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A Master Detail layout for Ionic

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Ionic is a framework built on angular-js, targeted at creating mobile applications. However, one component that isn’t part of the standard controls is the master detail layout. A recent project I worked on required this type of layout, so I spent some time researching and then creating a custom control. This post describes that process, but if you just want to see the end result, check out the demo project. What is a Master Detail layout? A master detail layout is a responsive layout for tablets and phones, that allows users to view a list of items (the master view), and drill
down into each item for more details (the detail view). On small devices (i.e. phones), the control should behave similar to a navigation control, where the user only sees one screen at a time and has the ability to navigate forwards backwards between the master and detail views. On larger devices (i.e. tablets), the control should be a split-screen view so the user sees the master view down the left edge of the screen with the detail view filling the remaining space. When writing a native iOS app, this type of view is part of UISplitViewController. For a great write up on...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1938

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Software Announcing Tools for Apache Cordova (aka TACO) v1.0.0 – Subhag Oak announces the 1.0.0 release of the Tools for Apache Cordova a suite of utilities and tools for Windows and Mac users to aid creation of Cordova based applications Code Completion Improvements in ReSharper 9 – The ReSharper team share a look at some […]

TypeScript beginners guide

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TypeScript is a tool that enables you to write better JavaScript. You may have heard that TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, but what does that mean? TypeScript is JavaScript. If you know JavaScript already, then you already know JavaScript. You can convert an existing JavaScript file to TypeScript simply by changing the file extension. […] The post TypeScript beginners guide appeared first on

BREAKING CHANGE on GeeksWithBlogs for Custom Domains - IP Address Change

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Originally posted on: 05/08/2013 - IP address of is also affected. Hi Bloggers, I’m posting this urgent message because we've decided to move the hosting of GeeksWithBlogs to Azure. This means that any custom domain names that are currently pointing to the old IP address of or to will break around June 1st when we do the switchover. If you have a custom domain that points to GeeksWithBlogs, please change the DNS "A record" to point to the new Azure IP address of as soon as possible. The GWB site is already live
at this new IP address so you should continue to see your usual blog after you've made the switch. Please email us immediately if you experience any problems. Thanks for your patience while we finish this important upgrade! Ben Barreth – GWB Software Dev & Community Builder ...(Read whole news on source site)

Latest GeeksWithBlogs Release Today: Related Posts, Improved Category Tagging

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Originally posted on: launched another release of GeeksWithBlogs this morning with the following changes: Added a new “Related Posts on GWB” area to the footer of posts of blogs using the new Minimal template.

This allows visitors to your blog to see related articles that yourself and other authors on GWB have posted that happen to be tagged with the same category. It also is yet one more way that links to your own posts can be found via other
bloggers in the GWB community!

Improved Category tagging in the admin tool. Check this out for yourself in the admin by editing an existing post and scrolling down to the categories field:

Moved the CodeProject RSS category tagging from a blog-level setting to a post-specific setting, allowing...(Read whole news on source site)

Announcing Tools for Apache Cordova (aka TACO) v1.0.0

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We are excited to announce the first official (aka 1.0.0) release of the TACO CLI today! Tools for Apache Cordova (TACO, for short) provides number of utilities for Mac and Windows users to develop with a set of platforms and plugins validated by our Visual Studio product team. Developers can also install the native Android and iOS (Mac-only) SDKs and build tools & also connect to the Mac remote build server straight from the command line on their Windows and Linux machines. And to top it off, our TACO CLI is 100% Cordova CLI compatible. So
if you know how to use Cordova CLI, you already know how to use us! A few weeks ago, a small number of you got a sneak peek at what we were cooking up at DroidCon (release 0.8.0). So far we have 65 unique users, 119 downloads and 18 customers signed up for our insiders program! We want to thank all those who are using our pre-release bits and providing us with your valuable feedback. Today (thanks largely to the feedback) we finished out the last of some of the features we had under development and addressed many usability and...(Read whole news on source site)