Studio. The purpose is to make your daily work in Visual Studio a richer and more productive experience.
SideWaffle Project templates in Visual Studio

SideWaffle Item templates in Visual Studio

Create your own template
Cool thing is SideWaffle is not only a template pack, it also allows you to create your own templates.
Here is a tutorial on how to do this: