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Last week, we had the pleasure of attending TechDays 2014 in The Hague in the Netherlands. Present from DevExpress were Mark Miller, Mehul Harry, John F Martin, Don Wibier (our new Dutch hire for the Developer Relations team), myself, and, as a late entrant, my wife Donna who selflessly agreed to help out in the booth rather than go explore the city. Talking of the booth, we went for an extremely high tech look with the whole of the backdrop backlit. It was stunning but made
for some challenging photography, let me tell you. Attendees were very interested in what we had to say and show, especially with Don there to talk Dutch. We had two Surface 2s in display cases, allowing people to play around with the demo apps and see (and experience) at first hand what a touch-centric UI looks like on WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, and Windows 8. We also had the large monitor for demos to groups of more than a few. As marketing support we were showing off the...(Read whole news on source site)

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OK, it is somewhat questionable for me to recommend a book that I contributed to and that is published by the company I work for, but I honestly believe that Falafel Software’s new Kendo UI Nuts And Bolts is the … Continue reading → For the complete article and hyperlinks, please visit my blog at

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The Opensource movement is truly one of the great things of the current generation, almost bringing back the sharing and caring community of the 60’s (not that I was around then but I hear it was nice), well almost .  The main idea being that everyone should share and help …

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Originally posted on: of the box Analysis Services (both Tabular and Multi-dimensional) has great support for horizontal or row based security. An example of this is where you would give User1 access to all data where the Country is “Australia” and give User2 access to all data where the country = “United States”. This covers a large percentage of the security requirements that most people have. But neither technology has great support for vertical or column based security. This sort of requirement is most common in privacy scenarios. One example of this would be a model with
medical data. It may be acceptable to show all your users demographic data such as the state they live in or their gender. But only a specific subset of users should have access to see individual patient details such as their name or phone number. One approach would be to simply create 2 models, one with the secure information and one without. While this works, it doubles your processing time and doubles any maintenance activities and takes up double the storage. Looking at the features in SSAS you may be tempted to try using perspectives. At first...(Read whole news on source site)



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